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Flag of Alberta.png
Coat of Arms
National Information
Full Name Dominion of Alberta
Towny Name Alberta
/n list 22
Formed July 13, 2021
National Anthem
Motto Fortis et Liber (Official) // God Bless Alberta (Unofficial)
Population 7
Chunks 1,021
Towns 6
Capital City Edmonton
Largest City Medicine Hat
Oldest City Edmonton
Region Western Canada
Language(s) English
Religion(s) Christianity
Discord Discord of Alberta
Government Information
Political System Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy (de jure),
Unitary authoritarian constitutional republic

(de facto)

Governor-General Fortis_Ipsum
Prime Minister WeirdGamerAidan
Executive Cabinet
Legislature Legislative Assembly<ref>The Legislative Assembly on 24 February 2022 voluntarily gave up all governmental power to the Cabinet and abolished all elections, establishing the current Dictatorship.</ref>
Constitution Constitution of Alberta
Economic System Capitalism
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information
Independence from Salish Confederation
• Strathcona Settled April 16, 2020
• Provincehood August 21, 2020
• Independence July 13, 2021

Alberta is a nation in Western Canada. It was founded on 21 August 2020 by xGoat in the city of Edmonton. From 21 August 2020 to 17 July 2021 it was a province of the Salish Confederation. The Prime Minister (formerly known as Premier) is WeirdGamerAidan. The Governor General, the ceremonial head of state, has been Fortis_Ipsum for the entirety of Alberta's existence.


On April 16, 2020, xGoat recreated the City of Strathcona on the ruins of the Cascadian town of the same name. The city was renamed to Edmonton shortly afterward, although the name lives on in the inner-city neighbourhood of Old Strathcona. Quickly, xGoat brought Edmonton into the Salish Confederation. The early days of Alberta were punctuated by attacks, predominantly led by BonZZil of Washington.

xGoat rose to power in the Salish Confederation in June 2020 and was elected Chancellor. He presided over a tumultuous term, facing several foreign relations challenges. xGoat elected not to seek reelection, and focused on Edmonton instead; the city's population doubled in the following month. Fellow Albertan Jester_BBX won the Chancellory instead. It was around this time that the Alberta Independence Movement emerged, spearheaded by xGoat and Fortis_Ipsum. On August 21, 2020, they successfully amassed the gold necessary to form Alberta as a canton of the Salish Confederation.

Albertans continued to hold positions of power in the Salish Confederation; Jester_BBX would win three elections as an Albertan. The Alberta Armed Forces also contributed meaningfully in conflicts such as the Salish-California War, and launched several successful guerilla attacks on Cascadian forces.

On April 26th, 2021, Albertan forces were centrally involved in one of the worst acts of war to ever strike Western Canada. A joint Albertan-Salish Confederation force led by xGoat and xK1 lavacasted the Cascadian city of Grande Prairie. The city had been founded within Albertan borders, and negotiations with representatives from municipal and federal governments had proved unproductive. The town was lavacast in a resounding military victory for the Alberta Armed Forces. Cascadian reaction was heavily negative, and for a while it appeared that the two nations would enter a state of open conflict; however, cooler minds prevailed, and Grande Prairie later joined Alberta. [More Information]

Alberta separated from the Salish Confederation on July 13, 2021, over deep disagreements between provincial representatives and the administration of SayerQT on foreign policy with regard to handling of conflicts with Québec over Acadia's accession to the Confederation. Despite an initially acrimonious break-up, Alberta has largely remained on cordial terms with the Salish Confederation and their successor, the Evergreen Republic.

Post-independence, the nation has largely followed an insular, neutral foreign policy, declining to involve itself in conflicts, mega-nations, or alliances. Most efforts have been dedicated towards internal projects such as iceroads, infrastructure, and landmark buildings, although the nation has undergone a recent period of inactivity.

On February 24, 2022, the Legislative Assembly of Alberta voted to transfer governmental power to the Alberta Cabinet, formed of five high-ranking government officials, establishing a temporary authoritarian government and breaking an impressive one-and-a-half-year-long run of elections. The intention is to return to a democratic form of government once the population grows to a size at which elections and democratic activity can be conducted meaningfully.


Name Mayor Pop.
Edmonton xGoat_ 1
Medicine Hat RAWRyoutube 2
Sherwood Park Fortis_Ipsum 1
Grande Prairie 32Oreo 1
Calgary Canadian_Wolf1 1
Drumheller WeirdGamerAidan 1
Last Updated February 25, 2022 by xGoat.


Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta. Founded on the ruins of Strathcona (Cascadia) on April 16, 2020 by xGoat, the city is the oldest city in the nation. Known as the Gateway to the North, the city is a central transportation hub in Western Canada. Edmonton is also a financial, governmental, and service center, home to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, Stantec Tower (the tallest building in Western Canada) and West Edmonton Mall. The city boasts a well-developed network of parks.

Grande Prairie

Grande Prairie is a major agricultural hub, located immediately west of Edmonton. The rural hinterlands of the city boast a well-developed and well-maintained road network. The city is also home to Grande Prairie Regional College, a major educational institution. Grande Prairie joined Alberta in the aftermath of the Grande Prairie Incident, in which Albertan military forces lavacasted the town in a border dispute with Cascadia.

Medicine Hat

Medicine Hat is the northernmost city in Alberta, and the largest city by both population and land area. The city has grown to become a major economic powerhouse, with a strong presence in the agricultural, ranching, and retail sectors. Located in Medicine Hat Downtown, RawrMart HQ is the largest building by square footage in Alberta.

Sherwood Park

Sherwood Park is a bedroom community of Edmonton, located east of Highway 216 (Anthony Henday Drive). .