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Ethiopia, officially the Free Kingdom of Ethiopia, is a landlocked country in the Horn of Africa. It shares borders with Nubia and Djibouti to the north and Somalia to the east. Ethiopia has a total area of 377 chunks with four towns. The nation's capital is Mersa and the largest city is Addis Ababa.


The major portion of Ethiopia lies in the Horn of Africa, which is the easternmost part of the African landmass. Ethiopia is an ecologically diverse country, ranging from the deserts along the eastern border to the rolling moutain ranges in central Ethiopia.


Ethiopia's current economy has recently collapsed following the downfall of the nation, with mutiple stores including Ethiopian Potions (The largest government owned shop) shutting its doors. Before the recent events, sand/terracotta mining created a small portion of government income; the rest of the nation's income is from the Ethiopian Potion Brewery and mining for gold. Ethiopia also has an area known as "Australiatown". All shop-owners in the area are from the in-game nation of Australia. Australiatown occurred after the signing of the Emu-Point treaty, which caused Ethiopia - Australia to split. This initiative help fix and strengthen Ethiopian - Australian relations.



Recruit4Days had initially joined the server upon the request of a friend, JackJackson, who had played on another Minecraft server that had died. The plan was to set up Ethiopia and create a colony in Italy as a joke. However, once the town members learned about the politics of EarthMC, the group quickly dropped the idea. Many notable members would join during this time to help create a town, including; JackJackson, John_of_Aus and LittleHeroJX.

Creation of Addis Ababa

A day after the group joined the server (19/09/2019), Addis Ababa was created, established on the ruins of the former Addis Ababa. Recurit4Days, who was elected leader and mayor of the town, designated an area known as Central Addis Ababa in the centre of the settlement, which was prioritised when claiming new chunks. The prioritisation of the area quickly helped the precinct recover from the rubbles of her previous state.

The Griefing of Addis Ababa

Two days following the creation of Addis Ababa, JackJackson and Recruit4Days were approached by Twomoo1119 asking if they would want to join Nubia. Recruit4Days refused, saying that "he wanted to go on his own path". After refusing to join Nubia, Addis Ababa suffered many raids from her neighbour. Many houses were stripped of their wood, and lava poured on multiple buildings, including the town church.

These raids led to the rise of anti-Nubia sentiment among the citizens. This also has been stated as the start of the Ethiopian Anti-Nubianism.

Expansion and fall

Claimed within a week of its creation, Central Addis Ababa quickly became the heart of the town, with all the buildings being restored to their pre-griefed state. In addition, a new district was created called "West Addis Ababa", mainly referred to as Western Addis, a parody of Western Sydney due to their likeness as "slums". The town members created many notable buildings in this period, including the town gate, the Lion of Judah statue, and the Ricardo Milos statue.

After the initial two weeks of rapid expansion, the town began to go inactive. Recruit4Days eventually stepped down as leader and appointed JackJackson as the new leader of the city.

Nubian Addis Ababa

The new leadership saw a significant spike in activity with Triangle_Square_ and John_of_Aus returning to the server. The town grew to 17 residents and see a southern residential district be established. To protect this growth, Addis Ababa reluctantly joined the Nubia nation to help the town's development and prevent the city from being raided. As a result, Addis Ababa would peek at 26 residents and create a new ice line to connect the city to the rest of Nubia.

Politically, Addis Ababa also grew. JackJackson quickly became established in the Nubian community alongside the other town residents by helping Nubia in battles and projects. JackJackson left the town a few months later after being accepted as the King of Nyasa. Triangle_Square_ assumed the role of leadership and mayor but would do very little for the town, going inactive.

Creation of Ethiopia

Fall of the First Nubian Empire

During the month of February, Nubia fell into a time of turmoil, with the First Nubian Empire eventually collapsing due to the Southern Rebellion and the loss Mersa. Twowmoo also stepped down as leader of Nubia as a result of public outcry, with the Yemeni VladimirV becoming the new Emperor.

