Egyptian conflicts (Classic)

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This is a list of armed or major diplomatic conflicts in Egyptian history. Including First, Second and Third Kingdom.

First Kingdom wars

Conflict Combatant 1 Combatant 2 Result
Cairo - Golden State War (June 2017)

Location: Golden State, Nile river

GoldenState Cairo Victory
  • Birth of Egypt coalation to prevent future wars
  • Fall of Cairo
Egypt cold war (June-July 2017)

Location: Cairo, Giza



GoldenState TelAviv Victory
  • Crisis in Golden State ends
  • Birth of the nation Egypt
  • Huge loss for Tel Aviv
First Suez crisis (July 2017)

Location: Suez

GoldenState Suez TelAviv Victory
  • Sucessful defence of Egypt
Memphis crisis (July 2017)

Location: Memphis

  • Memphis
  • Sulawesi

Memphis rebels

  • Memphis is no longer capital of Egypt
  • Memphis independent from Golden State
Attack on Valencia (July 2017)

Location: Valencia

Egypt Valencia Victory
  • Peace between Egypt and Valencia
Tripoli War (August 2017)

Location: Libya, Valencia

Egypt Valencia Tripoli Victory
  • Fall of Tripoli
Defence of Giza (August 2017)

Location: Giza

Egypt Raiders Victory
  • Ruins of Giza defended by raiders
Jerusalem tunnel conflicts (August 2017) Location: Sinai, Israel
Jerusalem Tunnels.png
Egypt Czecho-Yisrael Draw
  • Jerusalem kept their claims in the Nile delta

Second Kingdom

Conflict Combatant 1 Combatant 2 Result
Second Suez crisis (August 15 2017)

Location: Suez

Suez Carlym


  • Birth of Second Kingdom of Egypt
  • Birth of new Cairo
  • Birth of Golkayo
PI conflicts (August-September 2017)

Location: America, Greece, New York

Egypt PI Victory
  • Spread of Islam
  • Huge loss for PI
Siege of MegaOpolis (August 2017) Location: MegaOpolis
UnitedNations Egypt Canada Victory
  • MegaOpolis payed Egypt for war repairations
  • UN influence on Canada
Egypt - Amsterdam conflict (September 2017) Location: Amsterdam
Bombing of Amsterdam.png
Egypt Amsterdam Victory
  • Fall of Amsterdam
War of Persia (September 2017)

Location: Persia

Egypt Persia Victory
  • Mass destruction of Persian towns
  • Persia risks collapse
Civil war of Egypt-Global (October 2017) Location: Tel Aviv
Invasion of Tel Aviv.png
Egypt Federation
  • TelAviv
  • Egypt-Global (EG) becomes Federation
October War (October-November 2017)

Location: Denmark, Spain, Norway

  • PinguCity
  • Petrozavodsk
  • Area51


PI Spain* Madrid


Complete Failure
  • Fall of Egypt

Third Kingdom

Conflict Combatant 1 Combatant 2 Result
Invasion of Italy (Ongoing...) Location: Italy
2017-11-03 (2).png
NewEgypt France EU


Never Completed
  • Fall of The Imperial Empire (T.I.E.)
  • Fall of Egypt due to TheWalkingKing getting banned.