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Template:Nation California 2 California is a nation started by No_Jewtsu with the help of the towns from the Old Californian Confederacy. It is currently owned by EnglishFrog. California's capital is Los Angeles. California was founded on exactly 11/28/18 11:06pm PST.

California was the 45th nation ever made. California is also the 15th oldest nation in the server that is still standing, excluding all the older nations that have been disbanded.

This page is severely outdated. Since this wiki's last edit, California has been merged with Jefferson circa 2021, concluding California's history as an independent nation.

The History of California can be split into five parts:

  • Pre-California Era (11/11/2018 - 11/28/2018)
  • Old California Era (11/28/2018 - 2/3/2019)
  • New Californian Republic Era (2/3/2019 - 6/13/2019)
  • Cascadian California Era (6/13/2019 - 9/6/2019)
  • Modern California Era (9/6/2019 - 2/8/2021+)
    • Triumvirate (9/6/2019 - 1/19/2020)
      • Gawker's Reign (1/19/2020 - 10/11/2020)
        • EnglishFrog's Reign (10/11/2020+)


Pre-California Era (11/11/2018 - 11/27/2018)

The First Settlers

No_Jewtsu started playing on EMC on 10/26/2018. He spawned in Wisconsin and started making his way to Beijing, where he wanted to make his first nation and town (Beijing). He finally created the town on 10/27/2018. He was building his town while also gaining and losing a lot of town members at the same time, but he had one loyal town member, BadMineBoy17. He followed No_Jewtsu everywhere and helped him with everything. Beijing was not doing so well, and No_Jewtsu wasn't very confident with it. Because of this, No_Jewtsu decided to make Los Angeles, based on where he lives in real life. They start making their way over and they finally arrived. It was very difficult getting there since there was barely any nations to teleport to back then. Towns also only costed 32 gold, so they were going to make the town rather quickly. Los Angeles was officially created on 11/11/2018.

Old Californian Confederacy

Local towns were popping up in the Californian area, some competing on who can make California first. NigelFarage666, mayor of San Francisco and No_Jewtsu decided who could get 512 gold first to make the nation of Califoria. This event was called "The Great Race" and it lasted for a very short time (2 days) because San Francisco wanted to join California instead of making it. On 11/20/18, the Old Californian Confederacy was formed between Sacramento (Cmad88), San Francisco (NigelFarage666/FrankUnderwood22), and Los Angeles (No_Jewtsu). These three players were the founding fathers of California. The purpose of this confederacy was to make the creation of California faster and more efficient. Las Vegas (AmazingHotDogMan) joins the confederacy a day after it's created.

Government Structure of the Confederacy

The confederacy needed a government system in order to keep organized. The system was heavily debated between Cmad88 and No_Jewtsu because they both had opposite ideologies and political views. They decided to go with something common in other nations, democracy. The Californian government was broken up into 3 parts. The municipal governments, the Executive government, and the Congressional government. The municipal government was a group of the town mayors from each city state of the nation, and when an act is passed, they always get a say. They exist mainly to manage their own towns, yet they also help making decisions in the government. The executive government was made of the President and Vice President. President is voted differently every two weeks, and presidents choose their vice presidents. The executive government as a whole makes managing decisions for the entire nation. The Congressional government was a congress of representatives, one from each state, that are voted upon by each of the towns. The job of this congress is to create laws that protect the nation and represent the needs of the towns. Other additional laws: Municipal governors can hold executive positions, however they cannot hold congressional positions. If towns had a population of 1, or an inactive population, they did not participate in the federal government. This government was mainly managed through discord.

Los Angeles Robbery

The operation of creating California was going very smoothly. 414 gold was gained through donations from the confederacy and pure grinding. EMC's towny broke and the gold could not be deposited. No_Jewtsu was away at the minute, so he directed an order to his longtime companion, BadMineBoy17. His order was to keep the 414 gold in his inventory so it can not be stolen by random town members. Due to his incompetence, he invited a random town member to Los Angeles while also storing the gold in a chest. This random player stole all of the 414 gold in the chest on 11/25/2018 and with that he created the nation of Morocco. Sadly, No_Jewtsu did not know that a random player stole it, so the confederacy voted on the fate of BadMineBoy17. He was voted to be exiled from the California area completely, he was outlawed. BadMineBoy17 would never be seen again and would later settle in Scythia, Ryazan (disbanded town). Cmad88 was the first person that No_Jewtsu reached out to in the Californian area, other than BadMineBoy17. This would result in the new vice president of the theorized government being cmad88 of Sacramento, instead of BadMineBoy17.


While all the Californians were sad because of the loss of all their efforts, they did not give up. No_Jewtsu put in a lot of effort to recover from the robbery. Los Angeles builds "The Wall of Loss" to protect itself from thieves (note: No_Jewtsu had no idea how towny commands worked back in the day leading to multiple robberies and slow expansion). The gold was made even quicker this time and No_Jewtsu prepared Mac3030 to make the town of El Paso. The town of Lake Tahoe, owned by who is now known as SeedyCharacter, joined the confederacy a few hours before the nation was created.

Old California Era (11/28/2018 - 2/1/2019)

The Creation of California

After getting all gold required to make a nation and eventually making it in Los Angeles, the vice president, cmad88, and the president, No_Jewtsu, were on a hurry to organize how the government should work. The confederacy would then be disbanded for good as there was no use for it anymore. The theorized government would be inspired by the confederacy, with leaders and representatives for each town. The first things they came up with was a democracy with mercantilism. A day later No_Jewtsu thought it was too complicated and instead made the nation a representative democracy with capitalism. He reorganized the discord in a way that he can understand. Cmad88 agreed with the changes thankfully.

First Government Reformation of California

The brand new nation of California was still using the government structure of the Old Californian Confederacy. The citizens and the leaders of California felt that the government was too complicated. In order to fix this, No_Jewtsu and Cmad88 rearranged the democratic government into something more simple. California's political system transforemd into a representative democracy. No_Jewtsu would still be the president of California while Cmad88 would still be the vice president of California. The mayors were the individual leaders of their towns that are apart of California. Each town had a representative. Representatives were elected by the citizens of California to pass and make laws for California. California holds a presidential election every month. However, elections were not held every month and instead averaged around 20 days. This was because most of the presidents during this time resigned or became inactive. The democratic system of this age was disorganized and only lasted 74 days from the start of The Old Californian Confederacy with the last president being SeedyCharacter.

The Sacramento Conflict

A couple weeks after the foundation of the nation was created, a small rivalry between the towns of Phoenix and Sacramento began to brew. As a member of Phoenix and a member of Lake Tahoe (H20 and The Lone Sperm) ran against two members of Sacramento, (NickHillburn and Cmad88) in the first presidential election, the tension escalated. H20's campaign slogan was "Say no to Sacramento", and Cmad88 and his supporters in Sacramento believed this was a campaign against Sacramento itself. (Later it would become clear this was a campaign against cmad88, not Sacramento) Shortly after this, chancellor of Sacramento JPapper shared a message in a private Sacramento chat saying "If H20 wins the election Sacramento is leaving" He shared this with h20 and other government officials, who shared it publicly and exposed cmad88 as a traitor. There were mass calls for him to resign, and the resignation vote won 9-1. Cmad88 stepped down, Sacramento declared independence later that day (there was a small feud over a faulty representation system that played a part in this).

The Next President

No_Jewtsu passes his presidency to JPapper on December 4th, 2018. No_Jewtsu quits the server temporarily. H2Orangejuice is elected Vice President. No_Jewtsu wishes California good luck after he said goodbye to EMC for a short amount of time.

JPapper's Presidency and The Secession of Sedona

JPapper was elected president by No_Jewtsu after his resignment on December 4th, 2018. H2OrangeJuice promises he will not be like the previous Vice President, Cmad88. Constitution of California was founded December 5th, 2018. The constitution described the rights of the towns and citizens as well as describing both the military and leadership of California. A day later the town of Phoenix leaves California on 12/6/2018, with their Secession of Sedona document. This document was delivered to the citizens of the California Confederacy by pokemonpeople, a representative of the town of Sedona which was led by current Arizona king, AmericanTaco. The document lists the reasons for their secession and their new policy towards the citizens of California. The ex-Californian towns of Sedona and Phoenix later founded the nation of Arizona. The document refers to Cmad88 or EpicCmadGamer; a now banned player who was infamous on the west coast for his toxicity. With this document Arizona was the founded. JPapper lets Cmad88's town, Sacramento, join California again. California tries to make the town of Knowhere join California. California fails on trying to get Knowhere to join and proceeds caution due to Knowhere having good defences. JPapper changes government style on December 12th, 2018. Cmad88 gets perm banned from EMC, and Sacramento becomes inactive. JPapper resigns and passes presidency to Z1rbster. Inactivity between towns strike. Cascadia and Arizona expand much faster than California. On December 19th, 2018, BiscuitLee and SuperWilly from Willyburbia buy some eggs from California.

