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Sonora is a North American nation in-between the Californian Empire, Mexico, and Texas. It's capital is the City of Hermosillo.

Republic of Sonora
Flag of Sonora.png
Coat of Arms
National Information
Full Name Kingdom of Sonora
Towny Name
/n list
National Anthem
Population 94 (April 19 2023)
Chunks 1182 (April 19 2023)
Capital City Hermosillo
Largest City Hermosillo
Oldest City Hermosillo
Discord Sonoran Discord
Government Information
Political System Monarchy
Economic System
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information



The nation of Sonora was founded on May 18, 2022. With its founding, it formed the Mexican Empire alongside the nation of Mexico.


On August 12th the Mexican Empire (including Sonora) formed Panamerica alongside Cuba and the Euphorian Empire. However Panamerica was disjointed and Cuba was always surrounded by controversy. Due to Cubans killing Sonorans, unending war, and constant arguments, Sonora left Panamerica on October 31st, with Panamerica soon being dissolved.

Gadsden Confederation

Arizona and Sonora (alongside the Mexican Empire) were close allies ever since the Treaty of Kanye Ranch with geographic and personal ties. Due to this on December 3rd, 2022 Arizona and Sonora formed the Gadsden Confederation strengthening their ties.

Yamato Crisis

In the middle of December, Heirevel had a shop plot with a flag head collection that was stolen after the embassy was put up for sale accidentally due to switching towns. The culprit wasn't known until January when logs showed a Yamato mayor named ballet_etoile had broken some heads. This caused Saph to declare war on Yamato on January 14th until they either paid the 2k the heads were worth or returned the head collection. Because Yamato and Sonora were in an alliance together called the Pacific Coast Alliance, Sonora left the alliance. After some time and a lot of deliberation, it was shown that ballet_etoile was innocent since they only bought heads off of the original thief, so the evidence was circumstantial. The legitimate culprit was a player named momo_puri_peach. This meant that on the 17th of January, Sonora was no longer at war with Yamato, and Sonora rejoined to the Pacific Coast Alliance.

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