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The top of StarKiller1744's skin

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Profile Information
Aliases Star


Nation Flag-0.png Nubia
Town TurkanaFlag.png Turkana
Towny Rank Mayor of Turkana
Occupation Mayor of Turkana
Organization Previously Interpol
Political Party
Religion Tetrisism
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn 30th May 2020
Place of Spawn
Physical Information
Gender Male.png Male
Blood Type
Status Information
Status Active
Server Role Player
Date of Ban
Nation History
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  • 30/05/20 - 'Present' Flag-0.png Nubia

StarKiller1744 (formerly 57starkiller and Starmoo1119, also known commonly as just Star, StarKiller, or Sater) is a player on the EarthMC Terra Nova towny server who first joined in late May 2020. They are most notable for their incumbent role as the Nubian Minister of Defence, former Vice Commander of the Nubian Army and being the current Mayor of Turkana. He is controversial due to assisting other in PvPing and relationships with players in the PvP community, participating in several battles that have made server history.



After gorkymoo1119 (then known as 57gorky) requested then councillor of his town, Steelerplayer1, to help recruit for Mersa (which at the time had about 80 residents after a long period of staying at 60 residents). Steelerplayer1 knew StarKiller1744 and introduced him to the idea of joining EarthMC, which StarKiller1744 liked the idea of.

After accepting the offer from Steelerplayer1, he messaged gorkymoo1119's Discord account requesting to be invited the town. The next day, gorkymoo1119 replied and invited StarKiller1744 to Mersa later that day, where he was given a plot in the middle of the town, on Erick Road.


During his time in Mersa throughout most of June 2020, he assisted Thee_Boss in the building of the new Mersan roads. During this time, he interacted with several members of the Nubian community, such as then Prime Minister Alas and Emperor twomoo1119. He also moved homes to one by the Temple of Isis on Ogaden Avenue, where he'd house much mapart. While in the town of Mersa, StarKiller1744 began to take a liking to pvp and began making god sets and swords for use of hunting.

Battle of Arabian Mersa

While StarKiller1744 became more active in EarthMC and began saving up gold, he expressed much interest in creating a Mersa proxy town on the Arabian peninsula, to be called Arabian Mersa. While planning this town, the Yemen Empire caught word of the towns planning and a battle for the territory erupted. Eventually, 57billy (mayor of Mersa proxy town West Mersa) threatened to leave Nubia and join Yemen if the territory was not left under their control.

Creating Turkana

In late June 2020 after much talk with the Nubian community, especially gorkymoo1119 and twomoo1119, he was asked to create a town over the ruins of old Turkana. He agreed to this, as he felt he had already helped Mersa enough and could continue to help it after, which he did.

Turkana was created on the 25th of June, to help the Nubian expansion southwards. As the town began, StarKiller1744 started to claim the ruins of the old ruins with the help of twomoo1119 funding him gold for expansion. As soon as most of the ruins were claimed over, he later began revamping the old roads with a design similar to the capital with the temple town spawn being the centerpiece of the territory. During the rebuilding of the temple and roads, twomoo1119 offered one of his residents to be StarKiller1744's first counselor. The two worked on the town and made the first buildings being 2 residential houses and an inn. Both buildings still stand today but are edited by residents. The inn is the oldest untouched building in the town that has not been edited by any other player, dating back to June 30 2020.

Kraftier Conflicts

The Beginning

In early June 2020, StarKiller1744 began to get to know a former Mersa resident, Kobikraft, and wanted to buy a shop in his town to help it start out well. Eventually a shop plot was bought for 7 gold and construction began. After 1 day of owning the shop plot, he came back to find it later evicted. When he asked kobiKraft about this, he claimed it was now unclaimed territory due to unknown taxes. StarKiller1744 requested the plot back only to find it at the ownership of another player. From this point forward StarKiller1744 began to develop a bitter hatred for Kobikraft.

More Conflict Arises

As StarKiller1744 began to protest the scamming of Kobikraft, several other Nubia citizens began to protest these actions as well. One day kobiKraft toggled on the protestors and a small fight broke out. It was at this point that kraftier became a constant warzone. Eventually, Kobikraft attacked one of StarKiller1744's friends, ArcaPlays, and StarKiller1744 immediately responded with fighting which sparked the Second Battle of Krafter. Other battles arose due to the hatred kraftier had for StarKiller1744 and his supporters, such as Battle of Kraftier, Battle of East Kraftier, Attack on Kraftier, Battle of Gizmo, and more.


