Hopeful Era

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Inert Era


November 6th - February 17th


Hopeful Era

Stasis Era


The following events occurred during the Hopeful Era:



November 2021

November 6th

  • The server is updated to 1.17. A 'drop party' is hosted by Fix at Saint Marie and the server received mystery crates.
  • CombatLogX, an anti-claimhide plugin, is implemented.

November 11th

  • Fix spawns in an axolotl.

November 14th

  • A new queue system is implemented.

November 18th

  • _Smithyy found the first axolotl in the Atlantic Ocean.

November 20th

  • PycckueBnepeg finds the second axolotl near Indochina.

November 21st

  • T3Z1A found the third axolotl of the server in Acadia. It was put in display at GoldenNugget's property in Fredericton.
  • The custom crafting recipes for 1.17 were added.
  • The nation of Bulgaria was created by EliteFromYT, with the capital being Sliven_Novo_Selo.

November 24th

  • KazakhKhanate was created by NotArii_
  • Pulau joined Majapahit as a colony
  • Ghana joined the Commonwealth
  • Keewatin joined the Salish Federation

November 25th

  • Yamato joined Japan as a colony

November 26th

  • TAAF and Arctic were created by bebop2525 and konichiwah89, respectively
  • Katanga (led by Yoshigamer1298) joined the Commonwealth
  • True Russia (led by Java_Wolf) was formed by Golden Federation, CCCP, USSR, World, Yakutia, Soviet Union, Siberia, Far East, Pakistan and Northern Russia.

November 27th

November 28th

  • Oranje was created by Aoostan
  • The peace negotiations on the Majapahit-Kai War began.
  • Pulau and Atyrau were disbanded
  • USA (led by Hoodtrap21) joined Philippines as a colony.

November 29th

  • Alaska was disbanded
  • Cape Verde joined the Federation of Indian Ocean

December 2021

December 7th

December 8th

December 10th

  • Limkid uploads YOU DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT THIS METHOD! HOW TO FIND 250+ GOLD PER HOUR ON THE EarthMC? to YouTube, displaying the 1050 generation exploit. Limkid, L3th (although he was also an alt.) and Kumtiox are banned for violating rule 1.3.

December 11th

  • Lorriaz is banned for using the 1050 generation exploit.

December 12th

December 13th

  • British Deseret is inducted into Britain as a direct colony

December 24th

  • Christmas Eve is observed globally.
  • Quebec Prime Minister Adrian and former emperors Takii and Morgini issue Christmas Eve addresses.
  • Bleeblob, the famous USA politician and mayor of Boston, is banned for making, displaying and selling illegal map art.

January 2022

January 1st

  • The nation of New Holland was created by ShadowVoider, with the capital being New_Holland.

January 6th

January 7th

  • Battle of Kosova between Austria and IDC forces happens. Turns into a huge battle consisting many players from all around the world. Ended in a stalemate.

January 10th

January 12th

  • The Detente Phase of the Cold War between Quebec and the USA ends, following harassment and claim battles from Coblobster and Lucas2011, directed at Albany mayor and Quebec prime minister AdrianHES. In addition, the Burlington Project was recognized by the Quebec oligarchy around this time to be a claimblock, as it was placed and managed strategically to blockade Albany to the east.
  • The Third Phase of the Cold War between Quebec and the USA begins. Relations between the two nations drop significantly.

January 20th

  • The Tank Man incident occurs. New York points tanks and TNT at Quebec non-combatant civilians, captured in a famous photograph.

January 22nd

February 2022