Crowded Era

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Flooding Era


July 23rd - October 3rd


Crowded Era

Stabilization Era


The following events occurred during the Crowded Era:


  • Ibxtoycat releases his second video on EarthMC
  • ...


July 19th

  • Ibxtoycat joins the server for the first time since April, and is killed by Unbated and Camialstraw.

July 23rd

  • Ibxtoycat releases his second video on EarthMC, causing many new players to join the server and lengthen the queue
  • The town of Sainte-Blanche is created by Nigong in Antarctic

July 24th

  • a new Constitution for New York is Ratified

July 29th

  • Mecca is the first town to hit the maximum chunks at 75 people

July 30th

July 31st

August 2019

August 4th

  • The nation of Ungava is created

August 5th

  • Start of the Uesugi-Christiana conflict

August 7th

August 9th

August 11th

  • Former Emperor of Siam, Fluxify I returns to the Siamese Throne.
  • Silver__ is able to become King of Carolina, and sells the nation 2 days later

August 15th

August 16th

  • MasterFaustino, once mayor of New Tolanaro, is crowned King Of Nepal by EternalFlavour.
  • The Kavali Crisis occurs. The_BlueDino uses a fishing rod on MattyG2012 while he was working on building plans again and kills him. With help from ToboCoolman2000 and BicycleMan1, Matty tracked down The_BlueDino to Kavali. A standoff occured for half an hour until Dino enabled PvP on his plot, killing BicycleMan and Tobo logs out, losing all his stuff. Matty survives until Dino disables PvP, ending the conflict.

August 19th

August 17th

  • Great Plains is disbanded by ScaryDragon and he leaves the server.

August 24th

  • Kansas City is disbanded by ScaryDragon and he finally quits the server.

August 25th

  • The town of Kansas City is reestablished by LittleMining and he also recreates Great Plains the same day.

September 2019

September 1st

September 2nd

  • Skater2323 is permanentley banned for exceeding 5 warnings, the most recent of which was him using a minimap mod which allowed him to detect nearby players, even those underground or invisible. This violateed Rule 1.1 and as such he was banned indefinitely.
  • Town, the former capital of Newfoundland, falled, and Avalon looted the town.

September 9th

September 13th

  • New Jersey proclaims independence from New York.

September 14th

September 15th

  • The Triumvirate consisting of the Greater Roman Empire, France, and Spain declares war on the German Empire.
  • _Nauk won 550g in 15 minutes through a lucky streak at Nepal Casino, only to lose 900g again after she returned for a rematch.

September 23rd

September 25th

  • Patagonia is being threatened by Greater Reich alliance and opened emergency (closed /n spawn), day a later emergency was removed since no attacks came.

September 26th

September 28th

  • Wisconsin joins the Virginia Commonwealth.

September 30th

  • The town Epsilon is founded inside of Avalon's territorial claims. At first, Avalon tried to convince the town's mayor to join the nation, but the town wanted to stay independent. This was annoying especially to General_Albi, the mayor of Republic_City. Later, Epsilon reported that General_Albi had stolen Epsilon's things while their chest room wasn't claimed. General_Albi denied the claims. General_Albi wanted war against Epsilon, and a war poll was put up in the Avalon discord. Eventually, Epsilon went to Republic_City saying they wanted to trade. General_albi came outside of claims, and Epsilon killed him. They later also used lavacasts to grief Albi's town through claims. These events would spark The Cape Briton War.

October 2019

October 1st

  • The alliance named the United Nations of America is formed in Colombia
  • Mexico and Cuba joins the United Nations of America

October 2nd

  • GGOVI joins towny, after shutting down factions

October 3rd

  • FuzeIII requests to be banned which is granted.
  • The United Nations of America is officially renamed to NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization