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The Prime Minister of Nubia was, until it's removal, an elected position in the Second Nubian Empire, but for one term was unelected, of the government of Nubia, and the Second Nubian Empire, as well as previously under zovely's government. There is no current title holder for this position, as it was removed after a vote in the Nubian Lower House. The term of a Prime Minister lasted about 4 weeks in total, with about 5 days of the last week being for campaigning, as with other Minister positions.

Before the removal of it from Nubia and the Nubian Constitution, the Nubian Constitution defined the job of this position as:

"Subsection 1.2.6: Prime Minister

The minister occupying this position is responsible for the oversight of the other ministers listed in this section. The prime minister may serve as a representative of the Nubian Empire provided that they are not intentionally acting against the will of the Emperor. This minister is responsible for maintaining efficiency and integrity within the government."

Election Process

The elections take about a week in total including campaigning, voting and getting ready for the next government of the nation. The elections for Prime Minister, like the other Minister positions, take place 5-6 days before the end of the month, and term of the current holders.

Candidate Selection

As with every other Minister position, the Emperor must be alerted of a player wanting to run 24 hours after the announcements of the campaigning start and elections.


This lasted up until the election results are out, as with the other Minister positions.


The voting lasted 24 hours, using an alternative voting system as it has since independence from Yemen. Prior to independence, it was a first past the post voting system


The Prime Minister position came into creation on the 7th of April 2020, under Nubia's time in the Yemen Empire, led at the time by zovely.

A list of Nubians who held this position is below:

N. Picture Name Term of Office

Duration of Office

(Extra details)

Won against
27th of April


7th of May


9 days

(Removed from office by Emperor MagicMoose)

  • _Demon1932_
2nd of June 2020 16th of June 2020
14 days

(Ethiopian Reunification, also resignation)

(No other candidates)
2nd of July


1st of August


30 days

1st of August


1st of September


31 days

Election History

First Prime Minister



This candidate campaigned on the platform that he had been Mayor of over 50% of the population, was already an advisor to Empress Zovely, and making most political decisions already. It was predicted to be a victory for him, which it was, with him receiving 12 of 14 votes total.

He also campaigned on the fact he was already managing the elections and more, which made him relatively well known in Nubia at the time


This candidate doubted they'd win, however ran nevertheless. He secured 1 vote other then himself, from a person who heavily disliked the other candidate. _Demon1932_ received 2 of 14 total possible votes.


There was little discussion by the Lower House, who elect the Prime Minister. There were public disagreements/arguments between gorkymoo1119 and TheSuperGamer205, but resulted in little voting change.


During all the election, gorkymoo1119 was in the lead, with _Demon1932_ receiving 2 votes towards the end. TheSuperGamer208 took responsibility for one of these, due to his ongoing hate for gorkymoo1119.


After announcing he had won the elections, gorkymoo1119 gave a speech, which was the following:

'Hello all,

I am very much grateful for the Nubian populace for electing me as Prime Minister. I will ensure that I serve you all well and farily, and will get the Constitution finished, and we'll start on bills.

Nubia at the moment is in one of its lowest points in our history. After the unsuccessful reign of previous dictator Vlad, Nubia has fallen quite unstable. As your PM, I will work closely with many people who have also experienced the tyranny of Vlad to eradicate all signs of him. We cannot have his flawed systems remain in place. Furthermore, we will focus on regaining our borders and expansion. The inside of Nubia has barely any towns, and I will be working closely with the Minister of Nubian Municipal Development to have more towns in/around Nubia. Another way Nubia will regain influence is by the Union of African Republics, in which we are the biggest nation and thus have the highest control.

Another issue we face is the Addis Ababa nation, claiming the Ethiopia region. We are in the Union with them and they state their claims only include Ethiopia, and thus we must get to securing more Nubian influence there to prevent their expansion. This is also why I have chosen Demon1932 as my Vice Prime Minister to help me, as I wish to have a bipartisan decision in Nubia with all views, with everyone representing, no matter the amount of votes they have. Every decision made by our nation must be questioned in some form to check if it does in fact leave Nubia better off or not.

Another issue I see is the Yemen Empire. We face little representation in the Yemen Empire despite being the largest nation. I wish to get more Senators in the Yemen Empire, and have more of a voice in how the Empire we're in is run. There are many other issues I will also work on, but we will discuss it later.

Thank you all,

PM. 57gorky,

Citizens' Guard.'

Second Prime Minister


In a deal in regards to Ethiopia and Nubian reunification, it was decided that the current political system would remain the same as well as positions of power, meaning gorkymoo1119 would be the Prime Minister of Nubia for the next term, which was fulfilled on.


