Yemen-Nubia Conflict

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This article about the conflict between 2 nations is about the conflict between Nubia and Yemen from January 2020, and should not be confused with Nubia having a conflict with Yemen from early 2019.

The conflict between Yemen and Nubia was a conflict that lasted almost 2 months and was of major influence to surrounding nations, in East Africa and throughout the entire Arabian peninsula.


Ethiopia-Nubia Unification

Ethiopia had been founded after VladimirVI came back to the Yemen Empire, a figure unpopular amongst the Nubians, and later Ethiopians, after they rebelled yet still joined Yemen. After Vlad was immediately given the 2nd highest role, the nation was founded and soon took other towns all over East Africa, getting to /n list 1 in a small period of time.

Both Ethiopia and Nubia were under Yemeni imperial rule, and had plans to abandon the Empire at the next possible opportunity, which was then seen after full reunification, and was used.


On the 23rd of May 2020, a day after the reunification of Ethiopia and Nubia, Nubia left the Yemen Empire, after a poll of 20 people came out as 95% in favour of doing so, and later that day Emperor twomoo1119 made the announcement of their independence. This started a series of verbal attacks between the 2 nations, which eventually turned into a battle, the Battle of El Daein on the 2nd of June.


First Battle

The Battle of El Daein's cause is disputed. Nubia says the attacks were uncalled for, and that this was only due to their earlier peaceful declaration of independence. On the other hand, Yemen said the attacks were because a citizen of the town, Tropical_Toucan attacked 3 Yemeni soldiers training in then Yemeni nation, India. They also stated that the citizen had killed 1, however EarthMC towny discord logs showed otherwise and the inexperience of this player on the server caused doubt in this, and other claims.

In the Battle, Nubia sent reinforcements to protect the area, which lengthened the battle more. Yemen said this escalated things into almost causing a war, however the Nubians believed this was called for, and that the Yemenis escalated the battle more by continuing it elsewhere, including Mersa and others. At this point, Nubia and Yemen had both enemied one another.

Nubian Western Yemen/Nubian Arabia

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In reaction to these attacks, twomoo1119 asked the then Nubian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Alas, to create the town of Sanaa in western Yemen, and for it to join Nubia. These events happened whilst a small skirmish was going on with the Yemeni side at Mersa. The Yemenis later attacked Sanaa consistently, a major of example of which can be seen in the Battle of Sanaa.

The next day, Ahwar was placed as well in western Yemen, as the verbal and physical attacks towards one another and continued their hostilities. Over the next week or so, Yemenis accused the Nubians of breaking a vague verbal agreement, calling them scammers and making low-effort propaganda against them, and alleged crimes. The Yemenis would also try get Nubian towns, such as Mersa, South Mersa and Sanaa to join them, to no success.

Towards the end

During these times, Raining_Oranges had privately messaged the Nubian Prime Minister, 57gorky/gorkymoo1119, Nubian Emperor, twomoo1119 and Nubian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Mayor of Sanaa, Alas, attempting to purchase the towns, sort out a deal and more. He would include details formerly undisclosed to the Nubians, including offers to purchase the nation of Nubia before it fell down in population and activity, and often noting a small agreement from a while before.

The Nubian Emperor was also in talks with Yemeni African leaders about potentially leaving the Yemen Empire during these times, of which Raining_Oranges was informed about after and later told Nubian PM about in an informal conversation.

Soon after this, 57gorky/gorkymoo1119 was tired of the attacks on Mersa and asked then town staff of Mersa, StarKiller1744 to create the town of Arabian Mersa as a proxy of Mersa on the Arabian Peninsula, near to the entrance of the Red Sea. However, the Yemenis caught wind of this due to one Mersan's relations with Yemenis, informing them of this to hopefully prevent a war. This caused a big battle in Northern Mersa, and Somali town of Djibouti, with Yemen being backed up by Sri Lanka. This battle is also known as Battle of Arabian Mersa.

The Battle caused other Nubians to be called in, and continued, with at least 1 casualty on both sides. After hearing this town could potentially cause a war, the Mayor of Mersa put the idea on hold, and Arabian Mersa was never made, pleasing the Yemenis but also many of the Nubians.


The first ideas of peace came into mind after Yemeni Empress zovely and Yemeni Minister of Foreign Affairs _loveli/bigscarylottie talked to Nubian Emperor twomoo1119 and Nubian Minister of Foreign Affairs Alas in private in regards how they only wanted to build, and not unnecessary conflict like this that could get in the way of it.

On the same day, peace was later agreed informally between Raining_Oranges and twomoo1119, with both nations making announcements to their nations to stop their toxicity and attacks on one another, and both nations became neutral towards one another.

The disliking of each nations from one another never fully cleared up, with certain people from each nations in particular sharing a hatred for the other, but it involves less the nations as the individuals.


Despite the lack of a formal treaty, borders and politics still shifted within the region. Nubia's independence from Yemen was recognised, no longer considered as just a rebel kingdom by Yemen. Although formally considered shared territory, Nubia gained de-facto control of western Yemen, the region it had occupied during the conflict, and would later extend its claims into the Asir region via 2 towns. No victor was ever declared however Nubia had made considerable gains in land and morale throughout the course of the conflict, and remained active after the conflict, whilst Yemen suffered a major loss of activity. Additionally this lead to eventually Gujarat leaving the Yemen Empire including ex-Yemeni commander navyaxD of Rajkot, Gujarat supporting the leave. This arguably lead to the strong relations between Nubia and Gujarat for mutual hostiles such as Yemen and Pakistan.


All battles are unknown, however the known ones are:

• The Battle of El Daein

The Battle of Sanaa

• The Second Battle of Mersa

• The Battle of Aden

• The Battle of El Obeid

The Battle of Arabian Mersa (final battle ever, also known as the Battle of Djibouti due to a lot of the fighting happening there.)

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