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«They have quantity,but we have quality.»



Maracaibo is a pirate and anarchist nation whose goal is to eliminate imperialist nations, was founded on May 30, 2017 by JudeSeife along with Kaitala. It has a strong military with top notch weapons and armour that's skin tight and ready to fight.

It emerged during The Era of Growth


Start of Maracaibo

Maracaibo began with the city of Tortugas, formerly the capital, in general had many victories and also defeats

Early Conflicts

From the start, Maracaibo came into conflict with others. By the start of summer 2017, Maracaibo had made enemies of most of the server. This began the Maracaibo Wars, during which many players rose to prominence. Maracaibo even fought Praxis but was soundly defeated at that battle.

The Maracaibo Wars

By late May of 2017, PWW, Germany, and several other powers found Maracaibo to be their greatest threat. For the duration of the summer, the powers of the server fought Maracaibo, with varying degrees of success. IannotEn proved to be the only player capable of killing JudeSeife, and gained prominence because of it. Other players such as PaperPikmin, GeneralRhombus, and Doctorwhoknows also proved themselves in these wars.

Decline and Fall

War began taking its toll on all parties involved. By the end of July 2017, Maracaibo was reaching the breaking point, and eventually the town of Tortugas fell, taking the nation with it. The same week, PWW gave up its last breath and fell, in part due to the fall of Maracaibo.

JudeSeife would never again rise to this level of prominence. In late 2017, he once again began making moves, but threw in his lot with GUI66, who would later be banned for creating a rip off of the server, which Jude helped create.

Maracaibo stands as the end of the first wave of toxicism, having been born in the Dark Era and being marginally aligned with Praxis, Maracaibo showed that pushing other players too far is bound to end poorly.

War history

  • War against Austria
  • War against Bern Switzerland
  • War against Virmuni
  • War against Praxis
  • War against PWW
War Victory Combat Casualties
Against Austria Maracaibo 0/4 Austria
Against Bern Maracaibo 0/1 Bern
Against Virmuni X Maracaibo 9/2 Virmuni
Against Praxis Maracaibo 0/2 Praxis
Against Germany Maracaibo 1/10~ Germany
Against PWW Maracaibo 0/15~ PWW


All of the above were great contributors to the history of Maracaibo


All the nations mentioned are considered by Maracaibo to be imperialists.