After enough battles breaking out almost weekly at Kraftier, Kobikraft chose to conspire with TheSuperGamer205 about a rebellion plan to leave the nation of Nubia. When the two towns left the nation and joined Ethiopia, several players showed their aggression towards this rebellion by constantly attacking the towns bringing the weekly attacks to a daily occurrence. As the two towns began saving up gold, a nation offer was brought to their attention and they purchased the nation of Sudan.

Aggressions on the Inside

During the time of July through September 2020, a large rivalry arose between StarKiller1744 and 57billy. These conflicts would eventually cause a rift in the Nubian community and eventually, a series of rebellions.

Political Conflict

During the August 2020 Nubian Elections, the two rivals both became candidates for Prime Minister of Nubia. This caused much political debate and accusations being spread about either party. During the election term, aggression took place towards select members of the community, said to be to help in "standing up for racism". After a campaign labelled deceptive by StarKiller1744's supporters, 57billy became the Prime Minister of Nubia.

Position Corruption

During 57billy's rule as Prime Minister, he used his power to allegedly harass and abuse members of the community he considered rivals, especially StarKiller1744, Noahser, and ArcaPlays. Conflict and drama only grew as StarKiller1744 began standing up for these individuals and demanding better treatment to those being harassed on an almost daily basis by the allegedly corrupt Prime Minister. When these aggressions became too much for several citizens, rebellion began to be contemplated by those affected.

StarKiller1744's temporary secession

On August 4th 2020, StarKiller1744 had felt the damage to the community was too much and stated an official secession from Nubia and began to venture off in hopes of finding a nation to accept him. With no nations other than enemies being in range of the town, he waited for a few days until asking the community if they wished for his return by a vote. The vote ended in favor of his rejoining and he later entered back into Nubia.

Conflict Continues

After StarKiller1744's secession and his later return to the nation, more conflict arose about the incident which ended in multiple fights breaking out in the nation discord. With the growing conflict and the seemingly unending drama, StarKiller1744 and ArcaPlays began to make a plan for a rebel nation of Kenya. As the duo began to save up gold, they planned to make ice lines that connected both towns and that extended to areas to invade Nubian claims.

The Dharug Treaty

Following the plans with a rebel nation due to the drama with 57billy and other members of the Nubian community, StarKiller1744 and ArcaPlays realized they needed to mend some ties between the rebel nation of Sudan to ensure there was not overwhelming conflict with them being sandwiched between 2 nation claim radii. A meeting was requested between Kobikraft, mayor of kraftier and TheSuperGamer205, mayor of Dharug. Together, ArcaPlays and StarKiller1744 proposed a non-aggression pact between the towns to ensure no added conflict since both parties were set on similar motives. When the Dharug Treaty was signed, the non aggression was maintained for nearly 2 months, until Kraftier and Dharug began to disobey the terms. The treaty later fell out of use and the original document is displayed in the Turkana Museum.

Zambie Rebellion

On September 1st 2020, the nation of Zambie, under the rule of 57billy, rebelled from Nubia and took 2 Nubian towns with it. StarKiller1744 then made an announcement saying "I told you so" and kept reminding past followers of 57billy on how no one would believe the truth and only rumors. StarKiller1744 then launched a few marches at Zambie in an attempt to anger 57billy and his followers and those who joined him.

Conflict Resolved

As 57billy left and later became inactive, along with his followers, the divide in the Nubian community began to slowly fade away with help from Mengan_, Twomoo1119, Gorkymoo1119, and StarKiller1744. The community regained their ties and the community had been revived and many citizens became more active.

Sudanese Battles

During StarKiller1744's several terms as Minister of Defence following the creation of the rebel nation of Sudan, he focussed most of his time and energy into keeping the army active and often sending pvp groups to patrol outside Kraftier and keep most Sudanese residents under pressure of being killed if exiting their claimed territory.