There was little controversy regarding this, other than minor incidents of TheSuperGamer205 being angry and asking for a monarchy instead, as he had a personal hatred for the figure holding this position, despite him holding the Minister of Cultural Affairs, and remaining in the Ethiopian Council, who would oversee the Nubian government.

Third Prime Minister

This was a return to the usual system, with all Ministers, including the Prime Minister being elected and not chosen prior.



Alas was the leader of Sanaa, a key figure in the Yemen-Nubia Conflict. She had gotten well liked amongst the Nubians, and had gotten a presence. She was previously the leader of the Gold Coast as a Nubian colony, after Steelerplayer1 retired.

They also made a deal with 57billy in Direct Messages, to ensure he dropped out the race.

Alas' propaganda was mostly text, especially using the statement 'Vote Alas for PM, I stuck with Nubia through the whole ##### ##### and have served as Foreign Affairs Minister since. I've proven I'll follow through on my responsibilities even when all the other Ministers are dropping left and right.' (Parts blurred are for the safety of the nation of Nubia).


JackJackson quickly gained a presence in Nubian politics after joining South Mersa, however he was seen in a negative outlook because of his past when he declared independence from The First Nubian Empire, with Nyasa, Congo and Kalahari. He also helped found the Nubian rebel nation of Ethiopia. Despite this, he was also remembered for getting the town of Addis Ababa to a considerable size, as well as helping create iceroads.

This candidate focused on iceroads, and used about/just over 5 different text campaigns, such as 'I am one of the longest playing members in Nubia, being on this server for more than nine months. I was around before the towns of Mersa and St. Allison had been created. I helped both cities by building Ice Roads and giving both their first cows. I funded multiple towns. I helped build Nubia to where she is today.'


This was the first election in which there was propaganda spread, as it was the first really competitive election, with voters being quite unsure who to vote for. There was quite a bit of discussion in regards to iceroads and the past of both Prime Minister candidates.


It was quite a close race, with Alas eventually coming out on top however both near 50% of votes. Throughout the election, the person in the lead with the most votes is believed to have changed, and many Mayors asked their citizens to vote for their favourite candidates.

Fourth Prime Minister



57billy was the leader of West Mersa at the election time, making him popular across the towns of Mersa, one of the larger towns and communities in Nubia. He also later provided funding to Suna and a few other towns, with claims of it being upwards of 400g before the elections had even started. This had both negative and positive responses, with some saying he bribed people and others saying it was simply a donation.

57billy's poster as a Prime Minister candidate

He had gained a presence in many towns by helping them, such as Suna and Gizmo. He would often be found active later on at night (UTC) at first, however was changing. 57billy was criticised for taking a break from EarthMC amidst his last political term, however most people just ignored this complaint as they saw it as propaganda against 57billy without such a reason. There were other criticisms of this candidate, however most were quite minor.

This person's campaign consisted of mainly 1 poster (that can be seen to the left).

57billy was of growing prominence, however knew that he wasn't that popular with some voters, who had sided with his opponents previously.


As previous Prime Minister, Alas was seen as quite an opponent by many opponents, and other Minister positions. They had gained respect as they had experience, not only as Prime Minister, but as former Minister of Foreign Affairs and a long time Nubian. They had several endorsements from other high level Nubians as well, with them eventually coming in 2nd.

Their campaign was mostly several different text based phrases, that were short and daily. This meant a small amount of people saw them, and may have potentially lowered the amount of voters going for Alas. There's no 1 quote that is long enough that could have been held in others' memories.


57starkiller is the Mayor of Turkana, which was an 100 man town before falling because of inactivity. He had past controversy from his time as he could often be found in many debates with other notable Nubians, as well as arguing about the impact of some of his statements that had questionable wording.

57starkiller's propaganda

Their campaign was mostly just 1 photo (that can be seen to your left), however would often have different headers such as 'Why vote me? Be cause I want an end to the drama! Help me make Nubia peaceful again. (Why does that sound like trump)' He managed to get 3rd in terms of first choice votes, however had participated in a lot of controversy amidst the elections, with people often unsure what their outlook should be on him.

He had an especially bad relation with the player 57billy, and would often get in arguments, with many taking different sides. This would involve threats and more, and many complaints were filed to twomoo1119 in regards to these incidents, as twomoo1119 would often act as a mediator.

His campaign also had a few endorsements from his residents, and friends, however got a lot of 4th and last choice votes, especially from supporters of Kobikraft and TheSuperGamer205 due to his attacks on them.


