Illusory Era

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Turmoil Era


May 24th - August 30th


Illusory Era

Decay Era


The following events occurred during the Illusory Era:


  • Sign shops return to the server, but villagers are disabled
  • Withers become more common all around
  • Tensions between players and staff begin to ramp up


May 2020

May 24th

  • Sign shops return to EMC, but villager trading is turned off
  • Agreement met in the French Civil War
  • The nation of Lithuania is created

May 25th

  • Brazil leaves Rio Grande empire
  • Valkyrie disbands
  • At least 9 withers spawned on this day

May 28th

May 29th

  • The town of South_Berlin is founded by alonass. Shortly after founding alonass gets attacked by UghBraces and BamBamTheEggman.
  • Pact of Coral is formed between Siam, Vietnam and Majapahit.
  • Majapahit declares war on Kampuchea.

May 30th

  • The capital town of Indonesia, Makassar, falls into ruin. Massive PvP battle takes place afterward
  • The Skirmish of Phnom Penh happens

May 31st

  • Allegedly, they Gayfish mafia targets the town of kraftier after their Mayor talked badly about the group in global, which caused at least 5 casualties on kraftier's side, and the Gayfish Mafia Leader Emperor6k declaring the battle a win, by declaring 'I own Kraftier'. The battle lasted forover an hour with it ending in an eventual win for the Gayfish by people killed, however ,kobikraft still claiming he won. This is also when kobikraft's reputation worldwide started to get worse.
  • The historical Argent Museum in Argent, Deseret is evaporated with an explosion the likes never seen before on EarthMC. Anybody within the building or 10 blocks of it was vaporized instantly, along with all of their items
  • Skirmish of Pursat happens

June 2020

June 1st

  • The kraftier bombings are created around the city outskirts by Emperor6k. At around mid-day for the Mayor of kraftier, kobikraft, Emperor6k and about 3 others were said to have come to kraftier once more and fought citizens, causing many causalities. In the end, over 6 casualties were recorded on kraftier's side, with the surrounding areas being heavily damaged due to these bombings, and property in kraftier without proper permissions set ruined.
  • The town of Sussex is handed to Unbated, and its previous owner, Warriorrr moves into the Westminster Palace in London.

June 2nd

  • Battle in Baghermi between Yemen and Nubia
  • The nation of Iowa has been created with its capital being Iowa City

June 3rd

  • On June 3rd, in relation to the Yemen-Nubia Conflict caused by Nubia leaving the Yemeni Empire, a group of 3 that were in the town supposedly trying to help the town recover from the bombings from the day prior had a change of moods and back stabbed kraftier, starting to attack the town. About half an hour later, there were approximately 10 people in kraftier according to kobikraft, who were hunting him down, as well as local resident noahjc20083, so the 2 teleported to different /n spawns to protect themselves. The battle was between kraftier vs Gujarat and the Gayfish associated community and later there was a Gujarat vs Nubia conflict on the coast of Rajkot in a 3v2 Gujarat won.
  • The nation of north batagay was created
  • Riot in Pomerania.
  • Battle between the former Syndicate and Poland

June 5th

  • Pokediger1 joins the server again, to be spotted in Britain, then in UK. Later a bunch of players chase him out of claims and 32Pengun gets the kill.
  • Large Skirmish in new jersey after Pokediger1 leaves the server. Many deaths counted
  • Large PvP battle in Newark for players' request.
  • The nation of western cape disbanded
  • Nation of arctic disbanded
  • Arctic is founded
  • ENLS has been nominated as the new king of Sweden.
  • Battle in Newark, New Jersey
  • HSHZ creates the nation of Kingston
  • The nation of belarus was disbanded

June 6th

  • 3 more nations join the Canadian Empire
  • Persia leaves the GRE
  • There's a battle in Osiris_ between Accordo and Ancient Egypt
  • Yuan is disbanded
  • Battle in Aegyptus
  • Battle in Cascadia's Capital

June 7th

  • Lacusmagnia declares war on Sibir
  • The nation, ThirteenColonies is created on the east coast of the US. Its capital is Williamsburg.
  • Borneo is created, after the town of Ketapang ceded from Majapahit
  • Nubia reaches 600 players, making it the largest nation in the history of EMC
  • Borneo was created with Ketapang as its capital
  • Borneo joins Japan as a province
  • Battle at Tabasco, 10 deaths