Z1rbster's Presidency

Z1rbster was passed presidency on December 25th, 2018. The_Lone_Sp3rm as vice president does most of the work as Z1rbster falls inactive. Lompoc Joins California January 7th, 2019. Nothing happens for 6 days. The_Lone_Sp3rm gains power of California hoping to restore it. Z1rbster was the most inactive president in Californian history.

The_Lone_Sp3rm's Presidency

The_Lone_Sp3rm takes his presidency on January 13th, 2019 after Z1rbster agrees losing his power and becoming vice president. No_Jewtsu joins California again to become an advisor for California. No_Jewtsu organizes a list on how to revive California, The_Lone_Sp3rm ignores it and follows his own plan. California and Germany show up to aid Scotland on 1/18/2019 for the British Civil War/ Scottish War for Independence. JPapper, a former president of California gets banned due to going past the 5 warning limit. Oceanside joins California. The town of San Diego is revived from inactivity after NigelFarage666 rejoins. Population slightly booms for California. No_Jewtsu tries to look for a new mayor for Los Angeles to replace him. The_Lone_Sp3rm attempts to invite new towns. Revivng California slowly turning into a reality. The New Age of California begins. The_Lone_Sp3rm holds and hosts the National Convention. On 1/22/2019, No_Jewtsu failed to give presidential powers to The_Lone_Sp3rm and it accidentally transferred to Polythemeus (lim_brick). On 1/24/2018, NigelFarage666 was already plotting to make another nation . No_Jewtsu and The_Lone_Sp3rm agreed to demand Polythemeus to give the power back, but after repeatedly trying to get the power back from Polythemeus for a week and a half, California fell. This short event would eventually hurt California for a long period of time.

Death of Old California (2/2/2019 - 6/12/2019)

Lompoc's Independence and The New Californian Republic is Formed

No_Jewtsu accidentally transfers king power to the mayor of Lompoc, Polythemeus (lim_brick), a few weeks back before the declared independence. Z1rbster becomes president and all things go well for a little while. Lompoc declares independence through false claims like: California's tax (never existed) and exploiting the proposals from the convention (none of them were violated. The document Lompoc proposed was used to show why they declared independence. Polythemeus refused to give up his accidental king role in EMC for a few weeks before this event happened. Arizona, Baja, and Old California were all outraged because of this event. The New Californian Republic was founded by Lompoc and the disbanded towns that were California joined Arizona, Baja or were left neutral.

Failure of Reunification and The Banning of No_Jewtsu

Z1rbster, the potential president before Lompoc declared their independence, announced that the leaders of Lompoc would hold a constitutional convention and re-invite all the towns that were kicked/left. No_Jewtsu double checks with iceslash28 and it is confirmed and guaranteed that the old towns are getting invited back. The_Lone_Sp3rm reaches out to Cascadia and joins them, canceling the convention. No_Jewtsu is banned on 2/5/2019.

San Diego's Independence and The Creation of the Pacific States

The day after Lompoc declared independence was when the Pacific States were founded (2/3/19). Pacific States was founded for the same reason why Lompoc declared independence, disagreement with the current power. Pacific States was founded by an old member of California, NigelFarage666.

 Death of Pacific States

On 2/15/2019 the southern Californian nation, Pacific States, was disbanded due to the leader, NigelFarage666 being banned for duping gold. This gives a slight advantage to Oceanside, a town of NCR, due to it not being claim blocked by Pacific States anymore. The mayor of Oceanside says he will start to become active again since the frustration between Pacific States is over.

