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Last update details (date, what was updated)
28 March 2024 (past nations, population)
Krn View.png
Flag of Carantania Terra Aurora.png
Town Information
Full Name
Nation Venice
Population 11
Area 100 chunks
Coordinates Wiki-wordmark.png 2376, -8792
Continent Europe
Region Austria
Economic System
Official Language
Official Religion
Government Information
Mayor 3meraldK
Political System
Historical Information
Established 13 May 2022
Past Nations Savoy
Past Mayors
Past Councillors

Krn is a town located in eastern Carinthia, Austria. It has been founded by 3meraldK on 13 May 2022. Its style is mostly medieval-like, with some Slavic buildings. Krn was historically a location, allegedly a castle in early medieval Carantanian principality, located in northern Slovenia. For most of the time, the town was nationless, until it joined Savoy in September 2023.


The first building of the town to be built is a wooden storage with raised foundation and a basement. Other notable builds are the Slavic church (Scrotum Temple) - a magnificent yet small wooden chapel made for worshipping Slavic gods and iconic figures. Second noteworthy building is the Krn Castle, a medieval tower in the western part of the city, built by Savoyard builder and noble CorbeauNoiraud. Other builds are a few houses, small sandstone dome, horse stable and builder's storage. The city is decorated with a flying island and 3 colorful balloons.

Scrotum Temple

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Very detailed wooden, medieval shrine dedicated to John the Scrotum (Jan Mosznica) and Mieszko the Five-legged (Mieszko Pięcionogi). Constructed on 6 July 2023 by 3meraldK under the patronage of the former Polabian leader POGKPP.

Krn Castle

Detailed brown brick tower on a hill. Rising up 50 meters high above the town, makes it a visible location for all residents - residency of the mayor. Furnitured inside, with several rooms, including the mayor's bedroom, bathroom, guard's room, sauna and main room.

The Old Town

A possession claimed by Krn in October 2023, was an Austrian town named Schnitzel. It is nicely urbanized, with plans in future.