June 8th

  • Québec declares war on Sibir
  • Santacruiser becomes chancellor of Nordaustlandet
  • France joins the GRE
  • GGOVI uses spambots for the first time in months

June 9th

  • Cuba disbands and gets absorbed into West Carribea, which renames itself to Cuba
  • Shimazu secedes from Japan
  • A restoration plan for Svalbard is created by its veteran players. The players are Bobberson07, TreePapi, Carrick100, Lopatomil, Leafbox, Afaukiz and the king Thundorlord himself

June 10th

  • Popular Youtuber Drew Durnil (with almost 600k subscribers) was spotted on EarthMC and killed by Gawker soon after
  • Tyce and IamSen233 get banned from the server
  • The nation of Moldova disbanded

June 11th

  • A large battle occurs in the Nubian town of glennjerman, all of the players had motives to kill TheRealJewy, who is a well known notorious greifer, the battle is known as the Battle of Sanaa.
  • Nordaustlandet declares war on Pakistan for their repeated uncalled for attacks.
  • The nation of Yellowstone is created.
  • BamBamTheEggman creates the Nation of Yellowstone with its capital being Blackwater
  • Yellowstones joins The Syndicate Alliance
  • The nation of Novolazarevskaya was created

June 12th

  • Battle at Blackwater, Yellowstone
  • The nation of Honduras was created with its capital being Tegucigalpa
  • A rogue councillor from Osiris gave several other people the councillor role, leading to the infamous Marvin Mafia raiding Osiris_, kicking all of its citizens and looting 1500g.

June 13th

  • A 2-hour rollback breaks most if not all existing mapart on the server.
  • Withers spawned in queue server by someone using a cheat or a moderator.
  • The German Kingdom of Dania was created by LegoDrage.
  • Callifornia leaves the Sunset Confederay and joins the Syndicate.
  • The Treaty of Mersa is signed by Nubia and Somalia.
  • California left the Sunset Confederacy and joined The Syndicate
  • Riftal steps down as the king of Finland

June 14th

  • Riftal abdicates the throne of Finland and appoints his heir, 0sku, as the next king of Finland. Riftal left the town Jyvaskyla with AzFreeze and the new capital city became Suur-Helsinki.
  • The teleport system for towny was broken, As well as mass lag spikes.
  • Sirta creates Severny
  • Kazakhstan launches a rocket to build limit.
  • A battle at EAC

June 15th

  • The popular Youtuber known as PokePlayz uploads a video on EMC
  • Popular Youtuber Drew Durnil uploads a video on EarthMC
  • The county of Tokelau declares war on the incoming new players, stating, "These new players are not welcome and we will do whatever we can do to stop them, they bring nothing but badness to this server and community."
  • The founding of the Valkyrian order by Dornan, Skyling_Saiyan, Law of Rence and Matt
  • The nation of Finland has joined the Union of Atlantic States.
  • Anorse1 created the nation Umayyad.
  • The nation of Liberia disbanded.
  • The nation of Zhonghua was formed
  • Baffin becomes a Quebec province and Morgini proclaims Greater Quebec
  • Guatemala is formed

June 16th

  • Battle in Walla Walla, apparently between Washington, Salish and their allies
  • Grosso (formerly known as Veracruz) joins California as a sub-province of Inca
  • Kingston declares war on DC

June 17th

  • Cubs_ leaves his chancellor role in the Rio Grande and creates the nation of Sri Lanka.
  • Battle in Krakow
  • Battle in East_Havana (Cuba)
  • Heinikin34 steps down and placed SerHugeNuts as the new Kaiser of Germany.
  • The nation of Guatemala was disbanded

June 18th

  • Thanamos prepares for France to be united with Britain
  • Svalbard and Nordaustlandet reunify under the new king, Bobberson_
  • TheAmazing_Moe becomes chancellor of the Rio Grande
  • Brazil has become a protectorate of California
  • India joined The British Commonwealth as a colony
  • Battle in ancient_egypt
  • TheAmazingMoe becomes
  • Nethrie is the new Kanzler of Germanythe new Chancellor of Rio Grande

June 21st

  • Server goes down for several hours; withers are spawned and fought in queue

June 23rd

June 24th

  • The nation of Grosso is founded.

