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Poland (Patras) - polish town located on Peloponnese Peninsula and Crete



27.10.2017, before creation of Patras

Patras was created on October 28th, 2017 by Mlecz and his friends - kacp222 and Panciast. It belonged to Spain.

Change of name

On November 3rd, 2017 its name was changed to 'Poland' cause only polish players lived there.

European Union

About one week later Poland joined European Union and suported Oliveer for the chancellor.

The October War

14.11.2017, Battle of Patras

On November 14th, 2017 town was attacked by Soviet Union. It was the last battle that took place during The October War.

Soviets said that Poland (town) is 'ugly' as their casus belli. Polish citizenes were equipped in leather and iron armor. Although Poles were constantly dying, they didn't want to surrender and despite not having a good armor, they were still trying to fight the enemy. Two Canadians (WextraMC and XKillerBuilderX) arrived to help Poland in fights and succeed. Battle took place around 18:10-19:10 CET, casualties are unknown.

14.11.2017, on emc discord

Polish soldiers and allies:

There were more Poles fighting but here are only confirmed ones.

Soviet soldiers and allies:

Minor events

On November 15th, 2017 a defensive-observation tower was built by kamack38.

On November 16th, 2017 whole island was aligned with the sea level and old buildings were destroyed in order to rebuild them better. Nodsch asked Mlecz for help, but in reality tp-killed him and Mlecz lost his prot4 diamond armor with tools.

On November 18th, 2017 Mlecz, Skib_ and other EU members burned soviet flag in Petersburg.

19.11.2017, Patras
19.11.2017, Madagascar

On November 19th, 2017 XAnorakX appeared and killed 2 polish players: batmanololo and panciast. He also planted few oak trees on the north part of the island. Few polish citizens (Mlecz, batmanololo, kacp222 and kamack38) went on the journey to Madagascar. They found sheeps and took them to the polish town. First of two Mlecz's skyscrapers was built.

20.11.2017, polish army fighting in Catalonia

On November 20th, 2017 Periano threatened Mlecz that if he won't join Soviet Union, they will attack Poland. Mlecz, batmanololo and kamack38 helped EU during battle in Catalonia against GUI66.

22.11.2017, Patras

On November 22nd, 2017 jail was built and town discord created.

On November 23rd, 2017 Skib_ tp-trapped batmanololo for no reason.

On November 24th, 2017 contruction of wall around the town has begun. Referendum about leaving EU was held.

Outpost in Poland

outpost in Poland

Mlecz had an idea to create an outpost in Poland and move their t spawn there so Patras would become the polish outpost in Greece.

On November 26th, 2017 an outpost in northern Poland was created. But Poles had to remove it few weeks later due to the conflict with Germany. Germany paid 90g to Poland for removing it. Its size was 12 chunks.

Skib_ and Frankunderwod2

grieffed kamack38's house, 02.12.2017

On November 29th, 2017 Frankunderwod2 attacked Poland, cause Skib_ and kamack38 grieffed his temple in Israel.


On December 2nd, 2017 Skib_ grieffed and robbed Poland with help of Frankunderwod2 who was placing lava on Poles. Skib_ destroyed cobble generator and kamack38's house, robbed kacp222 and batmanololo items. Later that day kamack38 was summoned to court and a trial was held.

Leaving the EU and switching nations.

On December 2nd, 2017 EU members (including runnerboy72000, Pulpo_Pol and Mlecz) met and Poland decided to leave EU.

On December 3rd, 2017 Poland joined Spain.

On December 29th, 2017 (or before) Poland joined Germany.

Switching to an old name

On January 2018, after removing an outpost in Poland, Mlecz decided to change town name back to Patras.


Polish claims on Crete

On February 2018, Patras managed to claim whole Crete island after an old town that was there fell into ruin. There was a one chunk Oliveer's embassy on the island. An undergound tunnel between two islands was built later.


Probably on July 2018, town of Patras has fell into ruin and buildings were grieffed by other players. Town has been reestablished later and joined Germany but only Mlecz was playing and living there.


List of all players that lived in the town
Nick Joined EMC Joined town
Mlecz (Jaruszek / MlecznySernik) 27.10.2017 28.10.2017
kacp222 27.10.2017 28.10.2017
Panciast 27.10.2017 28.10.2017
Ravi8888 01.11.2017 03.11.2017
patryk425 03.11.2017 03.11.2017
Tymick 03.11.2017 03.11.2017
SepticPL 04.11.2017 or earlier 04.11.2017 or earlier
kamack38 05.11.2017 or earlier 05.11.2017
Digziee 05.11.2017 05.11.2017
EnderwiderYT 06.11.2017 06.11.2017
batmanololo (TypowyPLBatman) 13.11.2017 13.11.2017
Skib_ 14.11.2017 or earlier 14.11.2017 or earlier
StarWarsLuck2 14.11.2017 or earlier 14.11.2017 or earlier
Dominik 19.11.2017 or earlier 19.11.2017 or earlier
Tymkowsky 23.11.2017 23.11.2017
Bartolando 23.11.2017 23.11.2017
Bano2014 01.01.2018 or earlier 01.01.2018 or earlier
gato3 01.01.2018 or earlier 01.01.2018 or earlier
xHyper20 ??? ???


Before Poles arrived on the island, there was a small road, one house and a 'Sparta Hole' to the bedrock.

Whole island was aligned with the sea level and all old buildings have been destroyed. New buildings weren't much better.

Old buildings that have been destroyed:

16.11.2017, Patras
  • shop and afk farm
  • old spawn
  • chicken farm
  • nether portal
  • old houses, including an ancient house that was there before Poles arrived
16.11.2017, Patras

Old buildings that haven't been destroyed:

  • public storage
  • defensive-observation tower (kamack38)
  • 'Sparta hole'

New buildings:

  • Patras, 31.10.2018
    Poland Tower (kacp222)
  • two Mlecz's skyscrapers
  • new houses
  • sheep farm
  • jail
  • xp farm
  • new spawn
  • police station
  • wall around the town
  • big cobble-magma cross near spawn
  • underground tunnel between Patras and Crete
  • barn
  • harbor
  • monument of Józef Piłsudski
  • fountain

Polish diaspora

List of polish players that lived outside Patras:

  • al803 - first confirmed polish player to ever join EMC (September 28th, 2017). He lived on the spanish island Palau that belonged to Madrid.
  • Tymek_T (TimmyJumbo) - polish player that lived in South America, he had an outpost shop located near Patras. He joined EMC in October/November 2017.
  • Czerwonek15 - he wanted to join Patras in the beginning of 2018 but didn't want to wait for Mlecz to invite him so decided to make his own town called Polyon in United Empire.
  • dymoslaw - he joined EMC in the middle of 2018 and lived in South America with Tymek_T.

Fun facts

  • It was one of the most active towns on the server in that time
  • Only polish players lived there
  • Everyone had Trusted rank cause no one knew how plots worked back then
  • Mining undergound town was prohibited, but there was a lot of old tunnels and some of them even led to Africa
  • Mayor was Mlecz, chancellor kacp222 and sheriff Panciast (there was a working police station in the town), another police member was Bartolando
  • There was a local shop on the east of the town, built by Tymek_T - another pole who lived in South America.
  • Poland had few horses, they all have been named after famous polish explorers