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Template:UOSUnion of Oceanian States(as known as UOS, Chinese: 大洋洲國家聯盟, French: Union des États océaniens), is a Regional Union in Oceania. It now owns 22 Official States with 1 Territory, 2 States and 18 Nation States, which is the biggest Union in Oceania.



Australian Order is first founded by Diamantina, Australia and Beresford.


Norseman joined the Union.

Straya joined the Union. 8/5/2020 North_Australia joined the Union. Oz joined the Union. SouthAustralia joined the Union. 11/5/2020 First Government announced. Papua_New_Guinea joined the Union. NorthTerritory joined the Union. 13/5/2020 Moreton_Bay joined the Union. 17/5/2020 Union renamed to Union of Oceanian States. 18/5/2020 Tasmania joined the Union. New_Zealand joined the Union. 27/5/2020 New_Holland joined the Union. Pilbara joined the Union. 1/6/2020 Barrier_Reef joined the Union. 10/6/2020 The Second Government announced. 14/6/2020 Outback joined the Union. 19/6/2020 Gascoyne has became Observer of the Union. Borneo has became Observer of the Union. 25/6/2020 ACT joined the Union. Melanesia joined the Union.


The head of the Union is Prime Minister, and having a cambinet called Executive Council.

The Legislative of the Union is Senate, which has a Senate hall in Cape_Melville and will soon move to Canberra.

Canberra is the Capital of the Union.

The Army of Union is Australian Defense Force. 




Official Discord of UOS is here

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Nations States
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Observer States
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