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Coat of Arms
National Information
Full Name The Imperial District
Towny Name
/n list
National Anthem
Population 88
Chunks 1377
Capital City New_Vegas
Largest City Area_51
Oldest City Area_51
Discord Nevada Discord

Euphoria Discord

Government Information
Political System Monarchy
Economic System
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information

The Kingdom of Nevada (Formally the Imperial District, also known as simply, Nevada), is a nation located in the southwestern United States.

Nevada formed part in the pre-aurora Empire of Zion in which the newly claimed New Mexico, Pueblo and Colorado, alongside Nevada, would merge into a single entity to counteract stronger neighbors. The Empire, however, quickly fell apart after much inactivity from inside the member nations, rendering it dead a week after Early Access had started.

It became one of the founding nations of Euphoria, alongside Arizona, and it currently holds the seat of power of the empire. It is ruled by Dornan.



After a series of cryptic messages by Fix, player Dornan_ assumed the server was gonna reset it's map. He quickly started making plans for the future alongside players Beepsky, PotatoFilms, Megapotato and Xyyz0. His predictions were proven right a week after the initial planning.

Originally, the group was going to make the nation of California, however after learning of Beaverman1's wishes of establishing California, and failing to convince him of letting the group establish an independent city-state, they eventually settled for Nevada. This would be the first of many compromises the young nation had to settle with.

Pre-Early Access Compromises

Originally, Nevada alone claimed (alongside it's original state) Arizona, (Northern) Baja California, and Utah. These claims were quickly changed after player Pancat_the_King was introduced to Dornan_ by player MrE_22 (who at that time was looking towards remaking his Nova nation of Pueblo). Pancat had a group of players who were going to make the nations of Pueblo and Texas. This proved to be an issue with MrE's claims, Dornan's ally. To settle this they made the first iteration of Zion, in which, alongside equal say on internal affairs, would nullify the need for borders between the member nations.

Zion was the first of 2 pre-early access compromises. The next came with Pancat's friend AghastBlock's intentions of making Arizona, an area Nevada had already planned to use. Dornan struck a deal with Aghast, making them a part of Nevada (notably, not an equal nation of Zion). This, however, would relocate the towns of both Megapotato and Xyyz0 further inland.

The final compromise was with player PrimeCyber. Dornan had already had an interaction with Prime and knew of his "chill-ness". After a conflict in Prime's original plan of making Yugoslavia, Prime would decide on moving to New Mexico as an homage to AMD series Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. Instead of hostility, Dornan once again compromised with Prime, adding another nation to the list of member states in Zion, and reducing MrE's border.

Early Access and Californian Period

On the first day of Early Access, the first town to be made in what currently is Nevada was Area 51, Megapotato's relocated spot after the Arizona Incident. Due to Mexican wifi, Dornan was not able to properly play, and he had to wait until it was fixed to mine for gold. After a few hours of struggling, Dornan would finally make the town of New_Vegas, followed shortly by the creation of New_Reno by Beepsky. Phoenix was also founded during the first day.

Notably during this period, the entirety of Nevada would be a part of California for the claim bonus.

During this period the towns acted independently, so detail on most will be given individually.

New Vegas had a stable position through most of Early Access. Due to Dornan's grind to get gold, the town by short spans of time held the title of the biggest town in America, however this position was quickly taken over by other towns such as New Orleans and Los Angeles.

Area 51 was originally the starting point for all Nevadans, however the first of many compromises during Early Access would also have it's starting point here. Player Rosies0Donnell had always had plans for Area 51 considering their Nova town was also Area 51. Rosies would talk to Dornan about the situation, the conversation at times reached boiling points however at the end of the day they struck a deal. The town would be handed over to Rosies with Megapotato getting a 300g compensation from Rosies and a 100g compensation from Dornan. Rosies would also pledge to join the nation of Nevada when it was made and be granted privileges inside of it. The town would quickly grow shortly-thereafter with it now being the biggest town claim-wise in Nevada.

Zion (town) was made by PotatoFilms on the first week of Early Access. It was made to mimic the real life Zion National Park. The town in itself has always been in a non-pressure zone, making it a peaceful place to live with not much to upset it's balance. Notably however, PotatoFilms would kill a random player obtaining a Totem of Undying.

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Flag of Nevada.png Nevada | Arizona Flag.png Arizona
Significant Cities
New Vegas | Grand Canyon | Area 51 | Mexican Hat
Notable Players
Dornan_ | Xyyz0 | hohae | MegaPotato_ | RAWRyoutube | Rosies0Donnell | Beepsky | Uberstrase | sdr2000