Addis Ababa found herself in a difficult place with her former members after the Southern Rebellion. JackJackson, John_of_Aus and LittleHeroJX were activity fighting against her nation of Yemeni Nubia and as a result, Addis Ababa was sidelined during the Yemeni Nubia period, with Mersa being handed the status of capital of the Nubian Ethiopia region. Vlad's new reforms increasingly centralised Nubia, and Triangle was pushed out of the community even more. With Triangle's isolation from the community, he became closer with the members of United Africa, an organisation fighting against the Yemen Empire and Nubia.


Lowering of the Nubian flag (13th of March 2020)

Not long after Vlad's rise to power in Nubia, CorruptedGreed contacted JackJackson with an offer to sell the nation of Umayyad to him for 350 gold. Jack messaged Triangle_Square and proposed that he buy the nation for him. Triangle accepted the proposal, and the country was purchased by the King of Nyasa, The President of the Congo and mutiple United Africa officials.

On the 13th of March, United Africa transferred the nation of Umayyad to Addis Ababa. Following the transfer, Triangle Square sent a message in the Nubian discord, making Addis Ababa's departing official: "After the raids on Addis Ababa and the current leader of Nubia, Vlad, being undemocratic, I have decided it is time for us to leave". Triangle_declared the creation of Ethiopia in the United Africa and Addis Ababa discord (Now the Ethiopian discord).

People's Republic of Ethiopia

Foundation of the Republic

Flag of the People's Republic of Ethiopia

Not long after the creation of Ethiopia, Triangle_Square_ was contacted by a member of a socialist alliance that had plans to unify Africa. And after a brief conversation and a small donation of gold to Ethiopia, Triangle opted to join the red union with the promises of more gold and support once he joined. As a result, on 17th of April , just over a month since Ethiopia declared independence from Nubia, Triangle_Square established the Peoples' Republic of Ethiopia (PRE) with himself President for life. However, while the establishment of the state provided more gold from United Africa and the Socialist Alliance, the nation's condition would deteriorate more into inactivity.

Operation Toto

With the creation of Ethiopia, Yemeni - United Africa relations soured. The United Africa high council was highly concerned about the Yemen Empire's expansion around Africa and the possibility of a war occurring between United Africa and the Yemeni Empire. Nubia was currently already at war with the United Kingdoms of Bantu (Nyasa, Congo, Kalahari). Hence, United Africa and the United Kingdoms of Bantu agreed to Operation Toto, a plan to get a spy into the Yemen Empire.

Operation Toto consisted of Triangle_Square_ asking if Ethiopia could join the Yemen Empire and then "going from there". On the 22nd of April, United Africa put the plan into motion with Triangle asked Raining_Oranges if he could join his empire. Shortly after asking, Ethiopia was accepted into the Yemen Empire. Triangle promptly sent an extensive amount of screenshots back to United Africa, confirming that the Yemeni Empire had no plans to invade UA but to invade Ancient Egypt instead, which United Africa quickly warned Ancient Egypt about.

Union of African Republics

In late April, Ethiopia joined the Union of African Republics, a union consisting of multiple African nations under the Yemen Empire. However, while Ethiopia was one of the founding members, Ethiopia's involvement in the league was little to non.

Central African Federation

The return of Twomoo1119 as Emperor of Nubia in mid-May saw Nyasa - Nubian relations significantly increased. As a result, Nyasa would reopen reunification talks with Nubia and only following one day of discussion, the Central African Federation was created with JackJackson and Twomoo1119 as joint monarchs.

By the time the federation was formed, Ethiopia had essentially been turned into a client state of Nyasa-Namibia, with all her political decisions being decided by the Nyasan senate. Thus, on 23rd of May, Ethiopia was put into the Central African Federation without Triangle_Square_'s permission.

