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WextraMC is a player who started playing in October 2016.

Towns & Nations

WextraMC created a town named Oslo in 2016, but Oslo also fell around November 2016 due to inactivity. When he owned Oslo he first joined the nation Sweden, but changed to the Panama Union after the Oslo-Panama war. After that he also created the nation United_Nations.

He started playing again 13th July 2017 and created the town Karakorum and joined the nation USSR. Karakorum is now currently in Russia though. After WextraMC won the Russian Presidental Elections, he decided to start doing stuff again, and has taken a lot of initiative in Russia, starting up taxes, companies, building projects and army reforms.

After some events that occured in Russia, WextraMC eventually got overthrown by the Russian army and government. He now runs the African town of Guinea, which is part of the nation Japan.

WextraMC has now disbanded his town Guinea, made a new town called Rurikovsk, which is located above Moskva, and rejoined Russia (TsaristRussia).

Military Career

Ukraine Cossacks

When the Russian military was divided into armies the part that Wextra was placed in was the Ukraine Cossacks. together with xWaazes and BlyatCyka. They were officer ☆☆☆s in General lucled's army.

the Unified Army

As xWaazes became General ☆☆☆☆ he unified all the small armies of Russia into one big army, and made new ranks, all senior officers -☆☆- became Lieutenants ||☆|| and all Officers ☆☆☆ became Colonels ☆☆ Wextra was upset that he lost 1 star but xWaazes explained that ☆'s are more valuable now. Colonel Wextra ☆☆ was okay with it.

General xWaazes, Colonel Wextra, Colonel sanoj360 and eddej (from spain) got into trouble with the soviets when the Soviet union attacked Stockholm this was a failure as the spanish soldiers were poorly trained and the Russian officers relied on them too much.

Neither Wextra nor xWaazes could make it to the second battle of Stockholm and Colonel sanoj360 ☆☆ took matter into his own hands and defended Stockholm from the Soviets and did it. Colonel sanoj360 ☆☆ got promoted to Brigade General ☆☆☆ and set an example.

xWaazes and Wextra began talking and came up with making Wextra General Major =☆☆☆=. Wextra saw that there was too much work to do as General Major =☆☆☆=.

The newly created branches, Navy and Air force needed new personel and xWaazes became the leader of the air force. this made General Major Wextra =☆☆☆= into General ☆☆☆☆ and thereby head of the Army branch.

The Japanese Army

WextraMC, after joining Japan, also joined the Japanese Army. He is a soldier but has not participated in any fights yet.

The Royal Russian Army

After WextraMC rejoined Russia (TsaristRussia), he once again became the General of the Royal Russian Army.