End of The Old California Era

Due to the declaration of independence from Lompoc to form New California Republic, nothing really interesting happened during this period. Most of the things that happened in New California Republic is recorded as their history and not Old California's. No_Jewtsu is banned and can't do anything to save California. The old Los Angeles would eventually fall. This original nation goes idle for 4 months until everyone gets reunited again. During these 4 months, Lake Tahoe and New California Republic continue to argue and fight. The old towns of California either join Arizona or Cascadia. The mayor of Lake Tahoe becomes president of Cascadia July 1 - July 23, 2019 and gets reelected Aug 15 - Aug 17, 2019. This marked an end for the Old California era and would later be restored many months later.

New Californian Republic Era

The only thing keeping up the remnants of Old California was the newly founded nation of the New Californian Republic. However this nation would go right into inactivity for a couple of months.

Cascadian California and Reunification Era (6/13/2019 - 9/6/2019)

New Californian Republic Joins Cascadia

The New Californian Republic becomes an inactive nation throughout spring and into the early summer. Lake Tahoe continues to thrive under Cascadia's rule. Suddenly lim_brick (Polythemeus), who was the leader of NCR, reaches out to Lake Tahoe about reviving California. Lim_brick wants Lake Tahoe to join back California. Lake Tahoe accepts the offer under the conditions that The_Lone_Sp3rm, leader of Lake Tahoe, gets the king rank of California. The deal is settled.

Second Government Reformation of California

The_Lone_Sp3rm gets the king rank of NCR and renamed the nation back to California to soon after reform the government into a triumvirate. An oligarchy style government was the best pick after going back into Californian history where democracy failed every time. The triumvirs are The_Lone_Sp3rm, lim_brick and iceslash28. Lake Tahoe "leaves" Cascadia on 6/13/2019 so they can join California while California still remains under Cascadian power.

Californian Independence from Cascadia

California peacefully declares their independence from the Cascadians on 9/6/2019 without any intent to hate on them or to declare war. California compliments Cascadia for all they have done for them and how the declaration was not because they did something wrong. No wars occurred during this period of time. It was simply a friendly declaration. The_Lone_Sp3rm's speech (doc). This speech creates the motto for California, "Ursus Robur!"

New California Era (9/6/2019 - 1/18/2020)

Leadership of the Triumvirs

The nation is better than it was before with many thriving towns and excellent leadership. The new Triumvirate of California was made up of The_Lone_Sp3rm, lim_brick, and iceslash28. The Triumvirate is laying low and tries to keep peace between other nations and seeks any opportunity to invite a nearby town. California maintains their chill attitude throughout the West Coast. California joins the House of Uesegi (Asian defensive alliance) on 10/6/2019.The_Lone_Sp3rm introduces an event called CaliFriday exclusive to those only in the California Discord. It doesn't look like California is going to decline anytime soon. No_Jewtsu introduces the Californian Recruitment Discord on 11/18/2019 to give California a slight boost on activity. A new player enters California by the name of Uma_Delicia. He recommends the idea of founding a militia to protect and preserve abandoned buildings in California from griefers and enemies. Lim_brick implements this idea and makes an official voluntary militia for California on 11/20/2019.

Californian Anniversary

The nation succeeds at beings its best and conquering most of the United States West Coast. California went through rough changes like dealing with horrible and inactive leaders and becoming the New Californian Republic. The new government of California, led by triumvirs, puts California back on its feet. The nations makes the first page of /n list for the first time. California turns a year old on 11/28/2019 11:06pm PST.

Lompoc's Downfall

The town of Lompoc, last held by BedWyre, falls into ruins due to inactivity on 12/4/2019. Californians try to preserve it from griefers. Nick (owner of Stephenville, Nova Scotia) and Gawker (owner of Los Angeles, California) fend off the raiders by repeatedly killing them until the spawn was changed. SeedyCharacter changes the spawn of the nation and blocks it off to prevent raiders. The citizens of California are sad to see such a historical town go into ruins. California seeks for another claimant for Lompoc. A day later on 12/5/2019, a loyal Californian by the name of ThatTechDude343 reclaims the town of Lompoc. With this claim, the town of Lompoc is protected from griefers. The owner then switched to Mac3030, who is a former Californian who is known for their inactivity. It is not a good hand-off for Lompoc and it faces disbandment. After the town of Lompoc was revived, it was given to Mac3030. Mac3030 is was a former member of California and used to own El Paso when No_Jewtsu told him to make it. Of course Mac303 only claimed a few chunks and disappeared from EarthMC until suddenly reappearing from the shadows to reclaim Lompoc. This was a very poor decision from lim_brick and the town of Lompoc faces disbandment. It isn't looking too great for California. On top of that, other decently sized towns fall and other towns that are still barely standing lose members. There could be a possibility of California falling. However, SeedyCharacter plots something that might ruin or help out California. Only time will tell. Till this day, California still attempts to revive Lompoc.