Ethiopia - Nubia Border Dispute

Creation of New Gondar

In late May, Then Prime Minister Recruit4Days created the town of New Gondar following a failed attempt at creating a city in Albania. New Gondar was located in central Sudan/Eastern Ethiopia, chosen due to its flat area. However, while being a suitable location to start a town, Nubia quickly viewed the town as a threat close to Central Nubian territory. In response to its creation, the nearby town of Kraftier sent scouts over to investigate New Gondar. This soured relations between New Gondar and Kraftier, with Recruit4Days responding by insulting Kobi and his town.

Skirmish of New Gondar

On the 3rd of June, an ally of Kraftier, LumpyOctopusX99, adventured out of Kraftier and towards New Gondar. JackJackson, who at the time was king of Nyasa, saw this movement on the map and reported it to Recruit4Days. Jackson warned of the possibility that LumpyOctopus was heading over to New Gondar to kill a town resident, who had strayed away from the town claims. Recruit4Days immediately armoured up and made his way towards LumpyOctopus to engage him.

JackJackson, still watching the map, sent a message to Recruit4Days confirming that LumpyOctopus was heading in the direction of the town resident. Recruit promptly met LumpyOctopus halfway and killed him. Kobikraft also began to head towards New Gondar, but upon the death of LumpyOctopus, he fell back to his town instead.

Result of the Skirmish

The Skirmish of New Gondar was the spark needed for open conflict to begin between Ethiopia and Nubia, with Ethiopia seeking revenge for the perceived attempted attack on an Ethiopian citizen. As a result, Prime Minister Recruit4Days informed President John_of_Aus of the Congo about the fight, and after a brief conversation with JackJackson, all parties agreed to launch a retaliation strike against Nubia.

Coalition raids of Nubia

Battle of Bombad coalition forces

Main Articles: Battle of Bombad and First Ethiopian Skirmish of Kraftier

A day after the Skirmish of New Gondar, the coalition forces (Congo, Nyasa and Ethiopia) raided the Nubian town of Bombad. The raid was a decisive coalition victory, with three Nubians casualties and Bombad's supplies being pillaged due to the city's perms not being set up correctly. A fourth informal partner also joined the coalition after the Bombad raid with the Nubian town of South_Mersa assisting Ethiopian and Nyasan forces at the First Ethiopian Skirmish of Kraftier. This informal partnership would continue with the formation of the Ethiopian Empire and the sequential raids of Kraftier.

Nubian Response

The Skirmish of New Gondar did not affect Nubia, as no Nubian was attacked or killed during the fight. However, the raid on Bombad yielded a significant reaction of confusion on how coalition forces had managed to gain access to chests inside of the town. Numerous Nubians also showed anger towards Ethiopia and Nyasa.

A day after the Battle of Bombad, the town of Manaa was founded by Nubia in close proximity to New Gondar. Recruit4Days addressed Twomoo1119 about the town's location and how it was close to his position. Twomoo quickly responded, saying that someone had simply just wanted to create a town there. Recruit4Days would later go on and allege that Twomoo had planted the town there in response to the attack.

Creation of the Ethiopian Empire

The Return of the Founding Members

JackJackson, former mayor of Addis Ababa, returned to the town from his month-long stay in Nubia at the beginning of July. JackJackson began work rebuilding the town with the city gaining its first new residents in months. Further southern expansion of the town was also occurred to house the new residents. On the 5th of July John_of_Aus returned to the town and with the help of Recruit4Days, he created Johnny's British Beef Factory to help fund Ethiopian expansion. President Triangle also began to be active again, helping Jackson create a new nation spawn.

Proposed borders with Nubia

Twomoo1119's proposed border between Nubia and Ethiopia

On the 5th of July, JackJackson was contacted by twomoo1119 with a proposed border. The border would limit Ethiopia to the surrounding hills of Addis Ababa. Moreover, the border also excluded the town of New Gondar. Jackson sent the proposed boundary to the Presidential Council (John_of_Aus, Recruit4days. and Triangle_Square_), who all disapproved of the idea. Following the Councils disapproval, Jackson responded to Twomoo's proposal with "yikes". As a result, Twomoo asked Jackson to present a map, to which Jackson jokingly responded with a map of Ethiopia.

