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Profile Information
Nation Flag-0.png Nubia
Town Tibesti
Towny Rank Citizen
Occupation Builder, Shop Owner, Mayor
Political Party
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn
Place of Spawn Central Russia
Physical Information
Gender Male.png Male
Blood Type
Status Information
Status Semi-active
Server Role Player
Date of Ban
Nation History
Flag-0.png Nubia

iiSoulitez (also known as Soul) is a former anarchy player as well as former Minister of Trade and Commerce in Nubia throughout 5/1/2021-7/1/2021 former resident and builder for Turkana, Eventually becoming mayor of Tibesti. He joined on 15th April 2021 and was recruited by twomoo1119. After joining, he immediately situated himself by setting up a shop in El Obeid and later gained the trust of StarKiller1744 to help expand Turkana's housing for residents.

He was also a candidate for the May 2021 elections for the position of Minister of Trade and Commerce in which Lopile won by a slim margin. However, he resigned on the 7th May 2021, with the role being given to iiSoulitez as per procedure. During his tenure, he would offer town funding with the help of the Emperor, twomoo1119.

1st Term as Minister of Trade and Commerce

iiSoulitez would go on to create a new premium channel in the EarthMC market place discord. He would build his own wool shop noticing that one of the players would not stock their wool shop. Many times, he sought out the help of others who would do their best to help them. During his last days, he would donate over 160 gold to fund mayors who were in need of town expansion.

2nd Term as Minister of Trade and Commerce

Likewise prior, the elections were very close and Fijiloopins ended up winning. However, he would resign 1 day later as he would be on vacation, giving it to the 2nd runner up, iiSoulitez. He currently plans to build Ice roads, pay mayors for town expansion, pump up marketing and more. He claims he will make his promises more visible and clear, knowing some of his promises could not be made in his 1st term, During the middle of his term he would accomplish giving 250 gold to mayors for expansion.

Tensions for Soul's 3rd tenure as Minister of Trade and Commerce

iiSoulitez would end up battling it out with Thee_Boss for the position. iiSoulitez would end up setting up the same advertisement with tweaks similar to the prior months, this would be met with many counter-arguments by Thee_boss such as the promise of a resource bank, and a infrastructure overhaul. Thee would end up winning the position by a decent margin, with iiSoulitez receiving 2nd in both Cultural, and Trade.

Battle of Alabama

On 6/1/21 a Battle between Nubia, Quebec, and Britain vs The R.O.C vs CSA would occur. This would be caused by an R.O.C member being hunted down and escalated into a Battle lasting over 2 hours. iiSoulitez would hear news of this in a Discord server. He would show up with multiple potions and Demigod Diamond Armor. Starkiller1744 would take charge during this event, getting multiple ROC members down to low health. iiSoulitez managed to get 2 hits and a Crit on the emperor, with the ROC members swarming and knocking him back. 4 holes were made in an attempt to kill the Nubians. With him blocking up 2 of them, and partially 1. iiSoulitez would end up dying due to twomoo creating a large hole with TNT minecarts with cheetokiller1744 being injured, and iiSoulitez being knocked in there whilst PVP plots were enabled. The winner is unknown due to multiple people dying.

Inactivity and Resurgence

Throughout the months of Early July to October, iiSoulitez would move on to other gaming communities whilst leaving Tibesti behind to Lach , then giving the town to another player. iiSoulitez would end up buying back the town from this player for 100 gold. He plans to come back for good and continue throughout expanding Tibesti and signing up for Candidate positions within Nubia.