Gawker's Reign (1/19/2020 - 10/11/2020)

Lake Tahoe's Independence and The Creation of Rough and Ready

SeedyCharacter (Seedy) plots an action to declare independence from California. In order to preserve No_Jewtsu's California, Seedy renamed California to Rough and Ready. After it was renamed, all the former towns of California were kicked. Shortly after, Seedy helped Gawker, the most active player from California, raise enough gold to recreate California. California was then recreated by Gawker. This would then be Gawker's California.

Reason of Secession

Seedy had grown tired of the other triumvirs' inactivity and their poor decisions. He sought to go out on his own again and start fresh. For this reason, he met with Gawker to create plans for a new era of California under Gawker's rule.


After Seedy kicked the towns from Rough and Ready, they were encouraged to rejoin Gawker's California. Of those kicked, only the active towns have joined back. Rough and Ready refused to be close allies with California for a short time.

Third Government Reformation of California

The inactive towns were filtered out and disbanded. This gave enough time for Gawker to reorganize the government and improve the status of California. On 1/29/2020, California joins the American Order (NATO). On 2/8/2020, the government reformed into a "council-manager government," but it's really just a Monarchy. The new government style fused with a Mexican-American theme, giving leaders different titles. The king will be known as El Jefe, and the two advisers/cabinet will be known as the Consejos. The Consejos advise every political action El Jeffe does. HueyFreeman and Ac7ion will be the first Consejos of California.

Rebirth of the Californian Confederacy

On 2/8/2020, the same day the government was reformed, Ac7ion, Mayor of San Francisco, split off from California to make North California. North California gets made into a district of California, while also pulling the attention of Rough and Ready. While having the attention of Rough and Ready, all three of the nations reform the Old Californian Confederacy into the New Californian Confederacy. The Confederacy leader would become SeedyCharacter, leader of Rough and Ready. The last time the confederacy was active was on 11/27/2018. Shortly after the town of Penis Lake City is founded and joins California. HueyFreeman substitutes for Gawker's position as El Jefe for a short amount of time. It is made clear that the town of Fresno will be claiming the rest of Lompoc after falling 2 times in a row. However, Fresno renames itself to Lompoc. Redwood City joins California on 2/12/2020. New Vegas becomes a town of California on 2/15/2020. Several days in from creation the confederacy is still not setup yet. Neither government or government structure are setup. It will be a while till the confederacy knows what they're doing. The confederacy idea was later scrapped and just noticed themselves as an empire instead of creating a separate group.


Several small towns rise up in California thanks to HueyFreeman1. Los Angeles also hops back on to the first page of the town list leader boards. The first town ever, that is not San Francisco, joins North California on 2/24/2020. Western City, Parker and Tuscon join California on the same day. Monterey finally gets out of inactivity and rejoins California on 2/25/2020. Even though a lot of small towns were created through generous donations from HueyFreeman1, a lot of them will be filtered out by inactivity. No_Jewtsu invites a historical figure who had a major impact on the creation of California, BadMineBoy17, back to the discord on 2/27/2020. He now figures out and plans his future on EMC.

Creation of The Sunset Confederacy

Salish and Lakeview (as an independent town) declared their independence from Cascadia because of their unstable government. This eventually triggered attacks from BonZZil and other members from or allied with Rio Grande. Haida was also against Washington and eventually sided with Salish. While Lakeview does the same, they do not formally ally with Salish. On 2/29/2020, the Californian government attempts to lead a negotiation with the Rio Grande alliance in an attempt to re-establish a formal border agreement, but were ultimately rejected. With the creation of the Washington town Tecate, located inside of California's border, they saw a reason to support the coalition against Washington as the creation of Tecate was a violation of sovereignty. On 3/1/2020 NATO, which was an alliance that California was apart of, voted 3-1 on declaring war of Rio Grande, which meant that California officially entered the war. California, which contained North California and was linked with Rough and Ready, joined the coalition against Washington with Jefferson (Lakeview), Salish and Haida. On 3/2/2020, they all formed an alliance called The Sunset Confederacy. A day after "The Battle of Los Angeles" takes place.

