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March 28, 2022
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Galicia (March 15, 2022)
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Coat of Arms
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Until March 14, 2022
National Information
Full Name Kingdom of Galicia
Towny Name
/n list
National Anthem File:Galicia Anthem.ogg
Motto "Chwała Galicji!"
Population 5
Chunks 74
Capital City Dabrowa
Largest City Dabrowa
Oldest City Dabrowa
Government Information
Political System Absolute monarchy
Economic System
Army Size
Part of Polish Kingdom
Lechian Empire
International Defense Coalition
Historical Information

Kingdom of Galicia, Galicia (Polish: Królestwo Galicji), formerly West Galicia and East Galicia was a nation located in Poland, Central Europe, with the last capital being Dabrowa. It was created on 21st of September 2020 by 3meraldK in Koszyce, and disbanded by Roots_ on March 23, 2022. Galicia was a member of Lechian Empire and International Defense Coalition. It bordered Poland and German Confederation.


Prologue (April 2020 - June 2020)

Month after Germany declared war on Poland (April 24, 2020), the Polish important noble and diplomat by name of 3meraldK issued a request to POGKPP in which he would abdicate in favor of 3meraldK, after his long, inactive reign of one year. The king was constantly refusing and ignoring wise appeals to end the stagnation of the country. It resulted in a growing unrest and hatred towards the ruler of Poland by Koszyce's mayor. Despite being selected the first Marshal of Poland, he would continue insulting and disturbing the leader, which was later punished with his several demotions (it was in June 2020).

Plans to create the nation were born in June 2020 with the very first concept of the free Polish nation called Carpathian Kingdom (Polish: Królestwo Karpackie) with the five-stripped white-orange flag with an orange isosceles triangle based on the hoist side; it would also claim lands stretching from Koszyce to south border of Grunwald, and from east border of Oppeln to Rzeszow. The idea was however the imagination of the future rebellious state which was drastically changed some time later.

Planning the rebel state (June 2020 - August 2020)

In the very beginning of June 2020, 3meraldK contacted Wolk__, mayor of Kraków which was also unloyal towards the king. They became friends in a few weeks and planned the creation of a new nation. First plans expected the Carpathian Kingdom to be proclaimed but plans changed and it was East Galicia with Krakow as capital. Rebellion planned to be independent but the threat from the south, which was Austria, would simply redeclare war on rebels in order to expand over Galicia. After discussing many matters of the functioning of the future nation, they created a Discord communications server and initiated their diplomacy with Austria.

Negotiations with Austria (August 2020)

Talks with the Austrian Empire began in August 2020, as 3meraldK messaged Austrian royalties, Erwinning and Magredon. In assistance of Wolk__, they chatted together about the diplomatic situation of the new kingdom. The agreements of Košice and the declaration of independence were released on August 6, 2020 in the Galician and Austrian discords. The Constitution of East Galicia was published the next day (August 7, 2020). The constitutional diarchy was established, with Wolk__ being a representative character and 3meraldK functioning the most leading role in the vassal state.

Founding the kingdom (September 2020)

In evening of September 21, 2020, three mayors from core cities (Rzeszow, Koszyce and Krakow gathered in Vienna, took a few screenshots in the centre of the city. The gold was given to 3meraldK there, and with a total balance of 1024 gold ingots, 3meraldK had to teleport away to his city, to deposit the money. After depositing the needed sum of the currency, The Kingdom of East Galicia was formally created on September 21, 2020 in Koszyce. Later on, the rest of the cities joined, and the national anthem ("Rota") was played.

Development (September 2020 - March 2021)

The kingdom was constantly growing under the Austrian banner. Nation developed thriving relationships with Europa Pact members, Austria, Greater Roman Empire and Spain. The large land infrastructure within the kingdom was built. Underground ice roads were renovated. The country also launched a project to clean the Polish lands from the common grief in January 2021.

Rzeszow's betrayal (February 2021)

Mayor of Rzeszow, UndoneArtist, after 6 months of cooperation, unexpectedly turned out to be a Polish spy. He abused his permissions (he was granted chancellor permissions upon state creation) on February 22, 2021. It included kicking all towns from the nation and setting taxes. Polish government used his abusement on the announcement channel, to inform about “the annexation of East Galicia and Zapadoslavia once again”. All done damage was quickly undone by the authority.

