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The Skirmish of Sudan was a skirmish that took place as part of the Sudanese Rebellion. It lasted about 25 minutes, happening at all 3 towns then in Sudan (Dharug, Kigali and Kraftier).

There were no deaths as a result of Sudan's refusal to fight, with all Nubians eventually leaving and declaring a victory.

Battle by town

At Dharug

Initially, gorkymoo1119 went over to Dharug after seeing TheSuperGamer205 on, asking for backup. However, after TheSuperGamer205 saw gorkymoo1119, he logged out, with gorkymoo1119 claiming it was due to him being scared. As a result of this, he went down to Kraftier where kobiKraft was.

Later, Noahser would go at Dharug and stay there for around 10 minutes, until the battle ended. He would attempt to prevent any Sudanese attempts from retreating to the capital and from TheSuperGamer205 from logging on.

At Kigali

Yoshigamer1298 went over to Kigali, where he found LordWhittick16. Little fighting took place but LordWhittick16 remained away from Yoshigamer1298. This was seen as a turning point for Kigali after Yoshigamer1298 spoke with LordWhittick16 regarding their future.

At Kraftier

UsualKostas was the first to arrive, making his way after seeing kobiKraft log on. He would work on Fort Chunggley before the arrival of gorkymoo1119, where he would attempt to back up gorkymoo1119 when seeing kobiKraft. However, after getting a bow and getting ready to shoot it, kobiKraft logged.

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