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Ethiopia was a nation in East Africa based in Mersa. The nation was seen as a rebellion from Nubia by many, and stole many of Nubia's towns, before reuniting into Nubia.



Prior to the official creation, Mersa had publicly stated its plans to eventually make a nation, and Mersan citizens heavily pushed for such. Gorkymoo1119 had not an idea when he would make the nation though, as he didn't have enough gold as of yet.


Gorkymoo1119, as the Nubian Prime Minister as well as one of zovely's top advisors, had much power over the way Nubia was run. Before making the nation, he made a Nubian Union for Ethiopia to join, to ensure he could still control Nubian politics. It had been approved in the Lower House, with a vote of 5 to 3 (the discord shows it as 5 to 4, however Yemeni Emperor Raining_Oranges voted, despite not being part of the Lower House). The Union was officially planned to be made.



Gorkymoo1119, who was in Yemen's Nubia and thus the Yemen Empire, had grown a disliking towards the first Yemeni Nubian Emperor, VladimirVI, a month or so prior to this. After speaking to Raining_Oranges, VladimirVI was forced to abdicate from the Nubian throne.

However, on the 4th of May 2020, Raining_Oranges invited VladimirVI back to the Yemen Empire. Gorkymoo1119 was, to say the least, not happy about this. He complained to Raining_Oranges about this being the case. However, Raining_Oranges refused to follow through on gorkymoo1119's complaints.

The Mersan Nation

A day after this, on the 5th of May 2020, whilst in a voice chat with Raining_Oranges and VladimirVI, gorkymoo1119 performed the command '/n leave', making the town of Mersa leave Nubia. Less then a minute later, he formed the nation, to the shock of Raining_Oranges.

Nubian Government Response


Only Mersans

Originally, only the Mersan towns of Mersa and South Mersa were allowed to join. Gorkymoo1119 did this as he did not feel he wanted the fall of Yemeni Nubia. The Nubian nation had lost half their population, and many towns requested to join Ethiopia, with gorkymoo1119 refusing.

A talk with twomoo1119

After a day or so of the nation existing, twomoo1119 and gorkymoo1119 had discussed the idea of expansion into the rest of Nubia. After thinking it through, gorkymoo1119 liked the idea. He had little idea on how to get towns in originally.

Eventually, he started contacting Ministers and government members of Nubia, trying to suggest the Nubian nation was dying. Many agreed, and wanted to join.

Entry of Khartoum

After some talking with Nexus_Hype, the then mayor of Khartoum, he joined Ethiopia. Gorkymoo1119 put a stop on other towns joining for a bit, wanting to see Yemen's reaction. Raining_Oranges swiftly noticed, and went off on a rant to gorkymoo1119. This soured relations between the two nations, and made gorkymoo1119 want to leave the Yemen Empire even more.

During this time, Raining_Oranges approached Nexus_Hype, attempting to get him back into Nubia. Gorkymoo1119 was told of this, and asked Nexus_Hype to block or ignore Raining_Oranges. He followed through on this, and Khartoum remained in Ethiopia.

Twomoo1119 as Nubian Emperor

After a few towns had joined, Raining_Oranges replaced Zovely with MagicMoose, fearing that twomoo1119 would not remain loyal to the Yemeni Empire. The majority of Nubian towns joined Ethiopia following this causing MagicMoose to abdicate less than two weeks after becoming Emperor, twomoo1119 was installed in his place.

The Ethiopian Question

Although twomoo1119 had regained control of Nubia, the future of Ethiopia was uncertain. Many Ethiopian towns enjoyed their system of government and were content to remain in the nation. Ethiopian Emperor, gorkymoo119 and Nubian Emperor, twomoo1119 had planned a vote to see whether the nations would remain in a union, unite under Ethiopia or unite under Nubia. After some private discussion, twomoo1119 and gorkymoo119 agreed to unite under Nubia provided that he be payed back in full for the nation and that the Ethiopian system of government would be preserved. On May 21st, 2020 the nation of Nubia annexed Ethiopia back into itself. This drastically increased the size of Nubia and added many more residents as well as reunited the community. Nubia left the Yemeni Empire on the 22nd of May, 2020. .