Twomoo's proposal was seen as an insult by the Presidential Council, and Ethiopia abandoned any potential negotiations with Nubia. Nubia was also concerned when JackJackson said a free Ethiopia (As in the region of Ethiopia) would occur when the war plugin was added.

Establishment of the Empire

With discontent for Nubia growing in Ethiopia, JackJackson suggested that Ethiopia should be converted to a Monarchy and be renamed from the People's Republic of Ethiopia to the Ethiopian Empire. This proposed change was to counter Nubia's Second Nubian Empire with an Ethiopian Empire. Triangle Square, without much resistance, approved of the idea, and on the 8th of July, the Ethiopian Empire was created with JackJackson as Negusa Nagast.

Conflict with Nubia

Skirmish of Addis Ababa and the First Ethiopian Battle of Kraftier

The same day as the creation of the Ethiopian Empire, Ethiopian forces clashed with Nubian forces at Addis Ababa and Kraftier, with three casualties on the Nubian side. These battles were confirmation to the Crown Council of Ethiopia (Formely the Presidential Council) that war with Nubia was looming. War preparations consumed the following day for the Ethiopians, with a series of underground tunnels being built underneath Addis Ababa. The 8th also saw the creation of the Ethiopian Imperial Defence Force and the Ethiopian Imperial Home Guard (Ethiopian Militia). Citizens of Addis Ababa were handed low tier diamond armour/weapons and received rudimentary training on how to fight.

The Battle of Addis Ababa

Main Article: Battle of Addis Ababa

The 9th of July observed the first large scale battle between Ethiopia and Nubia, with the Battle of Addis Ababa. As a result of Ethiopian raids on Nubia, the Nubian government reacted by creating the town of Aniba, south of Addis Ababa. The town, only located a few chunks away from Addis Ababa, was considered by JackJackson as a claim block town and was "an outrageous attack on Ethiopia and her dignity". JackJackson alerted the other Crown Council members, who logged on to fight.

JackJackson was the first to log on to engage twomoo1119 and the mayor of Aniba at the towns creation spot. Twomoo1119 requested support and multiple reinforcements soon arrived on the scene. The ensuing battle lead to Ethiopian forces and Nubian forces fighting around the Lion of Judah before the arrival of German support that saw Nubian troops withdraw from the town. John_of_Aus declared the battle a victory following the withdrawal, and celebrations were held in the Ethiopian discord.

However, even with the claimed victory in the battle, Ethiopia still had lost the southern area of Addis Ababa and didn't regain the land until Aniba's fall in early 2021. The action also had also brought the conflict to home tuff for the Ethiopians.

Continuation of the raids on Kraftier

Main Article: Battle of Kraftier

For the rest of July and early August, Ethiopian forces continued to attack Kraftier with the support of Nopnop100, mayor of South Mersa. The largest of these raids occurred on the 18th of July with the Battle of Kraftier. This battle saw a large coalition of nations raid and attack Kraftier ending with a decisive anti-Kraftier victory.

Ethiopian Renaissance

Early August saw Addis Ababa rise to a population of around forty residents. In addition, Addis Ababa constructed a new nation spawn with multiple new shops opening their doors. The expansion of the Ethiopian Region ice roads also became of concern to the Ethiopian government during this period, and a significant rebuilding of the ice road system began.

The territorial expansion also occurred with the influential Reise Mekwanint ScipioLietuvas joined Ethiopia founding the town of Mishiji. Tsana was also founded in the northeast of the nation. Furthermore, South Mersa would periodically join and leave Ethiopia with a strong friendship beginning between Mayor Nopnop100 and multiple Ethiopians. Finally, northeast expansion continued when Kraftier and Dharug joined Ethiopia to be protected from Nubia. The addition of Kraftier and Dharug resulted in Ethiopia reaching /n list one. However, the expansion was controversial, with John of Aus and Recruit4Days initially opposing the towns being allowed to stay. The Crown Council eventually agreed that they would be able to temporarily stay but wouldn't be given any roles in the Ethiopian discord and wouldn't be regarded as Ethiopian.

