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Venice Flag.png Venice
Coat of Arms
Savoie Coat.png
Savoie Land.png
National Information
Full Name Kingdom of Savoy
Towny Name Savoie
/n list
Formed 12th August 2023
National Anthem Les Allobroges
Motto Fortitudo Eius Rempublicam Tenet
Population 82
Chunks 1572
Towns Star.png Torino


Capital City Torino
Largest City Torino
Oldest City Savoie
Region Europe
Language(s) French, English
Religion(s) Christianity.png Catholicism
Discord Discord
Government Information
Political System Autonomous region
Doge di Francia Thanamos
Doge di Austria Zwipexx
Economic System
Provinces Tyrol, Savoy
Army Size
Part of Venice Flag.png Venice
Historical Information
• Creation of Chambéry 1 May 2022
• Papal Savoy October 2022
• National revival May 2023
• Unification into Kingdom of Savoie-Tyrol 12 August 2023
• Joining the Holy Roman Empire 28 October 2023
• Joining Venice 17 March 2024
Last update details (date, what was updated)
9 April 2024 (Coat of arms, general statistics)

Savoie, Savoy (lat. Sabaudiae) is an autonomous Venetian province located in the west part of Alps, southern Europe. The capital of Savoy is Torino. The current leader of the province is Thanamos.


The early days

On the launch day of Terra Aurora, Thanamos, Vladie, Lamye and CorbeauNoiraud founded the town of Chambéry. The concept in the mind was establishing a nation based on the historical kingdom of Piemont-Sardinia. Soon after in June 2022 the first major build was built: The castle of the Counts of Savoie, based on a Merovingian dungeon.

The castle of the Counts of Savoie

In mean time, several former citizens of Terra Nova's France came to settle their towns in Savoy. During the Savoyard expansion, Switzerland blocked the nation's extension. Therefore, Duke Thanamos, Vladie57 (Mayor of Chambéry) and many town's members became inactive. Thanamos left the city for Rome, Papal States with assistance to then Pope, BenedictXVII. The city remained inactive for over a year and let a succession of several individuals (Bisougai, Phoenix and M4GM4). During this period, town of Chambéry became just another possession of Papal States and eventually Francia.

National revival

Around April 2023, Thanamos came back to Chambéry (from then on renamed to Savoie), which was then a small settlement without no real urbanized and residential areas. Rather than that, the hamlet realized a protective function of French borders in the Alps. Very soon, Thanamos and Vladie started to develop the surroundings with houses and renovate the castle of Savoy. In this time, the first Savoyard church of St. Maurice has been built.

St. Maurice Church of Savoie

Later, several people mainly from Terra Nova's France started joining back the town, such as Wide_Chungoos (He helped with development of the town). Over time, Savoie gained prestige and importance within the French community. However due to the civil war between Francia and France, King Vladie57 decided to leave Papal States and proclaim Savoie's independence.

The escalade against Geneva

After being humiliated for over a year by then inactive Switzerland, Duke Thanamos decided to take an action against them. In the beginning on May 2023, he launched a huge gold requisition among Papal States. With help of his friend Zwipexx, he purchased Switzerland and Geneva. The town was given to Bisougai and the nation was handed over to Zwipexx. In the following weeks, Savoie obtained towns of Sion and Annecy for free after scamming Switzerland. In that moment, Duke Thanamos said "You cannot scam a Swiss because they aren't human" (truly legendary quote). Consequence of that was a small not-so-impactful Swiss raid on Sion. Since then, Savoie became the leader of Alps region. In mean time, Vladie57 left for assisting the Church.

Union with Tyrol

Before the unification with Tyrol, Savoyard towns were not having their own nation, they were rather wandering around nations. Tyrol was a small eastern Austrian nation led by Zwipexx, which he got after co-operating with Thanamos. Tyrol consisted of three towns, capital of Fritzens, Fritzner-Einöde and Chur. On 12 August 2023, both regions agreed onto and united into the Kingdom of Savoy-Tyrol. The capital was moved to Savoie and the event was held in Saint Maurice Church two days later.

