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The EarthMC Elite, also known as the "Unnamed Cabal", is a conspiracy theory that refers to the rich and clandestine players who supposedly operate the major nations of earth. The elite are rarely heard from, and despite holding the majority of EarthMC's gold, keep to themselves. Most of the elite are not nation leaders or mayors, and instead operate shops and rule from the shadows. According to Rawhide's 2021 leak, this cabal was supposedly responsible for all elected leaders of the United States, and thus responsible for the Cold War.

The elite are in constant direct contact with Fix, and sometimes control him based on how much real world money they supply. Some of the elite are moderators, but most are just heavy donors (thousands of dollars). A rare few of the elite do not own premium, and instead control inner functions of EarthMC through gold and tridents. Some of the elite may be aliens, or advanced artificial intelligence.

The Elite also controls major religions, most prominently the Catholic Church.


Major centers of elite residency include:

  • Britain
  • SPQR
  • France
  • Madagascar

Several factional organizations within The Elite exist, such as the Justice League.

Members of the elite are very clandestine, and most of them are unheard-of, even to national leaders. They live in nondescript housing, and instead choose to give funds to politicians they trust.


The Elite are very wealthy, probably amassing the majority of EarthMC's gold. They earn this wealth through shop ownership, and abuse this wealth with the creation of conflicts such as the Cold War. A large portion of their wealth is stored in assets such as Tridents and Mending.