Operation Africa

The Kraftier Raid

On the 17th of August 2020, Kraftier had its permissions changed to allow anyone access to the town and had all residents removed besides mayor Kobikraft. The subsequent raid by Nubian forces and its allies demolished the city, leaving the city in ruin. After a quick discussion, the Crown Council decided to kick Kraftier and Dharug, stating that they were no longer useful to Ethiopia. Kobikraft, devasted by the attack and his removal from Ethiopia, expressed to the Ethiopian Crown Council that he wanted to quit the server. John_of_Aus quickly invited both towns back to Ethiopia upon learning of this, explaining to the council that there was an opportunity to gain Kraftier from Kobi. JackJackson apologised for kicking the towns earlier, and after a short conversation, found out that Kobi had plans to sell Kraftier.

Failure of Operation Africa

The Crown Council, following the revelation, decided to launch Operation Africa, a plan which involved legitimately or illegitimately purchasing Kraftier from Kobi. However, the plan quickly fell through when Kobi denied all offers from Ethiopia. Ethiopia finally decided to offer 500 gold, but before Kobi could reject or accept the deal, Kraftier was rolled back with multiple of the raiders warned. Jackson realising the opportunity was now gone kicked Kraftier from Ethiopia again.

Ethiopian Withdrawal from the Yemen Empire

Ethiopia's membership in the Yemen Empire was mostly forgotten about until Addis Ababa's battle occurred, where Yemeni officials approached JackJackson and Triangle Square about the war. The Yemeni officials offered support and, of which the Ethiopians received none of.

The subject of Ethiopian membership in Yemen was once again forgotten about until Gorky informed JackJackson that Ethiopia was still in the Yemen Empire. Therefore after some consideration, JackJackson decided that Ethiopia should leave Yemen and on the 28th of October, Ethiopia officially left the Yemen Empire.

Zanzibari entry into the Ethiopian Empire

On the 3rd of September, the Ethiopian government purchased the island and nation of Zanzibar from the Swiss government, with Zanzibar joining the Ethiopian Empire afterwards. The Ethiopian government heavily invested in Zanzibar, with the island soon being fully claimed.

War with Sudan

JackJackson officially stepped down as Negusa Nagast on the 14th of September, passing the title to John_of_Aus. Shortly after Jackson's departure, the nation of Sudan declared war on Nubia for claimblocking one of its towns. TheSuperGamer20578, King of Sudan, messaged both JackJackson and John_of_Aus, asking for Ethiopia's help in the fight. Both  Jack and John responded with memes. SuperGamer continually asked John if Ethiopia would join the war, with John eventually saying yes, declaring war on Sudan.

Few battles occurred between Ethiopia and Sudan, with only one significant battle transpiring where multiple Sudanese casualties occurred.

Ethiopian Inactivity

Ethiopia's activity increase wouldn't last long, and by the end of the year, Ethiopia had returned to it's Semi-Active Status. All of the Ethiopian towns and colonies would be disbanded due to inactivity leaving Addis Ababa as the sole remaining town with JackJackson once again as leader.

Purchase of Addis Ababa

Main article: Purchase of Addis Ababa.

After Negotiations ending on the 21st May 2021, Nubia would purchase Addis Ababa on the 22nd May 2021. The town would be given to cheetossssss, with Ethiopia itself being disbanded. However, this would be undone due to a large back that occurred.

Gregory as Negusa Nagast

Following the unsuccessful selling of Addis Ababa, JackJackson asked the former members of Ethiopia if they would want to return with all agreeing. Gregory, a close friend of all the members of Addis Ababa, began to show interest in the server. However, Gregory lacked a Minecraft account. Nevertheless, the Ethiopians were amused, and by the 5th of May, the group had elected Greg as the new Negusa Nagast of Ethiopia. Unfortunately, Gregory had little knowledge of the server, so he appointed Jackson as his regent, and Recruit as the crown prince to govern for him.

