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This article is about the company. For its philosophy, see Joke.

BritishCow Group is a group of companies owned by imabritishcow. It's companies include iceline, PC express, NextDoor, Simple Payments, and DesignSpace.


BritishCow started as a discord shop selling armor, tools, and blocks. It stored everything in Quebec (when under RuseOwl) and at the time had many councillors, the building was looted and BonZZil found the items in a shop in Washington. The items were moved to Ontario where they were stolen again due to misconfigured permissions allowing anyone to open chests.

The company soon created iceline, which has now become one of EarthMC's largest ice road networks. iceline connects over 30 places with ice roads and is expanding to South America in a partnership with SATU. BritishCow has not yet found a way to monetize iceline (exception with construction) and now claims its a non-profit. It's Canadian Line plans to connect pee pee island to Astoria but it is way over budget and late. The project was started in July and planned to be completed in September but it is now November and it is just haffway completed. iceline has not pushed a completion date for the Canadian Line.

NextDoor is a news discord resembling the popular social media platform, Twitter. Anyone can post in the 3 categories and famous people can get verified to skip slow mode. It was launched for 3 days as Smart Neighborhood then came back as NextDoor a month after.

Simple Payments was created to provide payment processing services so people could click to pay for services on discord without anything in-game enabling people to play EarthMC without ever logging in. This service started as CowPay/CowBank but was discontinued since it was manual and could not find success. It was then relaunched as Simple Payments to compete with Global Gold Bank, Simple is now one of the companies most overdue projects. The project was started in September but imabritishcow and ogx did not have the skills required to program a discord bot. They hired LuciferianThomas, creator of EMCL bot. LuciferianThomas refused to work until documentation was complete, imabritishcow was doing the documentation but forgot about it. The launch date is now December 15 for Phase 1 of the Early Beta.

DesignSpace was created by imabritishcow to provide creative services to EarthMC players for their nations, shops, and discords. imabritishcow started offering these services because he found that a lot of the discord server icons were ugly.