Conflict between Savoy and Vivarais

Conflict was aroused around the city of Venaissin ruled by marshtells. On 22 August 2023, the dispute was resolved, and the town joined Savoie (Savoie-Tyrol). City of Aosta (or Aincard) was officially recognized as Vivarais'. Both parties sweared to not seak for revenge and not violate their territorial integrity.

Great fire of Saint Maurice Church

A building fire of Saint Maurice Church occurred on 13 September 2023 at 17:30 in the capital of Savoy, Savoie. The fire started inside, causing the tower to fall and all of the wood to burn. Alleged casualties were 3 people. The Church has been rebuilt in the following months.

Diplomatic expeditions

On 2 October 2023, Zwipexx, Prince of Savoy, signed a non-aggression pact with Venetian leader, CorruptedGreed. Soon after, on 5 October 2023, another non-aggression treaty was signed with the Danubian Confederation's leader, Bobbobster. The same day, Savoy made an accord with Vivarais and Francia, named "Treaty of Reims". On 19 October 2023, Treaty of Chambery (and then the one of Torino) obliged Monaco and Savoy to co-operation and solidification of borders.

Joining the Holy Roman Empire

After discussing with founding members, Savoy formed the Holy Roman Empire together with Israel, Francia, Vivarais, Bourgogne, nation of United Kingdom and Burundi. By the first imperial election, Thanamos was chosen the Emperor (Augustus Caesar Imperator), that ruled until December 2023.

The unnamed era

On 5 November 2023, Savoy declared war against Poitou-Charentes due to invasion of claims. Allegedly, Poitou-Charentes was always being hostile to Savoy, and now "it was the time to settle it". In November and December, national diplomat 3meraldK announced and was working on the national road project, which connected all Savoyard towns by 28 December 2023. The main road goes through the Alps for over 1000 blocks. On the beginning of 2024, Torino has been made the formal capital, with many magnificent architectural plans.

Joining Venice

On 17 March 2024, Savoy left the Holy Roman Empire and joined the Most Serene Republic of Venice as an autonomous province. The reasoning behind leaving the Holy Roman Empire is lack of time of mayors and incapability of the Holy Roman Empire supporting militarly and economically. Also, in the eyes of Thanamos, the Empire has lost its prestige and main purpose a few months ago. The empire was also allegedly subjected to corruption and cronyism. Besides that, the nation reached the milestone of 100 residents the same day.

The Towny nation was disbanded on 24 March 2024, as maintaining a one-chunk nation would be "costly". By this time, all towns left Savoie and joined the republic.


The controlled territory is mainly composed of mountains, the Alps to be specific. The core region of the province named Savoy lies at the foot of the western Alps. On the east, there's Tyrol province with three towns: Krn, Fritzner-Einöde and Graz, which neighbor the east Alps. The north of the territory with Geneva is under the valley of Joux and the Swiss plateau.

The Lemen Lake constitue the major water point in the area. Snow compose the majority of the territory. The geological soil of Savoie is rich in minerals such as iron and coal. However in the globalized and monopolized economy of EarthMC, these resources are pointless.

Savoy is an enclave (a territory with no access to sea). Its neighbors are Monaco, Venice, France, Genoa and the Holy Roman Empire.

Flag and coat of arms

The Savoyard flag is a white cross on a red field. FERT is an abbreviation of "Fortitudo Eius Rempublicam Tenet", which means "His bravery [or strength] preserves [or defends] the state". The coat of arms is a custom coat made on 25 March 2024 by 3meraldK. On top of the escutcheon there are symbols of Austria and France. Below there are eight selected counties, baronies and duchies. Clockwise from top left: Geneva, Venaissin, Maurienne, Torino, Dauphiné, Graz, Krn and Wien. On the center, above flags there is a field with Savoyard flag, meaning the House of Savoy rule above or has rightful claims for them. Escutcheon is decorated with a ducal Lombardy-Venetian crown and a circular golden frame, detailed with triple "FERT".