June 25th

  • Iowa disbands.

June 26th

June 27th

  • New York leaves TriState.

June 28th

June 29th

  • In the wake of declaring war upon the Salish Federation, a member of California blows up the top portion of the Seattle Space Needle as part of a terrorist attack that is now known by Salish citizens as "6/29."
  • Union of Atlantic States declare war on Lithuania

June 30th

  • Turkish Youtuber releases a video on EMC, bringing the queue up to 430 and starting the Turcursion. The Turkish Republic is founded soon after and quickly becomes the second largest nation on the entire server. Many other nations, like SPQR and Numidia experienced significant growth due to the massive amount of Turkish players.
  • Liechtenstein is created
  • Qing falls into ruin

July 2020

July 1st

  • The nation of Centroamérica is formed with Aminius as its capital.
  • JesTer_BBX is elected as the Fifth Chancellor of the Salish Federation.
  • Aakhof is elected as the Twenty-First President of Cascadia.
  • The unification of France starts and the nation known as Carolingia shrinks massively.
  • Lacusmagnia joins Terra Mariana in the war with Lithuania.
  • Sri Lanka declares war on Imperial Japan
  • Tri-State Disbands
  • Pakistan join Quebec and Lacusmagia in the war against SRA
  • Gujarat and Alabama join under Sri Lanka
  • Khazar is created
  • kobiKraft, mayor of Kraftier, declares war on the joint town of Mersa
  • The nation of Ryuzoji joins the Sri Lankan Empire.

July 2nd

  • Shang disbands
  • Eiffel tower reconstructed in Sussex
  • Tri-State disbands.

July 4th

July 6th

  • After Indochina aids BritishFalklands in the war on Malvinas, a large battle consisting of multiple soldiers occurs south of BritishFalklands
  • The max player cap is raised around this time to compensate for the Turcursion.

July 7th

July 8th

  • Acadia, Kingston, Vermont, Sasketchewan, Obama and South Russia join the Canadian Republic.

July 10th

  • Beta server opens to the public.

July 11th

  • Germany, Poland and PLC form the mega nation of "European Empire"
  • The Dual Republic of Korea becomes the People's Republic of Korea after the majority of citizens vote in support of the change, the Red and Blu sub-nations (administrative, not real towny nations) that govern the North and South of the peninsula are disbanded.
  • A massive scandal within the ranks of Sri Lanka/Rio occurs. Samisol makes Cubs_ angry enough to get him banned with no chance of an unban. It turned out Samisol was an alt of a player banned over a year prior, and he doxxed multiple people.

July 12th

  • Germany disbands "European Empire". The German king states it was a ploy to get gold from Poland and war continues
  • Poland states that it will kill any German citizen in sight
  • Sign shops return.

July 14th

  • Casper_cDog gets banned for doxxing
  • The Arctic Federation was established with the nations of Anzhu, Godthab and Svalbard.

July 15th

  • Casper_cDog is unbanned

July 17th

  • LoganTheProdigy becomes the president of France.
  • Some of Cloudflare's servers go down due to router issues. This causes the server to crash for a short time, also becoming very laggy.
  • An issue with chat channels where people can't connect to global chat occurs and is fixed on the same day.

July 21st

  • Urodan is formed.
  • A genocide at Ryuzoji happens after a wedding.
  • Japan joins the Syndicate.

July 22nd

  • Yellowstone joins the Syndicate.

July 23rd

  • Persia joins the Syndicate.

July 24th

  • Japan declares war on Shimazu
  • Korea starts its election for ministers

July 26th

  • On This Day, The Canadian Empire Alliance's Coup Of July took place. Most member states of the Canadian Empire were kicked. The next day, Morgini and a group of officials engaged in a coup d'etat against Prime Minister Skildo and Emperor 754. Sinister was placed as the new Prime Minister, and the country is preparing to begin democratic reforms. In addition, all kicked members were invited to return. (Info From Canadian Empire Page).

July 27th

  • Oz ends the war with the Victorian Empire.
  • Fiji declares war on New Caledonia.

July 29th

  • Server experiences issues of players being unable to move.