The Second Battle of Kraftier

Visit main article: Second Battle of Kraftier

This battle held major importance in Nubian history since it was a major spark that triggered most of the fights breaking out in Kraftier territory. This battle began when player ArcaPlays, one of StarKiller1744's good friends, was attacked by Kobikraft while strolling through Kraftier. When StarKiller1744 got word of his friend being attacked, he immediately rushed to aid ArcaPlays so Kobikraft would leave him alone. Along with him, StarKiller1744 brought a team of players he knew well such as Driifter, Noahser, and others to attack Kraftier as punishment to Kobikraft for harming a friend. After much fighting, several other pvpers came having spotted a large group of players fighting at Kraftier.

The Battle of East Kraftier

Visit main article: Battle of East Kraftier

Having been attacking Kraftier relentlessly for nearly a month, StarKiller1744 led a group of friends, ArcaPlays, iamkeg, and TheKeebler, to sneak into the town via the Nile Tower to spy on Kobikraft and his residents. After 10 minutes of sneaking around, the group spotted Kobikraft and Daniel10a heading East towards a large building. The group climbed on top of the building in wilderness and looked down on Kobikraft. Suddenly and without warning, Daniel10a created the town of East Kraftier. Having noticed this, StarKiller1744 and the group dropped down into the new town startling Kobikraft and Daniel10a. PvP was then toggled in the few chunks owned by East Kraftier and a battle began to rage on. Following this came several more Nubian pvpers. After much fighting, the conflict began to get out of hand with Gorkymoo1119 telling Kobikraft and his residents to evacuate the area. During this the only fighters left were StarKiller1744 and ArcaPlays. The two successfully forced the entire town of Kraftier into surrender and the battle was ended.

Aggressions Towards Kindu

Visit main article: Nubia-Kindu War

After StarKiller1744's first and second tenure as Minister of Defence, Kindu began taking aggression towards Nubians by attacking select nearby towns which sparked major conflicts.

Kindu Battles

Kindu soldiers at the Siege of Azula
Visit main article: Second Kindu Offensive

As Kindu's aggression towards Nubia grew, StarKiller1744 did not want to stand idly by and let a town such as Kindu get away with attacking the nation. StarKiller1744 encouraged large numbers of army members to attack the town of Kindu relentlessly to establish Nubian dominance in the area. Even though others viewed these large attacks as going somewhat overboard, in StarKiller1744's eyes it was teaching Kindu "a lesson of not to pick fights with nations much more powerful than their small town". During the Siege of Azula, StarKiller1744 rushed to the battle sight to be the first to get the taste for battle. Once there, he found himself fighting against a group of 7 Kindu residents all in netherite armor (some in god armor and others in unenchanted) griefing outside the town. StarKiller1744 immediately rushed out into the battle ground and took on the force of 7. After about 5 minutes of 7v1, the Kindu residents began to retreat back to their town. StarKiller1744 chased down one of the residents and killed them, keeping the armor as a trophy and a sign of Kindu's weakness.

Role in Nubia


Further information: StarKiller1744's second tenure as Minister of Defence

Starkiller1744's role in Nubia has often changed. He has been elected as Minister of Defence in six elections, 2 initially until his first resignation and 4 more terms post-September 2020. Starkiller1744 also attempted to help the community out by providing and selling god sets. He also has attempted to give materials to citizens as a form of help. He was made Vice Commander of the Army on the 8th March 2021, a role he still serves.


StarKiller1744 is an active member of the Nubian Community, being both an active mayor of a large town and a friend to several players in the nation. During his time in the community, he has gotten to know several players and helped pushed them to be active such as Mengan_, ArcaPlays, Th0op, and more.

PvP Status

StarKiller1744 has been known to partake in many battles on EarthMC, mainly ones involving kobiKraft and Kraftier, along with the nation of Sudan. StarKiller1744 has no specific side in most battles and is often in them mostly for loot, kills, excitement, and sets/weapons. He has connections with PVPers such as _Takii, Amphire, CheatoKiller1744, and more.

Battles and Conflicts

StarKiller1744 has participated in the following battles and conflicts.


StarKiller1744 considers the following players to be his close friends.

StarKiller1744 considers the following players to be his other friends:

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