Europa Pact - French War

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The Europa-France War is an ongoing war between the Europa Pact and France. The war started on September 7th, 2021 because of territorial disputes between France and GRE, Spain, and other nations. It has now shifted towards territorial disputes between the German Confederation and France, with the confederation wanting a stable Europa Pact france, and France wanting a stable independent german state.

Europa Pact - French War
Date 7 September 2021–present
Location Europe
Status Ongoing
Europa Pact: French United Front:
  • France
    • Monaco
    • Switzerland
  • Polish Federation
Commanders and leaders
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown


Early War

The Declaration and Unification of France

The Europa Pact voted to declare war on France on the 7th of September, 2021 due to failed diplomatic territorial negotiations when it came to the "restoration" of the Franco-German border. France saw this as freedom from such alliance. Three days after the declaration of war, France and Francia both decided to unite against their mutual enemy, the Europa Pact. They formed La Grande Armee (that's French for "The Grand Army") consisting of those countries to punish the Europa Pact severely.

The Polish Federation joined the war siding with the French United Front on 11th of September 2021. They also disbanded the League of Free Nations and allied with Francia.

Broken Relations and the Splitting of France

On September 17th, 2021, Francia announced on their Discord server that they were never allies with France and that they would join the Europa Pact against them. They justified this by saying that France had only shown disrepect towards them. The same day, Switzerland joined France as a part of their empire.

Normandy was also lost to the nation of Provence, weakening Francia strategically, as many commented on France's possible complete collapse. However, it was later regained.

Re-Igniting of conflict


It seems tension died down until the 30th December 2021, when the King of France announced they would begin to expand Eastwards to counter German Confederation towns established in it's claims e.g. the Saxon town of Zordeaux. This is odd, considering France has expanded past the Rhine in the past. Nevertheless, this is the offensive against a confederation member state and part of the ongoing conflict. On the 1st of January, 2022, Mechaman founded the Duchy of Hannover in some wilderness as part of the new year's offensive. Francia has also send an ultimatum to Saxony to give up it's towns in the area, but it is no longer part of the French United Front and is just a wildcard in European politics.