TheSuperGamer205 was Mayor of Dharug, and was opposed by everyone he was running against for Prime Minister. He was well known in the nation for him frequently involving himself in controversy. Many of his statements were seen as outrageous, and often threatened to rebel if he wasn't elected.

Their campaign was mostly text based slogans, telling people to vote them, such as 'Vote for myself or kobikraft, please'. He was in a political alliance with Kobikraft that was known as 'Superkraft'. His reasoning for this was that they were both victims, despite what they had considered bullying to be considered criticism by most Nubians. Despite the controversy and how simple his campaign was, he managed to get joint 3rd in terms of first choice votes, shocking many.

The Superkraft alliance ensured that many of the active users of the town of Kraftier voted for him, and grew a fan base from there. He had no official endorsements, especially as he was too controversial that other political figures, except Kobikraft, avoided associating themselves with him.


This figure was the mayor of Gizmo, and was well known amongst many Nubians. He was absent in most political debates during the Prime Minister elections, as he was believed to have been away. This lowered his chances.

During the elections, Yoshigamer1298 did not campaign by text or poster once, as he was inactive during the election week. This put him in joint 4th in terms of first choice votes, as he did not have much of a presence meaning mostly former Gizmo members and his friends voted for him.


This candidate was not that well known in the nation at the time, as mayor of Koukou, a small town in comparison to that of many other Nubian towns. He was not as active as many of the other figures either.

iamkeg's campaign poster

Their campaign had 1 poster (which can be seen to your left), usually without a caption. Despite being relatively well known, they managed to get a prominent place in elections, and featured in many debates. They were becoming more active as well, however failed to secure a large amount of votes, getting joint last, but getting the reputation he needed if he wanted to continue in politics.


There were many debates, especially between rivals 57billy and 57starkiller, however most ended up in name-calling and more, or both sides leaving. This often showed a clear divide in the Nubian political views.


57billy won first choice by a large amount, to the disappointment of fans of 57starkiller and TheSuperGamer205, 2 parties who strongly opposed him.



Initial Disliking

At first, the Prime Minister position was well received in Nubia, however, after the end of the term of Alas, people saw what little purpose it served. At the time, however, many still supported the position remaining, so it wasn't removed.

There were a few arguments in regards to the need of this position, however no PMs had made their stance clear.

Support from Former Prime Ministers

After gorkymoo1119 had started to question the need for the position, he came into conversation with former Prime Minister, Alas. He spoke with other former Prime Minister, Alas, about the need for the position, with them both eventually agreeing that the Prime Minister position, in its current state, was useless and unneeded.

Despite this agreement, it would become upon a Minister to suggest a vote into its removal. Gorkymoo1119 was a Minister (Minister of Municipal Development), however was still unsure if it had support amongst the people of Nubia, so left it be for a bit.

Support amongst Ministers

Later, he questioned a few Ministers he was rather close to, as well as a few citizens. They had similar ideas of the position to him, and, on top of Alas' support, gorkymoo1119 began to question its need in private government channels within the Nubian discord, and suggested it to Emperor twomoo1119. Soon, gorkymoo1119 believed there was enough reasoning to open a vote into it.


Upper House

After Minister of Municipal Development in Nubia at the time, gorkymoo1119, suggested the removal of the position (Ministers are the ones who must propose votes regarding laws and government in Nubia) to Emperor twomoo1119, he asked for a poll to be opened on it in the upper house. This poll would have all Ministers agree to this eventually, after much argument in the government channels.

Soon, all Ministers, including then Prime Minister 57billy, pushed for this vote to be taken further.

Lower House

The vote, about 25 hours after being posted in the Upper House voting channel, was posted in the Lower House voting channel.

At first, the Ministers thought this vote may face much backlash, and it was made clear it was the idea of gorkymoo1119. Despite their fears, almost all of the Lower House agreed at once.

Realising many didn't, gorkymoo1119 asked those who had doubts to direct message him, and, with this tactic, eventually no Lower House members disagreed, with most agreeing but a few abstaining

On August 26th, the voting came to an end, with a large amount of Lower House asking for its removal.

Update to the Constitution

It was decided that the position would be removed at the end of the term, meaning 57billy remained Prime Minister for around 4 more days after the vote.

The Constitution had the Prime Minister subsection removed at once, and, 4 days later, during next elections, there was not the ability to apply for the position anymore.

The position would go on to remain absent of Nubian politics furthering the 1st of September 2020, after the election results were announced and new Ministers appointed.