War with Rio Grande

Visit main article: Cascadian Civil War

Summary: The Sunset Confederacy started with a clear goal of supporting Salish's conflict against Washington with and they had NATO's support. Many Battles happened in California, starting with Los Angeles and then into a majority of North California. Battles proceeded to continue up north into Salish and Washington territory. These major battles would be known as the "Battle of Los Angeles" and "The Battle of North California" which both happened on 3/3/2020. These were the last major battles, but a few assassinations did take place over the war. After these battles it was up to the leaders of both alliances to handle this diplomatically. Glacier Bay, a nation created by one of No_Jewtsu's alts, GeorgeMichaeI joins the confederacy on 3/7/2020. NATO eventually leaves the war and gets demolished on the same day making it non-existent. Rio Grande demanded the Sunset Confederacy to pay a fee for the war to end. The war would eventually go on to a stalemate and both alliances would eventually put the war behind them. California leaves the American Union and the war to repair their relationship with Rio Grande. Sunset Confederacy and the American Union continue to push the war against Rio Grande. BonZZil then announces that every kill on a Sunset Confederacy citizen (excluding North California and California) gets rewarded with potions. It isn't clear when the war ended and it's not clear if it even did end. However, the continuation of hostility towards Jefferson and Salish would be one of the reasons that California would not want to be part of the Sunset Confederacy anymore.

Post-War & Renewed Expansion

Following California's peaceful exit from the war with Rio Grande, the nation sets an example for the rest of the Sunset Confederacy. Additionally, diplomatic relations with Rio resume as well as national expansion. Over the course of the war, numerous active Californians such as HueyFreeman1 had left the nation or the server entirely. However, in April 2020, progress starts up again with the establishment of many settlements that are new or are upon the ruins of older ones. Lompoc collapses once more and a citizen of Jefferson is brought in to restart the town and claim it in its entirety. California also begins growth in northern Baja California, the Sierra Nevada, and east of the Colorado River. It is also during this time that California departs from the mega-nation known as America (formerly called the [North] American Union) due to conflict of interest. After intending to enlarge the Californian expanse due to the vice-grips of Rio and Cascadia to the south and north, respectively, Gawker initiates the process of colonial expansion for the first time in California's history. Talks had previously taken place between the nation's leadership and Wabanaki to acquire Comanche, geographically located in Mexico City, during the war with Rio Grande. At the time, this was seen as a way to make headway over Rio by gaining territory close to the core of their empire. Due to the treaty between Rio and California, however, this was a move that was no longer necessary. Comanche is then re-sold by Gawker to Rio Grande for 1,000 gold.

Colonial California

The sale of Comanche did not dampen the spirit of Californian expansion. Discussions were in place to acquire Inca, a nation owned by Prlckly which had also been in the American Union and was also once in direct conflict with Rio Grande. This acquisition is made official on May 8, 2020, which grants Inca automatic admission to the Sunset Confederacy. With an empire now spanning 2 continents, the reinvigorated California's priorities were firmly in place. Several days later, Nicaragua joins California with _MIMO_ at its helm. The nation's economy is also at its most robust state because of the Comanche sale and a handful of businesses cropping up in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Gawker also decides to hold the first state-sanctioned election under his rule, due to popular demand. The vote for the positions of Consejo and Gobernador is to take place on May 24, 2020, and members of all Californian states are eligible to run for office. With this announcement, the new ranking of Provinciano is announced, which is chaired by all province leaders. On May 24th, the new Gobernadors and Consejos are picked and the Provincianos are ranked. LargeAlbert, mayor of Malibu, looks for a replacement owner for his retirement off of EMC. On 6/1/2020, the nation Oregon is founded with its capital being Eureka. Oregon joins California as a province as promised. Gawker casts a nation vote on if they should join Lacusmagnia vs. Sibir War (on Lacusmagnia’s side) and the vote passes 10-1 meaning that they would join the war. The purpose of this vote was to improve the combat skills of Californians after the humiliating surrender of the Cascadian Civil War. Around this time Nicaragua switches owners and leaves California as a province.