Eventually, the group of Ethiopia bought Gregory a Minecraft account (TearlessMist308). However, the group continued to call him by Greg and Gregory.

A meme created by Triangle_Square_

The False banning of JackJackson

Only five days after Gregory coming to power, JackJackson was banned for "mass alting". The EarthMC mods had accused Jack of using alts to hold towns and to grow his own. This outraged the Ethiopians and quickly united them, with many memes being created and sent to the Mods involved. Large amounts of evidence promptly poured in, proofing that Jack wasn't using eight different alts. As a result, Jack was unbanned after 23 hours of being banned.

The Removal of Ethiopia from the Australian Empire

Australia - Lower Australia War

During early July, the Australian colony of Lower_Australia rebelled from Australia with the backing of Nubia. However, Nubia quickly abandon Lower_Australia due to a large amount of nations declaring war on the rebel nation. The Ethiopian Government provided financial aid to Australia in the form of funding the town of Bendigo. As a result of the dozens of nations declaring war, Lower_Australia surrendered to Australia with only one day of fighting,

Nubian involvement and the Treaty of Emu Point

Australia and her Government would quickly discover Nubian involvement, who promised to protect Lower_Australia if they rebelled. Shellbu, King of Australia, decided with JackJackson that Ethiopia should be removed from the Empire to stop Nubian interference within Australian affairs. Therefore, Australia and Nubia signed the Treaty of Emu Point, officially releasing Ethiopia from Australia.

Ethiopian reaction

The Ethiopian Government, especially JackJackson, was angered by Nubia's failed invasion of Australia. To the Ethiopians, it was seen as invasion of a peaceful nation who had done nothing wrong to Nubia




Ethiopia joined Australia as colony to further improve the relations between the two nations. Ethiopia was given the name Australian East Africa, Congo became Australian Congo and Zanzibar was called The Australian Protectorate of Zanzibar.

While Ethiopia agreed to be removed from Australia, both nations have kept friendly relations with each other with strong support for Ethiopia in the Australian community.


Ethiopia joined the Tanzanian Empire on the 12/08/2020 for protection from Nubia after a brief with the leader of Tanzania, Sauq.

The Congo Free State

On 27th of August 2021, Ethiopia and the Congo Free State agreed to a non-aggression pact. Ethiopia also agreed to come to the defence of the Congo Free State in case of war.



Ethiopia and Nubia currently fight over towns and control of the Ethiopian region, with Ethiopia alongside Tanzania seeking to remove Nubian dominance over Africa. Nubia and Ethiopia have been involved with town stealing and battles against each other. Ethiopia has also helped enemy nations of Nubia.


Ethiopia and Nubia would quickly become enemies after creating an independent Addis Ababa. But even before this, Addis Ababa hadn't been on the best terms with Nubia due to them raiding Addis Ababa when it was first created.

Ethiopia would raid many Nubian towns in response to being attacked by a Nubian ally. Finally, Tensions reached a boiling point with the Battle of Addis Ababa occurring. Ethiopia would claim 'victory' in the battle but slowly started to lose motivation. Since The battle of Addis Ababa until recent times, Ethiopia opted to help support enemy nations of Nubia instead of direct fighting.

Following the removal of Ethiopia from Australia and Nubia "stealing" a town from them, Ethiopia once again returned to fighting against Nubia, with Ethiopia joining the Tanzanian Empire.

List of Battles Between Ethiopia and Nubia

Ethiopia and Nubia have fought many battles / Skirmishes, including;


The leaders of Sudan, Kobikraft and SuperGamer, ask Ethiopia multiple times to join their war against Nubia. After a brief discussion between the Crown Council of Ethiopia, it was decided that war would be declared on Sudan in support of the Allies inside of the Nubian Nation, as well as for being annoying and "The scum of Africa" and "12 Year Old Rats".


Addis Ababa is a hub for travel around Africa/Middle East having an Ice Road that Links El Obeid, Aden and Mersa together.