Sunrise Era

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Stasis Era


May 1st - Present
2022 - Present


Sunrise Era


The following events occurred during the Sunrise Era:


The Sunrise Era is the first era of Terra Aurora.


May 2022

May 1st "Sunset Day"

  • Server opens for premium members.
  • All players spawn in a rectangle in Siberia.
  • The first towns in are created in Asia: Singapore, Shangri-La, and Beijing.
  • Indochina is created, making it the first nation.

May 2nd "Two-Cities Day"

May 3rd "Branching Day"

May 4th "The Day of Religion"

  • Rector of Ragusa and President of Yugoslavia sign a co-operation and religious decree, which leads to the foundation of several Orthodox dioceses e.g Patriarchate of the Balkans, Diocese of St. Eugenios of the Grey Minthrion (Trebizond), Diocese of Christ Pantokrator (Dubrovniv), Diocese of the Blessed Virgin (Chlemoutsi, Sparta).
  • The Papal State is formed in Rome near the end of the day by BenedictXVII.
  • The nation of Madagascar is formed by the community of TN Madagascar, creating the Cross-Server Meganation of Madagascar.

May 5th "East's Day"

  • The nation of India is founded after a mayor transfer between Islamabad and Delhi.
  • Greece formed.
  • Gold-Coast formed.

May 6th "North's Day"

May 7th

  • Monreal and Canada are created.
  • Evilwood creates Song on Hong Kong.
  • KristauxSoft forms Livonia in towny along the baltic coast.

May 8th

  • The first major PvP battle occurs at /n spawn Jin.

May 14th

  • The server opens to all players

May 24th

  • Chum Kevin, an Indonesian minecraft youtuber has joined EarthMC, marking the beginning of the Indonesian invasion.

July 2022

July 26th

  • Laptev Empire has joined Russia as an observer state of their mega-nation

September 2022

September 6th

  • The nation of Denmark, led by Eggz, joins Åland as a colony, merging their claims.

September 10th

  • The Crown Of Texas finalizes paying off major debt to Florida

October 2022

October 26th

  • The server was updated to 1.19

November 2022

November 3rd

  • India claims to be the true catholic church and declares war on the Antichrist

November 8th

  • Montenegro joins the Lechina Empire

November 10th

  • Serbia joins the Lechina Empire

November 16th

  • The Crown Of Texas is formed, representing members from The Kingdom of Texas, The Kingdom of Oregon, and the Sultanate of Arabia.

January 2023

January 10th

January 14th

  • Elections in Spain conclude, with Ouched winning majority of the vote

January 16th

  • Terra Aurora is updated to 1.19.3 after multiple hours of downtime
  • Rocky300 becomes King of Poland
  • Hungary and Poland sign a formal cooperation treaty
  • SuperiorGlitch is unbanned after a lengthy 16-hour appeal over doxxing allegations
  • Cuba retracts their defeat announcement to Florida as SuperiorGlitch returns from his overturned ban.
  • Yuma is founded by d_Toaster_b

January 17th

  • Lucas2011 wins a Dragon Head
  • The war between Sonora and Yamato ends as the Yamato Investigation concludes
  • Francia Declares peace with Yamato after the Yamato Investigation concludes
  • DaPigThatBig resigns as Vice President of Cascadia, AghastBlock is sworn in as his successor
  • Recent evidence concludes that Yamato did not steal player heads from Sonara in the Yamato Investigation; thus, Sonara retracts their declaration of war against Yamato and the two nations are allies once again.
  • Baja leaves the Republic|Ming Empire, joining forces with the Mexican Empire

January 18th

  • Tibet joins the Ming Federation, consolidating itself as "an inalienable part of China"
  • African Coast joins the Gold Circle

January 19th

  • The Ming Federation held its second General National Assembly in the Great Hall of Wuchan
  • LAOLING233 served as King of Wei
  • Minada becomes the first town on Terra Aurora to reach 940/940 chunks

January 27th

  • The Ming Federation declared war on R.O.C