Leaving Sunset Confederacy

On 6/13/2020, Gawker announces that California will leave the Sunset Confederacy. Gawker states the reasons on why California is leaving and it is due to the fact that California has "outgrown Sunset Confederacy." Gawker also provided another reason to leave the confederacy because numerous member nations have refused to admin Californinian provinces because of fear that California will "control the vote." Gawkers also states there is many flaws on how the confederacy works and he did attempt to rectify it to no avail. His last statement was that Sunset Confederacy was stuck in its old ways and cannot acknowledge the fact that California is as big as it is. However, right after leaving, Gawker announces that California has joined a new alliance called The Syndicate. This alliance is active and growing and so far includes Rio Grande, Germany, and Cuba. A few hours later and California introduces their new town, Catalina. On 6/15/2020 a new colony of Inca is made named Grosso. It is lead by StIngRay and the capital is Colombus.

Age of The Syndicate

On 6/17/2020, Oregon would eventually leave California to join Cascadia once again. In the eyes of California, this was seen as an act of spying and the somewhat good relations between Cascadia would slightly decrease. However, a new colony joins on the same day. Brazil becomes a protectorate of California. A few of towns join California in the span of 10 days, but most importantly, Gawker has been on EMC for exactly a year on 6/21/2020. Lompoc officially fell for the 4th time on 6/25/2020; Gawker stated there will be no more attempts at reviving it and it will be settled onto naturally by some random or will be claimed by Malibu. Sadly, Ac7ion announced he will become more inactive then usual, so he passes North California to EnglishFrog, one of the consejos of California, on 6/26/2020.

Fourth Government Reformation of California And the Ban of Gawker

In mi-August 2020, Gawker reformed the government, destroying the roles of Conesjo and Gobernador and replacing them with El Vicejefe and the Cabinet. Later in August 2020, Gawker was banned for spreading a dox of the server mod DCdylanC. He said that EnglishFrog would serve in his absence as El Jefe until he could return. As of September 2020, Gawker is still not returning and Englishfrog is de facto El Jefe of California, although de jure Gawker is still El Jefe.

EnglishFrog's Reign (10/11/2020+)

Decline of California

Following the ban of Gawker EnglishFrog was left with lots to finish and deal with. On October 15, 2020 Gawkers player data gets deleted and the nation is then transferred to EnglishFrog. EnglishFrog had to over see a steady leaving of Californians from EMC because of the servers lacking quality. San Fransisco is sold to Mednis for 4,250 Gold on October 20th. A dispute between EnglishFrog and Gaming35 over gold lead to EnglishFrog giving 900 Gold to Gaming35. Gaming35 then created the nation of South California and rejoin California. Though EnglishFrogs intention was to not have a nation made. One of the former provinces Caspian Sea rejoined California on October 30. Around this time the nation of California goes below 140 Claim bonus for the first time in months. The Trimortom war on the East Coast breaks out and California stays neutral for the beginning of it. After much talk with California's best ally Jefferson which resently joined the usa, California joins the usa side of the war. California gains little from the war.


After the war California once again has a town break off and form its own nation. California turns 2 Years old on 11/28/20 11:06pm PST. The nation of Naco is created then shortly later saying they will join California as a province then changes there mine and joined GCA. Aftermath of the USA Vs Trimotorm war lead to the creation of the NA Pact. The NA Pact is a large North American defensive alliance, meant for peace on the north American continent. As California still inactive looks for some bigger nation to join. There is a vote to join the USA , join Cascadia or Stay independent. Then after Cascadia wins the first vote a second it held to join Cascadia and fails.


San Francisco is sold again to GreedEagle for 2100 Gold. After the drama with the NA Pact and the USA ,Jefferson leaves the USA. Jefferson and Cailfornia who have been strong allies form the Redwood Republic. The Redwood Republic is a meganation of Jefferson and California made up of a council from each nation. Californias population goes above 100 for the first time in a couple months. The nation of South California after being in California made a deal to EnglishFrog to pay 2000 Gold or they will leave California. There was lots of discussion but the amount of gold ended up being 800 Gold. California still not willing to pay, South California leaves Calfiornia on 1/23/21. A few days later the Redwood Republic declares war on them and they seem not willing to rejoin unless they get the 800 Gold. After Prlckly being inacitve for the last month. Prlckly is removed from the postion of El ViceJefe and is left vacant. In under a month San Fransisco gets 100 residents. California also at certain times is the nation with the most people online in the server. California also climbs near the top of n list 2. The future of Calfiornia at the current time looks brighter then it did a few short months ago.

