Speculation about candidates running in the January 2021 Nubia elections

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The government that was elected

The speculation about candidates running in the January 2021 Nubia elections was when Nubians and others expressed interest in who would run in the January elections, with several Nubians had expressed interest in running for Minister prior to the January 2021 elections, whilst others were the subject of large speculation about their candidacy.

Potential candidate list

Potential candidates

Expressed interest

Prior to the elections, individuals in this section have expressed an interest in running for a Minister position within the November and December months.

Other potential candidates

Prior to the elections, the following people have been subjects of speculation about their potential candidacy within the November and December months.

Declined to be candidates

The individuals in this section had been the subject of speculation about their possible candidacy, but had publicly denied interest in running.

  • All incumbent Minister prior to the elections.
    • gorkymoo1119, incumbent Minister of Municipal Development, former Prime Minister and Mayor of Mersa
    • Mengan_, incumbent Minister of Foreign Affairs and Mayor of Suna
    • Noahser, incumbent Minister of Cultural Affairs, former Minister of Defence and Mayor of Kiir
    • StarKiller1744, incumbent Minister of Defence before elections and Mayor of Turkana
    • Thee_Boss, incumbent Minister of Trade and Commerce, Mayor of Kassala