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Morgini is an active player and former emperor of Imperial Qu├ębec.

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Profile Information
Aliases USA Destroyer

Terrorist Hottest Egirl Female

Town Saguenay, Quebec
Towny Rank
Occupation Former Empeor
Political Party
Discord Morgini#6541
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn December 25th, 2019
Place of Spawn Asia
Physical Information
Gender Male.png Male
Blood Type
Status Information
Status Inactive
Server Role Premium
Date of Ban
Nation History


The early stages


After joining on Christmas day, Morgini spent 2 days mining a tunnel in Tibet, until asking chat for sugarcane. Bobbelbo, a co-mayor of Montreal, offered sugarcane, and Morgini ended up joining his town, Montreal. He spent the next few weeks meeting players like Vandetti, Hodin, Bobbelbo, Enanemes, MCCarrot, RonikJ, DarthValk, MrStealYoBeans, zaa_wardo and more while building his first house and grinding his first items. Then on January 26th, 2020, the nation Laurentides, later to be renamed to Quebec, was created, on the same day Morgini created his town Alma, later to be renamed to Saguenay.

Becoming King of Quebec

Hodin, Bobbelbo, and Macbook quit the server on 4/24/2020, leaving Morgini as King. Working directly with Enanemes and RonikJ to form a new government, Morgini switched towns to take Montreal, giving Alma, which had annexed neighboring town Hamilton, to MrStealYourBeans. The government that you see in Quebec today, a monarchy that oversees a parliament and a ministry, was created in its infant form by the 3. Morgini and the rest of his friends in the nation worked to restore the nation.

Becoming Prime Minister of the Canadian Empire

Hodin, who was previously elected as PM of the CE, had passed not only the nation of Quebec, but the most popular party in the Canadian Empire. His election against NFISH was a huge success, winning with over 70% of the votes, though all things would not be good for the new leader. The largest political crisis in the nations history, and the idea of a Canadian Republic was born mid-through the term, as a civil war almost sparked between the people willing to bring power to the parliament and those looking to give power to the PM. In the panic, Morgini's term was cut short and YourEverydayJay took the position. The crisis calmed down as both sides found a solution in the middle, but the damage was done, and the idea of a Republic was permanent.

Rio-NAU war and the creation of the Syndicate

Morgini, being a prominent active in the Canadian Empire, with the help of Tyce, joined the war against the NAU, and forged an alliance with Rio Grande and Germany, the Syndicate. Morgini created not only the GC but the discord itself, eventually giving it up to Cubs. Morgini immidiatly took this new alliance to the test and helped in the less than 3 week collapse of the NAU, one of the fastest collapses of the history of EMC. This put the Canadian Empire as one of the 2 powers controlling 90% of the continent, along with the Rio Grande.

The Coup of July (largest coup in EMC history)

After multiple months had gone by, with Tyce , the Emperor of Canada at the time, had left EMC. He left Skildo in his position, who immediately took a dictorial approach to the position. The month following was one of the most toxic in the Canadian Empire's history, and the last month of its history. A enraged Morgini, who had lost his home that he had been working with for his entire history on EMC, had his breaking point passed, after Skildo kicked out founding nation Avalon. Morgini, on 7/27/2020, took over and banned Rupert's Land and their supporters from the discord, announcing the birth of the Canadian Republic. Morgini took the position of Emperor for 1 day while the government was still being decided, becoming the last Emperor of the original Canadian Empire.

Harsh Fate of the Canadian Republic

The Republic would face a worse fate, breaking apart into pieces, as Chancellor Palpatine being elected as PM, led to multiple nations leaving, such as Severny and Nova Scotia, led by Tafffy. Even the PM himself would end up leaving, and in the Canadian Civil War opposing the Canadian Republic and Nunavut, the Canadians were massacred multiple times. the murders were facilitated by the help that RonikJ and _Takii provided secretly to the rebelling nation of Nunavut. The blame was put on the poor leadership of the supernation and the incompetence of the government to crackdown on the insiders, the discord alts and to control the unrest present in the parliament. The players _Takii and RonikJ supported and secretly helped Nunavut even though they were publicly in the Republic, but were never caught. Nunavut would eventually win against the Canadian Republic.

Modern era

Rise of Imperial Quebec and the Rise of Morgini

Morgini shifted his focus onto Quebec, fixing Quebec's government to not repeat the mistakes of the Canadian Republic. Joining their first war against Sibir, the young empire fought alongside future ally Lacusmagnia. Its MCMMO domination began to show, as players Takii and Chotobits gained level 1000 alchemy. The actives began to learn PVP, and get very good, such as players like Morgini and RonikJ, who won an tournament hosted by the admins themselves. Nations started to join its new Empire, Maine and Nouvelle-France on 09/06/2020, joining the Quebec and Baffin in the empire.

Trimortum - USA war

Main articles: Trimortum-USA War, North American Pact.

Later that month the alliance of Trimortum was created, with Quebec being a founder and Morgini directly involved with the creation. Quebec would join Britain in their war against the Northern 5, which surrendered in less than a day. The most important war in Quebec's history, which the rivalry created back during the Rio-NAU war, sparked into the Trimortum-USA War, a month long intense battle of claim blocking, pvp, nation stealing, and discord hate, starting on September 1st, 2020. The war ended with Quebec getting what it wanted and re-annexing Maine. After the war ended, the North American Pact was created. Though Quebec wasn't done expanding, they would welcome the nation Vinland, one of the most active provinces in the history.

Quebec - Canada Merge

Doubling Quebec's size, on January 11th 2021, the nations of Quebec, and Canada, the former Quebec, merged into one. This ment the joining of the provinces of Canada and Labrador, joining the empire. In the next month Severny, Algonquia, Iroquois, and Avalon would joined Imperial Quebec. Greece would join Quebec, though sold to the GRE a few days later, starting an age of colonialism. Next month Cape Dorset and Hall would join Quebec. Vinland would temporarily leave Quebec later that month (February).

Morgini also participated on the largest wither spawning in the server's history, done by Warriorrr and Takii. But on March 1st, Morgini would leave for the first time, leaving the throne of Quebec to Takii. Quebec would declare war on The United States of America (current) later that week, and re-welcome Vinland.

Takii's Regency of Quebec

_Takii made a fast start to his rule, declaring war on the United States, re-welcoming Vinland, and creating Quebec's first European colony, its first Antarctic Colony in DoMan Butte, and welcoming nations like Partridge and HBC into Quebec. Hollis would join Quebec shortly after. The Greater Quebec saw a nice growth in term of population and land, though _Takii would mostly put his focus on the stability of the empire. Morgini would return to Quebec on 4/12/2021, after returning from an irl situation and would be given back the crown of Quebec.


The war started just before the abdication of Morgini_, _Takii wouldn't let Quebec enter the war until civils from New-York repeatedly attacked and murdered quebecer citizens, which lead _Takii and his government to finally enter the war on the NAP's side. Following the return of Morgini_, the NAP-USA war would continue for a few months. Morgini_ would work closely with NAP leaders like Jester, Cencius, BennyGaming, Coolcon, and K1, to take down the US.