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2000px-Flag of Finland.svg.png
Coat of Arms
Finland borders.png
National Information
Full Name The Finland Realm
Towny Name
/n list
National Anthem
Capital City Helsinki
Largest City By population: Helsinki

By chunks: Helsinki

Oldest City Jyväskylä (first town in the nation)

Lahti (oldest founding date)

Government Information
Political System Constitutional Monarchy
Economic System Libertarian Capitalism
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information

Finland is a nation in Northern Europe that was founded on January 1st, 2020. It is ruled by King Emerald_tip.


Finland is located in Northern Europe, in the real life country that gave its namesake. Most of the towns in the nation are situated in real-life Finland, although the nation used to have some towns in Sweden, though these were seized to Sweden due to The Kiruna Treaty. The previous capital Jyväskylä was and still is located in the middle of Finland.


Riftal started planning the nation on the 26th of November 2019. He was at the time the mayor of Visby, of the Kalmar Union (Sweden), but left the town with the intention of starting his own nation in Finland, which would be a state of the Greater Kalmar Union. He made the town of Ozhattan (today Jyväskylä) which joined the Kalmar Union. Riftal started to save up gold to create his nation.

Noveritsch, the mayor of NeoTropolis (later Vehnätila), was also saving gold for a dominion under the Kalmar Union. On December 31, he was suddenly kicked from Kalmar Union and all his properties in the nation were seized, including a massive PVP arena in the center of Nya Asgard. Because of this event, Noveritsch donated all 600 gold he had saved up to Riftal in exchange for getting chancellor role in the new nation. Finland was made the following day, being the first nation of the new decade.

On 23 January 2020, Finland declared independence from the Greater Kalmar Union. On 2 February, Finland was accepted into The Northern Lights Alliance after 2 failed attempts.

The nation of Ruotsi left Greater Finland and joined Finland as a colony on 2 March. On 28 March it left and became the nation of Stockholm.

Finland joined the Central Powers on 18 May. On 25 May, ahead of the nation's first elections, Noveritsch stepped down as chancellor. The elections were held between 28 May and 29 May. MaxFI was elected the Prime Minister, AzFreeze the Minister of Defence, hillosokeri2 the Minister of Infrastructure and 0sku the Minister of Affairs.

On June 14 2020, Riftal decided to step down as the king of Finland. 0sku, the then-Minister of Affairs, was chosen as the new king and the capital was moved to Suur-Helsinki. As Riftal also moved out from the nation, the town of Jyväskylä was transferred to AzFreeze. Sir_Lewanlot was chosen as the new Minister of Affairs.

On the next day, Finland was accepted to the Union of Atlantic States after many failed attempts to join.

Because of 0sku's real-life duties, he was forced to resign as the king of Finland. On July 6, he gave the nation to back to Riftal, who acted as the earl, with the role of king in game. On July 22, Riftal left the nation and transferred the role to Noveritsch, who in turn gave the leadership to J1K on the same day, transferring the capital to Helsinki. 0sku later abolished the position of earl, making J1K officially the king of Finland.

On October 10th 2020, tensions rose between Finland and Austria when a town fairly south of Finland was said to be part of Austrian territory. The following day after escalating tensions, the two declared war on each other. The Austrians were backed by the Syndicate and the Finnish had few allies. Eventually the town voluntarily left and drew a tie to the conflict without any soldiers being sent from either sides. The main result of the conflict was the Finland leaving the UAS.

After being forced out of the UAS, the popularity of J1K started to waver. After internal pressure from within the nation, he was forced to abdicate, and gave his throne back to Noveritsch on the 23rd of October.

Noveritsch, immediately after assuming the Finnish throne, declared war on Sweden. This caused a major war between Finland and the UAS. (Sweden, Terra Mariana, Russia). After major battles in the towns of Jyväskylä, Helsinki and Kekkoslinna, Finland defeated the other armies with the help of their allies.

Despite the recent successes, Noveritsch was not interested in keeping the nation, intending on forming a new one in Lapland. He was planning on taking Jyväskylä and some northern finnish towns with him, as well as making an alliance with the the finnish enemy at the time, Terra Mariana. Noveritsch initially promised to give the nation to Riftal, who was returning to the server. But after secret discussions with some of the ministers in the nation, the finnish nation was instead given to Juuzoz_. Noveritsch's plan was to make Finlands position weaker compared to the new nation he was forming in Northern Finland. Juuzoz_ was supposed to steer Finland into the sphere of Noveritsch's influence.

Noveritsch gave Juuzoz_ the leadership of the capital, (Jyväskylä) and with it the nation. The plan was to transfer the capital to Kekkoslinna, and then give Jyväskylä back to Noveritsch. Juuzoz_ then betrayed Noveritsch, deciding not to give the town back, as it wouldve been otherwise lost from the nation. Juuzoz_ threw Noveritsch out of the nation, announcing that the traitors had been ousted and Finland had been saved from destruction. After losing his town, Noveritsch was exiled to Canada, while Juuzoz_ kept the town and the nation.