July 30th

  • Date declares war on Korea, accuses Korea of being ally to Shimazu and cites as reason for war.
  • The Date clan declares war on Shimazu and its puppet Ishikari.

July 31st

August 2020

August 1st

  • The Cascadian presidential elections ends in a tie after an admin deleted the votes of Canadian Rockies residents.
  • The french presidental elections end and Optimus_Trajan is elected as the new president of France.
  • The user Sen was unbanned.
  • Sidon_ became the Kanzler of Germany.
  • DashSlayer25 renamed his nation from D.C. to U.S.A.
  • Rodding people out of claims is now prohibited.
  • The Lacusmagnia Royal Palace was opened to the public after nearly one week of work.
  • Michigan left Rio Grande.
  • A festival was held on Russia for announcing the new tsar.
  • SinisterCherry has won the elections for Prime Minister of the Canadian Republic with 31 votes.

August 2nd

  • Arizona and Canadian Rockies joined Cascadia as provinces.
  • xBest_Name_Everx was elected as the new president of Cascadia.
  • A new government was established on Greater Quebec.
  • Omoshiroi_Sana became the new king of Xia.
  • A drop party was done by a hacker on Maluku spawn.
  • A skirmish occured in Arar, Turkish Republic.
  • A new mapart competition was announced by Shimazu.
  • Lumpoon was re-elected as Prime Minister of Indochina.
  • A new cabinet was announced on the Canadian Republic.
  • Hodin created and disbanded Montreal.
  • Three nations were disbanded in five minutes:
  1. Grand_Australia [17h22 / 5h22 PM]
  2. Zhonghua [17h24 / 5h24 PM]
  3. Rule4.1 [17h26 / 5h26 PM]

August 3rd

  • Greater Armenia has joined the Syndicate.
  • o_toast_o was unbanned.
  • Ducky4408 was unbanned.
  • Great Lakes was created by Ascendant_Lemon.
  • Thule was disbanded and during its raid there were a few deaths.
  • Kamtchatka announced its new government.
  • NicoGNV founded Mexico.
  • Zambie joined Nubia as a colony.
  • After revolutions, Urodan reformed its government, dropping Fascism and became Magadan

August 4th

  • Korea surrenders to Date
  • Aztec joined Nova Scotia as a province.
  • Taiwan and Majapahit joined the Kanem Coalition.
  • Japan and Xia allied.
  • Aztec joined the Canadian Republic.
  • New Granada was acquired by Poland as a colony.
  • Eswatini was disbanded.
  • ModsRule4.1 (unknown original name) was disbanded.
  • Jalisco was created by Brecon.
  • A skirmish occured on Germany with no cassualties though +20 users participated.
  • Due to the enforcement of the rule 4.1, many nations lost their names.

August 5th

  • Battle happened at Kraftier ending with 8 cassualties.
  • Teleporting is broken due to the server extreme lag.
  • EarthMC is looking for new moderators.
  • Honduras was disbanded.
  • Greater Roman Empire announced their Consul elections results.
  • The elections for Date's Prime Minister have concluded.

August 6th

  • Nubia becomes the first nation ever to hit a total population of 1000, also later hitting 6 towns on /towny top residents town, largest amount achieved server-ide.
  • Everglades joined Cuba as a province.
  • MaxFL kept his position as Prime Minister of Finland.
  • The Lacusmagnia Empire was formed by Lacusmagnia, Haiti, Bei Qi, Cyrenaica and Algonquia.
  • Ooban_ created West Jersey who joined New Jersey as a province.
  • Toopg was unbanned.
  • Alberta was disbanded (then it was re-made).
  • Hudson Bay was disbanded.
  • Saskatchewan was disbanded.
  • Korean elections end, new ministers elected
  • Dictiooo gets unbanned after a massive campaign.

August 7th

  • Krasnoyarsk was disbanded.
  • Kenya was disbanded.
  • Terra Mariana announced their 7th Prime Minister.
  • OxtonEagle created Lebanon and disbanded it.
  • Shanka resigned as the king of UK and declared AndrewSpilly as the new leader.
  • West Jersey joined Greater Quebec.
  • The Greater Roman Empire finished their monthly elections.

