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Template:AllianceTemplatebyENLS The Darya Pact (often referred to as just Darya) is an alliance of nations based around the Indian Ocean that work together on foreign policy, defence and their development. It was originally founded for the public on the 19th of November 2020. Currently, it has 4 member nations and 5 territories.


Nubian Discussion

In early November 2020, the Nubian government discussed the idea of a new alliance between them and their allied nations, to further expand relationships. This was most discussed by gorkymoo1119, twomoo1119 and Mengan_ due to their positions in the foreign affairs front of Nubia. After some minor discussion, they agreed to contact the leaders of Somalia and Gujarat first.

Early Invitations

Once the rest of the Nubian government agreed on who to contact first, they began plans to reach out to the nations.


After agreeing on which of Gujarat and Somalia to reach out to first, the Nubian government added mrpoof_ to a groupchat on Discord with Mengan_, twomoo1119 and gorkymoo1119. They discussed the visions Darya had and what they wished to do with it, and, eventually, mrpoof_ accepted the offer to join, with hopes they could help in that.


Once the Nubians had reached out to Somalia, they proceeded with the next nation they wanted to reach out to, Gujarat. Indian7p liked the idea, and proposed a vote to the Gujarati MPs who generally agreed on joining.

After joining, there was a strain put on relations between Austria and Gujarat due to Austria disliking them collaborating with Nubia without telling the Austrian government. They eventually left the Austrian Empire as they wished to stay in Darya.

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Member Nations
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