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Profile Information
Aliases rc
Nation File:Norwegian.svg Norge
Town Lillehammer
Towny Rank God Emperor
Political Party International Anarcho-Communist Party
Religion Atheism
Spouse(s) Current: Kipiscute

SophFace.png sophru

Discord lily.#8946
Signature C0D4033D-FFBA-47DC-B2A9-1481BDCBA6FC.png
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn November 3rd, 2019
Place of Spawn
Physical Information
Nationality File:Norwegian.svg Norwegian
Gender Female.png Female
Blood Type
Zodiac Pisces.png Pisces
Height 6'9
Status Information
Status Active
Server Role
Date of Ban
Nation History
Nazi.png Nazi Germany
ZambieFlag.png Katanga
Cascadia.png Cascadia

KlondikeFlag.jpg Klondike
Quebec.png Quebec
Estonia.png Estonia
Wales.png Wales
File:Norwegian.svg Norge

rcvq is the leader of the nation Norge and the founder of many towns, and the former co-Empress of Katanga, she also was formerly on the Council of Klondike during its independence. She first joined on November 3rd 2019, going to Nazi Germany.


Starting off on EarthMC

rcvq first joined on November 3rd 2019, she joined Brussels in Belgium but later received a message from ratking19 inviting her to Nazi_Germany, she accepted and became a resident at EpicVienna. She then logged off on November 11th 2019 and didn’t rejoin until December 20th 2020.

Rejoining EarthMC

Upon her rejoining she realized that Nazi_Germany was completely gone and so were most of the other nations she knew, she was then messaged by Yoshigamer1298 asking her if she wanted to join Moba in Zambie, her feeling like she had nothing to lose accepted the invitation and decided that she would probably just get situated and then leave later on.

Joining Zambie

After she moved to Moba she quickly grew quite close to Yoshigamer1298, It was during this time that she really started researching and becoming interested in EarthMC’s history and the community. She learned that Zambie was a part of The Second Nubian Empire, and started keeping close communication with those in Nubia and other members of Zambie. After gaining almost enough gold to make a town she told Yoshigamer1298 and Twomoo1119 that she was interested in making a town, they provided the rest of the needed gold and on December 24th 2020 the town of Dodoma was founded.


After Dodoma was founded she built small houses and a few plots before focusing entirely on expanding. After she grew Dodoma a decent amount she focused on recruiting and started remodeling the town. She began construction on The Sandcastle which is a sandstone building that functions as the town spawn for Dodoma. She then moved on to creating roads and more plots. During this time she mainly focused on recruiting and helping Nubia in battles. On March 3rd, 2021, Dodoma left Katanga due to the previous Emperor leaving. rcvq was already considering leaving Nubia and this gave her a valid reason to do so. After some negotiations, Dodoma returned to Katanga on March 6th, however, later rcvq gave Dodoma to Turtle_Cracker69 a trusted friend and resident as she was wanting to leave Africa due to personal reasons.


Shortly after giving Dodoma to Turtle_Cracker69 she joined Watson Lake in the Klondike province of Cascadia because the mayor BluePanther26 was a good friend of hers and felt that Cascadia would be a good change of pace. On March 12th 2021 she created the town Cumtopia. On March 14th 2021 she built a large stone wall outside of another Cascadian town which resulted in Cascadian militants and the President apprehending her after having a brief physical altercation with Coolcongaming the current president of Cascadia she was pmed forcing her to leave Cascadia or else will be killed. She left shortly after which made Cumtopia independent. She later rejoined Klondike but still had conflicts with Cascadia. Later getting the nation Severny to declare war on Cascadia because she outlawed Java_Wolf in her town Cumtopia, this was later redacted and no formal declaration of war was made. Eventually she got banned from the Cascadian discord. Shortly after Klondike declared independence Scrabs the old nation leader who made the decision of leaving was banned, lots of discussion was done within Klondike about possibly rejoining Cascadia after this. However, within this period, she managed to gain a government position within Klondike, on March 22nd she and kamdropz along with Freyflaxi and Xyyz0 discussed rejoining Cascadia with the president Coolcongaming despite previous hostilities between the two parties, this resulted in Klondike deciding to officially rejoin Cascadia on the 23rd. Coolcongaming and other officials remained upset about rcvq, eventually she left Klondike after a conflict with Freyflaxi and Xyyz0, this resulted in a territorial debate about Banks Island which resulted in rcvq being pressured into leaving the island where she then disbanded her town and took an extended vacation.

The Rise After The Fall

After her break she joined Inuvik, mainly because it was one of the few nations who she did not have negative relations with. This time period was rather tame up until around the 23rd of June where she made a town Called "Cascadia Stinky" she deleted this town immediately after and was mostly harmless, however the next day she decided to return to the ruins of the town and construct a lava cast, considering it was right outside of Cascadia's claims they did not take too kindly to this. Xyyz was the first to notice it and then later Coolcongaming and other Cascadians stood at the bottom of the cast which sprawled all the way to build height it was around this time when moderator Lyonc teleported to rcvq at the top of the cast, rcvq hit them off 3 times but she was then kicked and during the time she was rejoining in the queue, the lava cast got rolled back which left her plummeting to the ground, however she managed to mlg water bucket and /res spawn, however she returned to the cast location and was killed by Lyonc and lost her stuff, she then went back to the cast once more and was killed by Coolcongaming who would proceed to brag about the kill despite rcvq having no armour and not fighting back. On the same day as the cast just a few hours before the grief she fought with France against Francia, this battle was mostly useless and turned into random fighting among 3rd parties and people who had no affiliation with either nation.




  • 5-24-2021 - Griefing (Lava Cast on Astoria) - Temp-ban 1 day.