August 8th

  • Skirmish on the border of Ankara.
  • Brazil declared independence of the Californian Empire.
  • Imperio Azteca (previously Mexico) joined the South Cone Union as an observer nation.
  • There was a coalition in the Levant.
  • A PVP party occured close to the Egypt spawn.

August 9th

  • Toronto joined Lacusmagnia as a colony.
  • ReadUPon4.1 was disbanded.
  • ______________37 was banned for using a hacked account.

August 10th

  • Battle occured at Suna.
  • Mauritania was disbanded.
  • PeterGriffin created Albania.
  • kmatija created Baikal.
  • Fiji joined the Union of Oceanian States.
  • 7Fen became the temporary Shogun of Date.
  • Karl announced maintenance.
  • xMegalodonx was announced as the new leader of Antarctic Kingdom.

August 11th

  • Germany declares war on UK (not to be confused with Britain), for violating claims in Iceland and Ísland.
  • Toopg was banned again for doxxing.
  • California was united again.
  • Merina was disbanded.
  • Shellblu was elected as the 5th Prime Minister of the Union of Oceanian States.
  • Haiti has joined the Syndicate.
  • Adriix created Victoria.
  • California announced their cabinet for August.
  • Rough and Ready and Jefferson have merged.

August 12th

  • Cascadia and California made a defensive alliance, the West Coast Alliance.
  • Klondike joins Ruperts Land

August 13th

  • Paraguay briefly leaves La Plata and the South Cone Union.
  • Dornan was assassinated by Amphire, Prompting Law and the other Cascadians to kill Amphire in Valkyria on August 14th
  • Point Nemo is created with Rlyeh as the capital
  • Paraguay left La Plata and the South Cone Union and therefore joined Brazil as a province.
  • North Territory has joined Terra Mariana as a colony
  • Skirmish at British Colombia, Cascadia vs. Pakistan and Yakutia
  • Baja joins California as a province.

August 14th

  • When Law and other Cascadians are about to head to Valkyria, Amphire teleported to Law and his forces ambushing them. The battle ended in a tie with both sides with heavy casualties.
  • Westminster Abbey begins construction in Sussex and London. It has a prospective size of 48 chunks, crushing the cathedral in Terra Mariana in terms of size.
  • Cravis44 has created the nation Zimbabwe, its capital being Harare

August 15th

  • Seoul leaves Korea and accepts invite from Shimazu
  • Nubia's Operation Despot is finished, taking 800g from Kobikraft's attempt to rebel with the towns of Dharug and Kraftier, by pretending nearby towns Gizmo and St. Allison wish to rebel alongside them.
  • Battle of Tasiilaq Bridge happens.
  • FutureLemon gets banned for doxxing.
  • A battle occurs at the town of Sivas
  • The nation francia falls
  • Altin the leader of Turkish republic got banned for a cheat client
  • The nation Korea_North fell
  • Player FutureLemon, mayor of Wales and Accordo member has been banned for doxing
  • The nations of Yemen and West Jersey are now considered dependencies of New Jersey - Sri Lanka however is sold to another person and therefore isn't part of New Jersey anymore.

August 16th

  • Korea declares war on Shimazu, reason being Shimazu supports the rebellious mayor of Seoul.
  • The Second Battle of Kraftier happens, later causing the nearby Battle of Gizmo.
  • Kraftier's councillor, Tafffy loots the valuables from it and enables outsider perms within the entire town. Looters quickly move in and rob the town of anything it had. The city has been largely destroyed, in an event known as The Kraftier Raid.
  • Kraftier is kicked from Ethiopia.
  • There is a battle at /n spawn Chad
  • Korea has declared war on Shimazu, excluding the Shimazu puppet-state Ishikari
  • Hokkaido, a vassal state of Shimazu, declares war on Korea alongside Shimazu.
  • Ishikari Shogunate (also part of Shimazu) declares war on Korea alongside Shimazu and Hokkaido.

August 17th

  • Kraftier is reinvited to Ethiopia and joins it once again, however Kraftier still remains in ruins, from it's destruction in relation to The Dharug-Kraftier Rebellion from Nubia.
  • The nation of albania has been disbanded
  • California has declared war on Venezuela due to violations of the Gallegos Pact.
  • California retracts the declaration after a misunderstanding
  • New nation of Turan, capital being Semerkant
  • The ruler of Turkish_republic has been unbanned.
  • The province of the Canadian Rockies has been kicked out of Cascadia.

