The New Era

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Timeframe: Mid June 2017-1 Oct 2017

This era saw the end of the second order of nations. During this time, many of the nations founded in late 2016 and early 2017 met their end. Toxicity was curbed by the actions of staff, improving the server experience overall. This era saw the first attempts at border agreements, civilizations founded in new areas such as the Middle East and India, and a complete political re-ordering with the fall of PWW.

A major event within the server was when the mega city of Seaterrica fell. This event is still regarded as a major event in EarthMC history as it would eventually lead to many nations being formed from it. Many players today remember once being in Seaterrica as Seaterrica had recruited 140 people by the time of its fall. Shortly after Seaterrica fell, Tortugas fell which ended the large war at that time which had claimed the lives of hundreds.

The end of the Era saw many changes in the world,the fall of Persia, of Egypt, of Germany, of Czecho-Yisrael, and of California. New towns and nations were formed also, AlaskanEmpire being an important one in the future. Europe by the end only had two power worth mentioning, Spain and Nazi_Germany. Nazi_Germany could bring a large force when needed but was not too active which left Spain as the only European super-power. The Middle-East after the fall of Czecho-Yisrael and the original Persia was lacking any form of regional nation and quickly fell prey to nations like Egypt, USSR, and PI. India had nothing and remained completely uninhabitied until the very end of the Era.