Zapadoslavia (March 2021)

In March 2021, the vassal state of Poland by name of Zapadoslavia was put on sale. The leader of West Galicia, 3meraldK, talked to Zombie22PL in order to persuade him to leave Poland. Persuadations were successful, and Zapadoslavia left Poland after signing the Treaty of Lublin. After that, the country was sold for 375 gold ingots to 3meraldK's loyal (_xFlyingEagle), on March 6, 2021. Town of Lublin was captured and the Towny state was transferred to Naleczow town, governed by Alpajino, 3meraldK's friend. The end of the Zapadoslavian deal occurred on March 15, 2021, after Zapadoslavia was finally diverted to the city of Potsdam. Naleczow rejoined Galicia, but not for long.

Independence (June 2021)

Real problems with Austria happened when West Galicia requested Austria to give them more influence in their own local region (such as bigger territory, more autonomy, more controlled cities), but appeals were being constantly rejected by the government. 3meraldK really doubted declaring independence, but things changed, when Wolk__ declared it by himself on June 5, 2021, without discussing matters with the second ruler. He was actually neutral to Wolk's actions and the nation became fully sovereign.

Polish unification (July 2021)

The Polish Kingdom sent calls for unification a few times (April 2021) but they were either ignored or rejected by the West Galician government. A ceasefire between both nations was achieved in April 2021, despite the Austrian-Polish conflict ongoing for exactly one year.

Koszyce Confederation (July 2021)

In July 2021, a West Galician noble Roman "PanGubernator" Dmowski succeeded in convincing both governments to merge. It was because of the formation of Koszyce Confederation, which was a little group of mayors in Galicia, wanting to unite with Poland. They were eventually threatening the Galician king that they would rejoin Poland if he ignored them. Talks began at the end of the month and the Polish Federation was formed.

Polish Federation (July 2021 - August 2021)

The mentioned successful persuadations led to organized negotiations with governments of Poland and Galicia. Both authorities issued the unification poll which was ultimately approved by the vast majority of voters. They together thought of the Polish Federation which would be a meganation linking every Towny nation within the defined Polish land (From Szczecin to Grodno, Belarus and from Bornholm to Slovakia). It would grant full internal autonomy to cores. It was accepted by 3meraldK and nations united.

Lechian Empire (November 2021)

Negotiations with Bulgarian representatives and the Polish government, initiated by the Galician official, ToMeKiRyS (October 2021), led to the proclamation of the Lechian Empire on November 23, 2021. It consisted of Poland, Galicia, and Bulgaria and later expanded their influence into Croatia and Lithuania (January 2022 - February 2022). The Polish Federation was given the leader role because it was the most influential in the new empire.

Total integration (March 2022)

The total integration of two mentioned countries started in March 2022, officially speaking, the constitutional diarchy collapsed on March 6, 2022, and 3meraldK was the second last king of the kingdom. He made the next poll if Galicia should be totally incorporated into the Polish Kingdom. Once again, most people, if not all of them, voted for the groundbreaking change. Kingdom of Galicia was disbanded on March 14, 2022, along with Polish Federation.

Dabrowa (March 2022)

3meraldK quickly found the potential buyer of his Towny nation, which was Roots_, and he sold the country for 500 gold. The capital was moved to his newly-created town of Dabrowa, located in Grodno, Belarus. The settlement on the ruins existed for 9 days, until it was deleted by its owner on March 24, 2022 because of his retirement from EarthMC.


Galicia claimed territory of their core cities (Koszyce, Krakow and Rzeszow). Following expansions of the kingdom gave them rights to claim over Mukaczewo, Lublin (Zapadoslavia) and they connected their borders with Lechian Bulgaria in November 2022. Those claims stayed similar until the end of existence of the Kingdom of Galicia. The nation bordered Poland from north, and German Confederation from other directions.


The kingdom claimed the area which stretched from the Central Polish plain to north Hungarian flatlands, and from Lesser Polish upland to Podolian upland in Ukraine. The dominating if not the only biome of the region is forest. Forests are mix of oak and spruce forests, dominated with the latter. They are more dense as usual in mountains. The only mountain range in Galicia is Carparthians which stretches from Levice. River flowing through half of the country is Vistula; it begins in Katowice, Austria and flows to Baltic Sea in Gdansk. The place suffers a decent grief, some of it coming from the German-Polish conflict.


The Galician political system was based on the constitution and it was a diarchy until the second king Wolk__ abdicated on March 6, 2022. It was a monarchy until March 14, 2022. The constitution defined laws and rights of leaders and citizens, and contained basic information about the country. Galician parliament consisted of trusted nobles and mayors, almost identical to the Polish governing system.


After declaring independence, the nation developed hatred for the Polish Kingdom and their government. It developed a friendly relationship with the Austrian Empire and the rest of the Europa Pact. After uniting with Poland though, the situation completely turned opposite. Relations with Bulgaria, Lithuania and Croatia warmed after they were incorporated into the Lechian Empire.