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USA is a North American nation in the Great Plains northeast of Colorado. Its capital is the city of Washington. As of December 2nd, 2023, the USA consists of 15 towns; with a total of 139 residents and 779 chunks claimed.

Coat of Arms
National Information
Full Name USA
Towny Name
/n list
National Anthem
Population 139 (December 2nd, 2023)
Chunks 779 (December 2nd, 2023)
Capital City Washington
Largest City Washington
Oldest City Washington
Government Information
Political System Democratic Monarchy
Economic System
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information



The nation of USA was founded on January 22nd, 2022. It became the eighth nation in the Mexican Empire.

The USA currently consists of four member states, that being Hawaii, Mexico, South_Carolina Canada, and the USA.

USA Department of Defence

The USA DOD is a branch of the American Goverment under the Mexican Empire. The DOD is based in the American capital of Washington and has a recruiting office as well as a command complex.

USA Armed Forces

The American Armed Forces are the military structure of the USA, headed by the DOD. It is based at the DOD Campus in Washington and is led by DOD Chief Of Staff Littlebish79. There are currently two branches of the armed forces: The American Defense Force and the American Special Forces. The hierarchy of the military is being reformed as of October 2023. There are currently no active deployments within the armed forces.

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