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Trimortum is a powerful and widely respected alliance located in the midwest-east coast of North America. It's members consist of some of the biggest and strongest nations on the entire server, and serves as both an offensive and defensive alliance. In its current existence, it has directly/indirectly and fully/partially participated in numerous conflicts both on the continent and abroad. Trimortum was founded on the 28th of September, 2020 as an indirect result of the collapse of the Canadian Empire where numerous top officials from Quebec, Illinois and Lacusmagnia had talks to form a powerful alliance based upon maintaining stability in North America and their presence as a powerful entity. Cuba would soon join the alliance as a 4th member on October 22nd.

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Trimortum has participated in a total of 3 conflicts as of December 2020:

The war with New York:

On October 7th the nation of New York due to events and skirmishes with Illinois declared war on the Illinois Empire. Illinois responded, accepting the war declaration and soon Trimortum would follow suit. Less than a month later on October 25th after being pressured by Trimortum with numerous battles, skirmishes and two hollow Illinois claim towns in New York (being New_York_Pothole), New York agreed to join Illinois along with all of its territories. Soon after New York would leave Illinois and form its own empire again.

The Northern Five conflict:

On October 28th, approximately one month after the creation of Trimortum, Britain would declare war on a group of nations called "The Northern Five" made up of the nations of the UK and Terra Mariana for attempting to fund British and Indochinese rebels, both victim nations being part of the British Commonwealth. It had also attempted to take British core territory in Norway. As a result of this, Trimortum followed suit with the Illinois empire and Greater Quebec both being a part of the British Commonwealth. After some very short and successful battles with Terra Mariana, it had pulled out of the alliance of the Northern Five. Other nations were thought to be a part of the Northern Five, such as Russia, but those who had dragged Russia into the conflict were not officials of Russia and therefore Russia was not in the war. Sweden was supposedly a part of the war but pulled out as soon as Terra Mariana had pulled out. Because of these events, Britain and the Commonwealth declared victory over the alliance bringing the end to the conflict.

The USA-Trimortum war:

The US-Trimortum war was a major North American war that spanned less than a month between Trimortum and the 5th United States of America between November 1st and November 20th 2020. It had two main sides with the nations/alliances of Trimortum, the Second Canadian Union, and Nunavut being on the offensive side, and the USA, Ruperts Land, Washington, Numidia and Mongolia being on the US side. It had started because numerous border disputes with the USA, leaked information of future US aggression and scammed Trimortum citizens had forced Trimortum to declare war upon the United States. The war saw major nations from around the server back one side or another.

Main Factor: All nations in Trimortum had one or more border disputes with the US, all of them being relatively major.

  1. Maine-Quebec dispute: Less than a week prior to Maine joining the US, a group of residents from the nation of Qatar settled in the coastal region of Maine quickly forming a nation. This had upset the nation of Quebec which inherited claims in the region of the new Maine after the old Maine which was a part of Greater Quebec had merged with the whole nation. This lead to skirmishes between Quebec and Maine, Quebec being victorious in all. Before and during the course of the mini conflict, Quebec had asked the nation of Maine and its leader many times to join Quebec. They had considered it but refused every time. Not long after, the US let the nation of Maine join. Just hours before that, Quebec was considering a war declaration on Maine. This angered many of Quebec's top officials, such as Queen Morgini and Prime Minister enanemes_. This was the first indication of war with the US with Quebec. Because the US had accepted them so quickly, it lead to concerns on Quebec's inside that the US had let Maine join with little hesitation and care for the ongoing dispute. This was the second indication. Short talks between Queen Morgini and President Bleeblob had ended to no avail, which was the third indication. The fourth indication was the fact that the other Trimortum members had ongoing concerns about their situation with the US, which was the last indication that Quebec had. This made the top officials in Quebec certain about going to war with the United States.
  2. Illinois-USA dispute: TO BE CONTINUED