August 18th

  • Canadian Republic, The Syndicate and UAS declare war on Venezuela for them declaring war on Haiti and their tensions towards Aztec.
  • Svalbard declares war on Nordaustlandet.
  • The Canadian Republic also declares war on Brazil for its hostilities towards Aztec.
  • Salish has joined the Canadian Republic
  • Date alliance with Asia
  • Fight at palestine between Egypt, Israel and China with 4 casualties
  • Brazil, Lebanon, Cordoba and New Granada declare war on Haiti.
  • Lacusmagnia declares war on Brazil and Venezuela
  • West Jersey is declaring war on Venezuela
  • The UAS declares war on Venezuela
  • Rio Grande is now at war with Venezuela
  • Quebec is now at war with Venezuela
  • Nova Scotia is now at war with Brazil and Venezuela
  • Alberta has joined the Salish Federation as a province.
  • The Battle of Town Name Here takes place

August 19th

  • The nation of Gabon has joined Terra Mariana as a colony
  • Battle taking place at Lidya
  • Arabia joins the GRE as a territory

August 20th

  • indian7p's ban is reduced to 7 days.
  • The nation bei_wei was disbanded
  • The nation MSGMODS has been disbanded
  • The nation A.A.T has been disbanded
  • _Lach_ created a new nation called Caspian Sea, with its capital being Kameiros
  • The nation Caspian Sea has joined California as a province
  • The nation Arabia joined the LDC (Levant Defence Coalition)

August 21st

August 22nd

  • A battle has broke out in Sivas
  • Borneo and Majapahit unite to become the nation of Nusantara under a dual monarchy.
  • Bactria joins Austria as a province
  • Washington has left Rio Grande.

August 23rd

  • InYourSoul created a new nation called Sinaloa
  • Two battles occur at the town of Sivas, ending with 17 casualties
  • The nation of Midwest was disbanded.

August 24th

  • The Amazing Moe announces he is leaving Rio Grande and disolves the mega nation of Rio. North Paso announces that several of the Rio provinces will stay together as The Provisional Government of Rio Grande and Texas. Paso is crowned by the Pope as Rio Grande Emperor.
  • The Canadian Rockies declares war on the ReptileOrder due to rebelling from the country
  • Caliphate is founded by ItsProngs, capital is Islam
  • Imperio Azteca joins California Republic after leaving the South Cone Union
  • Battle at TheReptileOrder. Canadian Rockies vs Fuaxy and TheReptileOrder, ends with 1 casualty
  • North Paso has been crowned by the Pope as the Emperor of Rio Grande.
  • Megaboy23 is now the Leader of Persia after the resignation of AD31

August 25th

  • The Californian-Salish war comes to a close
  • The Battle of Neu Celestia occurs
  • The Canadian Republic and California form a defense pact
  • Due to the fall of TheReptileOrder, The Canadian Rockies has won the war
  • Greater_Crimea is created with the capital of alt+f4
  • Well known player UnreadiSpaghetti perm banned for fly hacking
  • Player UnreadiSpaghetti has been unbanned
  • AD31 has became back the Queen of Persia
  • California has ended it’s war with Salish
  • Utah joins California as a province.

August 26th

  • The nation of Goshen was created by TechN9ne.
  • Alsjad, the king of Arabia has abdicated and gave his nation to Valecius
  • Bangladesh has joined the Rajasa Pact

August 27th

  • indian7p unbanned.
  • IamSen233 has been banned
  • Arabia and Caliphate have merged and ItsProngs is the leader.
  • TheRealJewy was been banned

August 28th

  • The nation Xingu was founded.
  • The nation Scandinavia disbanded.
  • The nation Tanami disbanded.
  • Skirmish at Turkish_Republic.
  • Former king Cencius sells nation of egypt to Ducky for 1.75k

August 29th

  • Xingu has declared independence of Brazil.

August 30th

  • The Towny server shut down for 6 hours after a supposed exploiter crashed the server with bots and a lag machine.
  • Maximum player cap decreased to 100 players
  • Unbated is elected as the Prime Minister of Britain
  • Ishikari declares independence from Shimazu
  • The Canadian Rockies withdrew their war declaration on Venezuela