Leaders of California

Leader Name(s) Role(s) Dates Days Ruled

- Cmad88


- Vice President

11/20/2018 - 12/5/2018 15

- H2OrangeJuice


- Vice President

12/5/2018 - 12/25/2018 21

- SeedyCharacter

- No_Jewtsu


- Vice President

- Advisor

12/25/2018 - 1/13/2019 19

- Z1rbster

- No_Jewtsu


- Vice President

- Advisor

1/13/2019 - 2/2/2019 20
lim_brick (New Californian Republic) King 2/2/2019 - 6/13/2019 132
SeedyCharacter | lim_brick | iceslash Triumvirs 6/13/2019 - 1/19/2020 220

- EnglishFrog

El Jefe

- El ViceJefe

1/19/2020 - 10/11/20 266


El Jefe

- El ViceJefe

10/12/20 -

Government Structure

Basic Californian Ranks

Ranks that play a part in California. They are able to participate in anything exclusively California related. Most of them manage different sections of California in order to ensure its growth and stability.

El Jefe - Literally translating to "The Boss" in Spanish, El Jefe is the constitutional monarch that reigns over the Californian land. El Jefe manages everything in California and leaves it up to the Cabinet, Mayoral Council and Provincial Premiers to advise him/her and manage the smaller sections of California. El Jefe also manages many diplomatic decisions, such as getting a hold of new colonies and being apart of important alliances.

El Vicejefe - El Vicejefe is the second-in-command of California. He can advise El Jefe and have much of the same powers, although not all of them. He also has all of the same powers as El Jefe of the current El Jefe is inactive or simply not online at the time.

Cabinet Member - Members of the California Cabinet. The California Cabinet currently has five positions (Secretary of Defense , Secretary of Economy, Secretary of Internal affairs, Secretary of Development, and Secretary of Foreign Affairs ) that advise El Jefe on their particular jobs, similar to the real life cabinet of the United States, albeit with less members. They can be elevated to El Vicejefe If the previous one resigns or is elevated to El Jefe.

Provincial Premier - Province leaders. They own the many provinces (other than California proper, that is owned by El Jefe) that constitute California, such as Inca, Caspian Sea, etc. Like Mayors, they can run for any position other than El Jefe or El Vicejefe.

Mayor - Standard mayors of California. These people hold towns that contribute to the growth of California. They can run for any position, but El Jefe or El Vicejefe. Together they make up the Mayoral Council, which is the legislative body of California and, along with the cabinet, advises El Jefe.

Californian - Standard Californian citizen. This rank includes everyone from all provinces. They can opt to make their own town for California.

Californian Confederacy

The Californian Confederacy isn't really used anymore and eventually transformed into The Sunset Confederacy, containing most of the nations on the west coast. However, it was used as an alliance between Jefferson, Rough and Ready and all of California before the Cascadian Civil War started involving Californians.


Direct Provinces

North California

The first province of California. Founded on February 8th, 2020. It is led by GreedEagle.

Its capital is San Francisco.


The second province of California, and a mega-nation in its own right. acquired on May 9, 2020 but founded in 2018. It is led by prlckly.

Its capital is Melun.


This is one of the provinces of California, established after the fall of the old and more renowned Deseret. It Is led by Tomtomtom_2001.

Its capital is Gold Hill.

Caspian Sea

This is a province of California owned by a former Californian resident. It is the most outer territory of California. It is led by Nip_Dip.

Its capital is Kameiros.


This is a province of California. It is owned by the player Oswo.

Its capital is Bunge.

Indirect Provinces


This is an indirect province under the nation of Inca. It's lead by ilike269.

Its capital is Apia.

Mexican Republic

This is an indirect province under the nation of Inca. It sits under the nation of California. It is lead by InYourSoul.

Its capital is Badiraguato.

Over Seas Holding


This is an over seas holding of California lead by Triangle_Square_.

Its capital is Beccc.