StarKiller1744's second tenure as Minister of Defence

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StarKiller1744's second tenure as Minister of Defence lasted 122 days over the course of 4 terms, starting on the 1st September 2020 after winning the September Minister of Defence election and ending on the 1st January 2021, upon him declining to run for re-election. He would be elected 4 times as Minister of Defence during this period, previously having served 2 terms before his resignation.


StarKiller1744 was first elected Minister of Defence in the September elections, with the support of many citizens, despite being controversial prior. He had previously been Minister of Defence from the 2nd July to the 15th August, resigning after an impeachment inquiry had been opened on him.

First term (September 2020)

At the start of StarKiller1744's tenure in September, Zambie had left. He suggested they do not declare war, upon the advice of gorkymoo1119 and twomoo1119, stating that it was more a matter for the foreign affairs department.

On the 11th September, he would announce the creation of a formal Nubian army. He would spend until the 19th September attempting to recruit those from the active community into the army, holding a ceremony in the El Obeid Arena to celebrate the creation. StarKiller1744 would also attempt to keep information on enemies in the Sudanese War, with the help of other Ministers and their input.

Second term (October)

Suna's wall and gate to South Suna

Town security

During his campaign for the elections, he had promised to work alongside the Minister of Trade and Commerce and Minister of Municipal Development to improve town security, as a result of recent raids on some major towns and the rumours of a war plugin arriving. This would be partially complete, with him offering help to towns like Mersa and Suna in building walls.

Relations with East Africa and Zambie

On the 17th October, he would suggest to declare war on East Africa in government. This movement was supported by Minister of Cultural Affairs, Greaseballer, but others would oppose it, saying East Africa was too inactive to be important. He also suggested that if the declaration on East Africa went through, that they should declare war on Zambie, a nation which left the Second Nubian Empire in September. These suggestions would be rejected after a few days discussion.


After the proposed declarations as well as minor trouble with California, StarKiller1744 suggested attempting to further activate the Nubian army, which he had started in his term prior.

Improvement of relations with the Hawaiian Islands

On the 19th October, StarKiller1744 requested improving relations with the Hawaiian Islands, as their leader was friendly with him. He would reach out to ceil0_, who expressed that they were fine with relations being improved with Nubia via a formal alliance. However, twomoo1119 said that he would prefer something a little less formal, with just friendly relations. Ceil0_ accepted this offer.

2 members of Xia attacking StarKiller1744

Run-in with Xia

During the campaign for the November elections, StarKiller1744 would have a run-in with Xia, who would also attack other Nubians as a result. This was discussed in government shortly, with twomoo1119 suggesting StarKiller1744 leave them alone for a while.

Third term (November)

Relations with Xia

Due to Xia attacking Nubians such as Greaseballer and Yoshigamer1298 alongside StarKiller1744, he would bring the matter up in government to twomoo1119 and gorkymoo1119, two of the key figures in foreign affairs. The foreign affairs department would decline the suggestion of taking conflict further.

StarKiller1744 would proceed to bring up that they had stolen residents from Mersa and attacked Nubians whilst visiting Sanaa, as a result StarKiller1744 would make efforts to recruit more to the army.

Wandering_Hero kick proposal

Wandering_Hero had been involved in much controversy in Nubia, receiving criticism as a result. On the 9th November, StarKiller1744 would propose Wandering_Hero be kicked from the nation. After much discussion, it was decided against, instead twomoo1119 requesting Wandering_Hero try to be calmer as a result of the proposal.

Fourth term (December)

After a small group of incidents with Yemen attempting to take Nubian towns had harmed relations between the two, StarKiller1744 proposed they take minor action against Yemen. However, Yemen was inactive in comparison to Nubia and thus nothing went ahead.

StarKiller1744 would also create the position of Vice Commander in his army, appointing Lopile.