Battle of Bangkok

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At around 11:30 AM (for the Siamese side), the Siamese players; Lumpoon and Bravoxd approached the Kampuchean town of Pursat. The players were spotted outside of Pursat the battle begun.


The beginning of the battle was equal, Computer_x64 joined in on the battle. Bravoxd ran out of food and was soon killed by dtosic. This caused Lumpoon then ran to Bangkok from Pursat, continuing the battle there.

The battle continued to rage on between the two sides and was a stalemate. Kampuchea was then forced to make their way back to Pursat due to their low durability on their armour. Computer_x64 remained behind for an unknown reason, Siam calls this an abandonment of the Kampuchean leader. Soon after majority of the Kampuchean forces left, Computer_x64 was killed and the battle was officially over.


Kampuchea declares this battle as a victory as they followed the Siamese forces back to their capital city and they killed one Siamese soldier. Meanwhile, Siam claims they won the battle due to the killing of Kampuchean leader, Computer_x64.

During the battle, Computer_x64 was messaging King Fluxify I, calling him a coward for not logging on during the battle and aiding his citizens. Fluxify, who was asleep during the battle replied to him, explaining his reasoning for not logging on and then challenged Computer_x64 to a 1v1 which he refused. Fluxify I then called Computer_x64 'the real coward' after his declining of the 1v1.

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