After becoming the leader of both Finland and Greater Finland, Juuzoz_ declared the unification of the two nations complete.

Ju2nananas then bought the nation, leading to a short burst of activity, soon followed by inactivity.

After announcing, that he was quitting the server on the 7th of april, Ju2nananas appointed Emerald_tip to be the heir on the 11th of april. A week later he gave the nation to Emerald, who was officially coronated on the 18th of april. Video

Diplomatic Relations


On 13 March, Japan and Finland entered a Defensive alliance, with the hope of furthering relations and giving each other a strong alliance in each respective continent. This friendship started with the introduction between KawadaJP, and Riftal. They were friends previously when Riftal was still part of the Kalmar Union (Sweden). This friendship between Japan and Finland reignited when Goddess_Sairene and Riftal met through the Map Maker Union.


Finland and Sweden have always had some sort of relationship, seeing as Finland was birthed out of Sweden originally. Majority of the time, Sweden and Finland did not get along for personal drama between: Riftal, Noveritsch, LiterallyADonut and NordicFenris. However through the blessings of some deity, they found common ground and established Jürgen's Alliance, named after the event of Riftal and LiterallyADonut migrating Riftal's turtle from Nya Asgard to Jyväskylä. Once that was set in stone, they forged a border agreement called The Kiruna Treaty, which was later violated by Finland due to Sweden's inactivity.

The circumstances that we face as a nation are dire. New nations will be created, and perhaps turn away from Finland. This may result in the downfall of our country. It is my duty as king of Finland to unite our nation, and build full trust with the citizens. Finland cannot suffocate on powers and perhaps even people, that are lesser than us. As my first act as king of Finland, I declare war on Sweden. The towns of Sweden will return to Finland as they once had in the beginning. And to make riftal happy, it is a priority that we reclaim Visby. E morte ad vitam! -38 Rotate

Terra Mariana

The relations of Finland and Terra Mariana are hindered by the land claims of eke223's town Reval. Reval has claimed the area of Porkkala from Southern Finland. The former mayor of the town, emmettaaron, built a bridge to Finland, along which eke later claimed and gradually continued to Finland in late 2019. The claims were not well received by the people of Finland, as the area was quite large and had nothing built in it except the bridge and some dug up parts of a mountain. Tensions really started to take place as the town of Suur-Helsinki was established in April 2020. Eke's areas greatly limited the expansion of the town, although Reval made some border agreements with Suur-Helsinki and Tammisaari. Only after this point, eke has started construction on this area, building a wall and doing some larger terraforming. On 26 May, as eke was starting to build the wall, some residents of Suur-Helsinki started staring at him. This seemed to worry eke and the legendary Great Staring Battle began. More people from both Finland and Terra Mariana joined and in the end, a total of 10 people were in the battle. Most people in Finland don't accept eke's claim, although some think it's rightful as eke didn't have any more land to claim in Estonia.

Around early May, the former king of Terra Mariana, TommyJ2 became the mayor of Ahvaland, a town located in the Åland Islands. The town was officially neutral, but clearly associated with Terra Mariana, as another former king, Egga_ was frequently seen visiting the town and had embassies there. On May 22, Ahvaland joined Terra Mariana and claimed the town of Turku. This along with the Reval situation even caused theories that Terra Mariana might be planning a war against Finland. However, the king of the nation, nicosecci, kicked the town out in order to not make relations with Finland worse. Egga and Tommy were not happy about this and made a case against nicosecci in the national court on May 23, claiming that kicking the town forcefully violated the constitution. Egga and Tommy ended up winning the case, but as the Royal Councillors didn't find nicosecci guilty, he didn't end up getting a proper punishment, as Egga would have hoped. On May 25, he made a statement saying that Justice and God had died under Terra Mariana's system and that he would be leaving the nation. Egga's town of Arensburg (the former long-time capital of the nation) as well as Ahvaland joined Finland on the same day.


Lapland and Finland have a complicated relationship, having experienced a long history of attempted secessions, colonization efforts, and soured relations. At first, Lapland was merely a name for the northern region of Finland, but as Finland began making colonization efforts in the North, Lapland began to grow in population and influence. As mentioned before, the original concept of a sovereign Lapish state came from Noveritsch, who intended to create a rival Finnish state in the north. Noveritsch's coup failed, however, and dreams of a sovereign Lapland were quickly dashed.

A few months later, Finnish resident Aghastblock established a town called Finnish_Inquis deep within Lapland. Other future notable Lapish towns include Kingsland, Pankikland, and Finnmark, which were established by _Cj__, Pancat_the_King, and PrimeCyber, respectively. As the North continued to grow, tensions began to arise between the Southern-based Finnish monarchy, headed by King Emerald_Tip, and the Northern-based Finnish Ministry, headed by Prime Minister Cj. On August 18th, 2021, the-now-former-Prime-Minister Cj and now-former-Minister-of-foreign-affairs Pancat_the_king declared independence from Finland, forming the nation of Suomi and taking the towns of Jyvlaska, Pankikland, and Kingsland with them. At the same time, Clergyman Aghastblock also declared independence from Finland, creating the new Republic of Lapland. This event is known as The Great Northern Secession.

