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The Commonwealth of Mexico, usually referred to as Mexico is a North American nation in-between the Californian Empire, and America, Yucatan, and Cuba. It's capital is the City of Guadalajara.
It alongside Sonora was one of the original two states of the Mexican Empire.

Commonwealth of
Mexican Commonwealth Flag.png

Mexico Flag.png
Unofficial flag widely used within the state and Empire

Coat of Arms
Mexican Agila Coat of Arms.png
National Information
Full Name Kingdom of Mexico
Towny Name
/n list
National Anthem
Motto ¡Viva Cristo Rey!
Population 138 (April 19 2023)
Chunks 1779 (April 19 2023)
Capital City Guadalajara
Largest City Mexico City
Oldest City Guadalajara
Discord Mexican Discord
Government Information
Political System Monarchy
Economic System Capitalism
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information



The Kingdom of Mexico was founded on May 15, 2022 after 2 weeks of effort by the now King, FroyourFilms. He was originally making the nation of New Galicia, but took on secretly the task of making Mexico after a suggestion by EstiQT as no one else was planning to. It was the 66th nation on EMC Terra Aurora. For 3 days the Kingdom of Mexico was independent of all its neighbors, which were few in those formative weeks.


Upon Sonora being founded by HeyItzSaph on the 18th of May, the Mexican Empire was proclaimed that same evening. By the 19th day of the foundation of Mexico it had begun to amass towns and a community, with 7 towns.

As of the 31st of May of 2022, Mexico has 11 towns and counting. That figure rose to 18 by the 14th of July.

Cuban War

After Louisiana's June 12th declaration of war on Cuba, 7 other nations, soon followed declaring war on Cuba. After this the Mexican Congress deliberated and on that afternoon announced their neutrality on the war.

Panamerica's Founding

On August 12th after a few weeks of discussion; Mexico, Sonora, Nevada, and Cuba merged to create Panamerica, a meganation with the intent of being a continental superpower. However, Panamerica was politically underdeveloped, and always steeped in controversy due to Cuba constantly being at war, with no hope of reconciliation. The Euphorian Empire and Sonora's departure in the following months led to the alliance's dissolution by the middle of December.


Mexico, as a state in the Mexican Empire is officially known as the Commonwealth of Mexico.

Provisional Government

In the days following the creation of Mexico, a simple Congress made of trusted mayors and individuals was founded to debate on national affairs. They would discuss and when a consensus was formed, Emperor FroyourFilms acted on it.

Despite his intentions to formalize and democratize the Mexican Government, it was only after months had passed that on August 30th FroyourFilms announced an upcoming Government overhaul while unveiling an interim Cabinet of Kratzzi, Pancat, Nomad_Sky (King of Sinaloa), and Saph. (Reina de Sonora)


Treaty of Kanye Ranch

Mexico and Nevada sign a Military alliance on June 19th after much procrastination from FroyourFilms.

Final Treaty Document, created by Dornan_, Nevada's leader

Treaty of Las Vegas

The Mexican Empire and New Mexican Empire sign a treaty on July 15th after some deliberation.

Final Treaty Document, created by FroyourFilms

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