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"Baja (Aurora)" redirects here. For the attempted communist republic, see Baja Soviet Republic.

Baja is a North American nation that owns the Baja California Peninsula in Mexico. its capital is the town of Monte Alban.

Flag of Baja
Coat of Arms
Coat Of Arms
Map of Baja
National Information
Full Name Baja
Towny Name
/n list
National Anthem
Population 22 (April 19 2023)
Chunks 336 (April 19 2023)
Capital City Monte Alban
Largest City Monte Alban
Oldest City Christiantown
Discord Baja Discord
Government Information
Political System Monarchy
Economic System
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information



Enoch01 was the mayor of Christiantown, which was originally a Californian town, but after California died they joined Mexico. On the 19th of November the nation of Baja was created by Enoch01 with it joining the Mexican Empire.

2nd King

On January 10th, Sinorbudderman became the King of Baja, and the Capital was moved to Monte Alban. He would expand the Capital and ratify the legal code of Baja. Shortly thereafter the nation of Yuma joined Baja.

Noble Houses

Under Sinor's reign, 6 noble houses were founded and their leaders appointed by the King. House Hightide was declared the royal house of the King with House Fisher leading Christiantown, House Whaler leading Jacobstown, House Highhill leading San Carlos, House Redhill leading Broken Hills and House Baker leading the nation of Yuma. On January 24th, House Stark was founded by King Sinorbudderman and was given the town of El Rincon.

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