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The Second Skirmish of Dharug was a skirmish that took place on the 5th of January 2021 between Nubia and Sudan as part of the Sudanese Rebellion.

The battle lasted about an hour, with twomoo1119 coming Dharug in lead and others following him. After arrival, Sudan saw them, they blocked off the /n spawn and hid. This would be a pattern for most of the battle, with them refusing to fight.

Due to this, the Nubians mainly attempted to anger them. They found an embassy plot for sale for 5 gold and rcvq bought it, building a large glass building. TheSuperGamer205 later noticed this, evicting them. The Nubians would then proceed to spam in chat about a Sudanese scam. Following a lack of engagement, the Nubian forces the moved on to Kindu where the Battle of Kindu was fought.

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