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The Mexican Empire is one of the larger North American meganations, controlling all of Mexico and various parts of the United States of America. Its capital is the City of Guadalajara.

The Mexican Empire
Mexico Flag Terra Aurora.png
Coat of Arms
Mexican Agila Coat of Arms.png
National Information
Full Name Mexican Empire
National Anthem
Name in Towny
Motto ¡Viva Cristo Rey!
Population 600+ (April 2023)
Chunks 6000+ (April 2023)
/n list page
Capital City No official Capital
Largest City Mexico City and Puebla
Oldest City Guadalajara
Established May 18, 2022
Official Language English
Official Religion Catholicism
Discord Mexican Empire Discord
Government Information
Political System Constitutional Monarchy
President MF_Rayado
Legislature Mexican Congress
Economic System Free Market Capitalism
Army Size
Dominions ~13 States
Part of
Historical Information
Founded by Mexico and Sonora
Past Leaders
Past Capitals
Past Leaders
Past Capitals Preceded by
Succeeded by



The nation of Mexico itself was founded on May 15th, 2022 and soon after on the 18th the nation of Sonora was founded. At that moment the Mexican Empire was formed between the two nations, in order to be a greater force against the ambitions of stronger and more populous neighbors such as America.

Sinaloa was the third state to join the Mexican Empire as Nomad_Sky moved from Europe to Sinaloa.

Fall 2022

Mexico began to expand outwardly taking towns from more inactive nations and accepting new nations into the Mexican Empire. FroyourFilms unsuccessfully attempted to incorporate a functional Government in Mexico, temporarily appointing Saph as President until the Government's finalization.

Kanada joins the Mexican Empire during this period as the fourth province on November 7th, with Bubu as King. On November 10th the Mexican Empire hosted their first elections for President, with Kratzzi (Mayor of Puebla) being the first elected Mexican President. He won with 33.3% of the vote (using First past the post.) Kratzzi's presidency is characterized by bouts of map-making, recruiting and inactivity. Chihuahua is made and joins Mexico the same day as the fifth province.

Baja's first Capital (Christiantown) and King (Enoch01) were previously part of California but after the bans that killed California, they joined Sonora before making the nation months later becoming the sixth state to join the Mexican Empire.

Colorado previously declared independence from the now defunct New Mexican Empire, but it was sold to runnerboy72000 who offered to join the Mexican Empire, after some time this offer was accepted, and Colorado became the seventh Mexican state.

Winter 2022

This period was characterized by both a large increase in gold, and increased recruiting. It marked the end of the slight slump in activity that occurred in the fall. It also meant the de-facto end of the consensus-based Mexican Congress which was previously relied on heavily for debating foreign and internal affairs, as both Saph and FroyourFilms did diplomacy on their own.

Sonora declared war on Yamato for a few days due to the theft of Heirevel's head collection in Sonora, this theft was misappropriated to a Yamato mayor and the War was ended on the 17th of January after more information was revealed.

Mexico City was for a long time under the leadership of MonkeeRee and his nation of America, however America soon became inactive so he offered to sell it to both Cuba and Florida, however delays ended up causing that Heirevel would buy Mexico City for 7000g, and on December Mexico City would be reunited with its namesake nation.

January 2023

The USA is the eighth state in the Mexican Empire. The Leader of the USA was previously Indian Emperor before deciding to move and create a Mexican nation. Previously all nations in the Mexican Empire were called provinces, but Coahuila (Mayor of Saltillo) strongly urged changing to states just like the real-world Mexico.

On January 27th the Mexican Empire finally opened elections for both Imperial President, and the Mexican Congress; a first within the Empire. The only other election in Mexico was for President in November. These January Elections for the February Term were intended to create a trend and create a precedent of activity and political participation within the Empire. The vote began on the 31st.

February 2023

Heirevel was elected the 2nd Mexican President with 75% of the vote. Mexican Congressmen were also elected. Continuing the growth spurt of the Empire both Durango and Hawaii joined the Empire in this month. Durango's stay in the Empire was rather short-lived, it was sold to Lervain, moved to Yucatan, and renamed to Yucatan. This increased tensions for a while, however the Second Yucatan itself was short-lived and also sold and moved to Honduras.

March 2023

March saw further Mexican expansion, with the Kingdom of Georgia joining the Empire via Sonora. In this period, it also became the largest North American meganation, with over 6000 chunks and 600 residents.

July 2023

This saw the arrival of Seranil into the Mexican Empire, alongside the State of Nuevo León, which he founded. Both Santa Rosalía and Michoacán would leave and rebel against the Mexican Empire. This period saw rapid centralization as a response to this period of fragmentation, as a Constitution was adopted and elections called. MF_Rayado was the first elected President under the Constitution.


Pre Constitution

For over a year, the Mexican Empire had no Constitution and faced many issues from this. The Empire was very decentralized with very little federal oversight; especially over independent foreign affairs. In practice it was a de-facto Confederation. Congress was an Oligarchy comprised of all State Leaders and various influential mayors, with Cabinet comprising all State Leaders.


The Constitution was drafted mostly by Seranil, with input from Emperor FroyourFilms and other Mexican State Governors. After the ratification of the Mexican Constitution, the Empire became more centralized with regular elections for both President and Congress. States having their own diplomacy was no longer tolerated.

November 2nd 2022, Mexican Claim-map

Mexican Agila Coat of Arms.png ✶ ✶ ✶ The Mexican Empire ✶ ✶ ✶ Mexican Agila Coat of Arms.png
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