Following the ruin of Kingsland and its reformation into the new Finnish_Inquis, Suomi would be absorbed by Lapland and operate as a semi-independent state. It is important to note that throughout this event Finnish King Emerald_tip declared his intent to retain friendly relations with the new states. Things remained relatively peaceful until December of 2021, when President Aghastblock declared war on Finland, citing finnish harassment of Lapish mayors, border encroachments, and the scamming of 150 gold at Aghastblock's expense. As of yet, this war has had no decisive outcome, and there have been no official battles on either side. Most of the conflict has been centered in Pankikland, where a claim dispute has arisen over the ruins of Posio between the new town of Ranua and Pankikland. Recently, several Lapish and Finnish leaders have expressed their desire to peacefully reuinite North and South, however no official diplomatic attempts have been made to achieve such a thing. At the moment, the two countries remain at war, with a strong mutual distaste between the two fueling the conflict.

It is ironic, sad even, that Finland's deadliest enemy ended up being itself. Perhaps it was always destined to be this way, ever since Noveritsch declared his intent to create a rival finish state within Lapland. The legacy of Finland will be decided by this conflict, and I supremely hope that the kinship of brothers prevails over man's boundless hatred. -Pancat_the_King

  1. Monuments
This is the Fallen Kingdom recreation in the former capital Jyväskylä, built by Chancellor Noveritsch. It was finished on March 3rd, the same day the Expansion Age began. Later on Noveritsch griefed the castle. The castle was renovated by Emerald_tip and officially reopened on the day of his coronation.
This is the SpaceX BFR, or SpaceX Big Fucking Rocket. It was built by Noveritsch, as he has a big interest in space and aeronautics. It was also griefed by him.


Current towns

Town Founded Mayor Population Area (in chunks)
Helsinki January 3 2020 Emerald_tip 25 270
Bergo Dr_Eggz 46
Karjalanlinna March 9 2021 Juuzoz_ 1 36
Kokkola January 24 2021 MarsLord27 3 12
Paskala March 11 2021 Arkistoija 4 3
слово_игрока February 19 2021 Zitrusgewaechs 1 5
Utsjoki September 29 2020 Swiffey_ 1 12
Vaasa January 28 2021 Nimnev 1 3
Nation January 1 2020 Emerald_Tip 83 1339

Former towns

Town Founded Mayor Population Area (in chunks)
Arensburg December 29 2018 Egga_ 1 286
Kingsland June 15, 2020 _Cj___ 0 0
Jyvlaska November 26, 2019 _Cj___ 1 204
Suur-Helsinki April 18, 2020 AzFreeze 1 188
Lahti April 25, 2019 MaxFI 9 211
Tammisaari April 29, 2019 Hillosokeri2 1 104
Pankikland March 7, 2021 Pancat_the_King 1 14
Ylikiiminki March 9, 2020 Rassezz259 1 41
Betrionia March 19 2020 toros555 1 6
Boogali February 15 2020 legend1349 1 2
Carlsberg October 17 2019 bunheadjones 2 12
Enköping December 8 2019 Iinux 1 58
Erakonranta November 30 2019 DeltaNutmeg 1 12
FNS Ilmarinen March 7 2020 Norsticaus 1 10
Fort Millford January 19 2020 JamesWolf84 1 3
Gayville December 20 2019 Triple_999 1 3
Gotska Sandön March 2 2020 Approxit 1 8
Helsinki January 17 2020 AmeleAthens 1 2
Impilahti February 11 2020 WERTALET 1 4
Inari October 1 2019 OnSqle 1 115
Kovdozero March 8 2020 matix2 1 38
Lion City September 24 2019 WestsDragon 4 215
Neustadt January 27 2020 lordcamz 1 2
New Venice March 15 2020 BeastHunter2003 1 11
OIVALAND June 17 2020 BeastHunter2003 1 2
Pori August 17 2020 0723Shark 1 2
Purnumukka March 5 2020 TheZGamer26 1 5
Rovaniemi March 2 2020 Quil_OwO 3 8
Sonkajärvi January 3 2020 Krisshort 1 3
Stockholm March 25 2020 cucklorddanny69 1 4
Storlandet Isl. October 9 2019 1ts_a_nAme 1 17
Sundsvall November 11 2019 Graylynn 1 32
Tallinn April 28 2019 eke223 29 218
Turku March 19 2019 0sku 2 61
Uppsala October 17 2019 Xnjin 3 78
Vaasa September 20 2019 FinnishPatriot 1 33
Varberg May 31 2020 TheRealBarbie97 1 3
Varkaus August 11 2020 Leoao7 2 7
Vehnätila August 26 2019 Krisshort 1 58
Winterhur December 13 2019 kmatija 5 108
Zilina March 14 2019 SeboBebo56 2 91

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