The Era of Rebirth (Classic)

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This era started on May 30th, 2018. It is defined by a change in values and ideas very distinct from the post-October War values and ideas. Communism made a comeback and becoming more popular with MLGTerra and Seaterrica returning, Globalist empires began to pop up again after a hiatus in the post-PI eras, surprisingly enough. Japan continues growing. And continual war and toxicity drive many from the server.



  • (June 3rd) The nation of Italy collapses
  • (June 4th) Japan attacks Jing starting the Sino-Japanese War
  • (June 4th) Lisbon (owned by Abkhazia) Forcefully Unclaimed by Fix and Karl
    • (June 4th) CCCP tears down Lisbon under 74beetles instruction


  • (July 1st) The Blockbuster Insider starts to cut back harshly on media broadcasts after Sharkfynn1012 becomes Hoyenah and is unable to make time. Competition aside from the Munich Times starts to appear due to TBI slacking off, enter the BBC.
  • After the creation of the BBC the July Newspaper Boom begins.
  • (July 14th) KadeTheDank enters discussions with Monafrance about reunification, leading to France collapsing and joining Monafrance on Bastille Day fittingly.
  • (July 16th) Runnerboy72000 becomes the kaiser of Russia
  • (July 19th) EzNews Opens its doors as a newspaper.
  • (July 21st) The Newspaper Boom is in full swing.
  • (July 21st) Staff remove the ability to tp to allied towns, prompting a large change in the in-game Economics of the server.
  • (July 24th) Nikolai_II Returns to Russia, announcing the soon to be Town of Dnipro on the Dnieper.
  • (July 27th) Dnipro attacks the Town of Petrograd, but retreats.
  • (July 27th) Tensions flare in Ukraine as heat1804 Settles the town of Ukraine near Dnipro. Magenent kills Nikolai.
  • (July 28th) Australia splits in two (West Australia & East Australia) with the signing of the "Karratha-Brisbane Border Agreement".
  • (July 31st) The British civil war begins, with The_Pock starting a rebellion.


  • (August 1st) BlankHigh5Bro, Heat1804, and Sorrybean attack Dnipro. Nikolai dies once. LordMMT Threatens to join in on the side of Heat1804 but doesn't.
  • (August 2nd) xAdvil spams the chat with racial slurs.
  • (August 2nd) Volgograd starts to make realistic buildings.
  • (August 2nd) The Terra Nova Update is announced.
  • (August 2nd) The Nation of Ukraine is created.
  • (August 3rd) Pock's Britain is victorious with the disbanding of JohnsonAvenue's UnitedKingdom.
  • (August 4th) DDime disbands Kingsgate (Michigan)
  • (August 5th) Nikolai_II is crowned Tsar of Russia, before Russia decends into chaos again.