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Proposal for official photograph of gorkymoo1119 as Nubian Minister, showing him outside the Temple of Isis and with the Nubian flag
In office
Preceded by
Succeeded by
In office
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In office
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Profile Information
Aliases Gorky
Nation Flag-0.png Nubia
Town Nil
Towny Rank Nil
Occupation Mayor of Mersa
Organization Previously Afripol and Interpol
Political Party SagarParty.png Darya Sagar Party (in Darya)
Previously Citizens' Guard (in Nubia and Yemen)
Religion 1200px-Isis.svg.png The Cult of Isis
Spouse(s) TwomooFace.png twomoo1119

BillyFace.png 57billy
NopnopFace.png Nopnop100
Signature GorkySignature.png
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn 26th of November 2019
Place of Spawn Southern Tibet/Northern India
Physical Information
Nationality File:British.svg British
Gender Male.png Male
Blood Type
Status Information
Status Inactive
Server Role Player
Date of Ban
Nation History
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Gorkymoo1119 (formerly 57gorky and gorky1119) is a player of the EarthMC towny Terra Nova and Terra Aurora servers, who helped found Nubia on Aurora, and notable on Nova for his long history of political office in Nubia, Yemen and Ethiopia.

Gorkymoo1119 first joined the server on November 26, 2019, when the server was in Terra Nova. On Terra Nova, gorkymoo1119 established the town of Mersa, which grew rapidly to one of the largest towns on the server. In March 2020, 'Mexit' took place, under the leadership of gorkymoo1119, in which Mersa left Nubia to join Yemen. Within Yemen, gorkymoo1119 served in many government positions, before establishing the nation of Ethiopia as a result of growing Eastern African discontent with Yemeni control. He later reunified with Nubia, forming the second Nubian empire and starting the Yemen-Nubia conflict. From 2020 to his exit from Terra Nova in 2021, gorkymoo1119 remained in Nubia, becoming a prominent politician who served as the first Nubian Prime Minister, former (first) Grand Vizier of the Darya Pact. He was also Minister of the Cult of Isis and a Chancellor and former Minister of Municipal Development in Nubia (for 6 terms). He joined the nation of Nubia and created his town, Mersa, during early December 2019. He founded the company Mersa Mines as well as the organization of Afripol, as well as helped MapleVK found Interpol. From 2021 to 2022, gorkymoo1119 also held the role of EarthMC Wiki moderator.

In September 2021, gorkymoo1119 announced his exit from EarthMC, but continued briefly playing. Prior to December 2023, he last logged in on 21 October 2021, leaving Mersa to fall on 3 December. From 6 December 2021 to 9 September 2023, gorkymoo1119 remained out of contact to anyone on EarthMC. In September 2023, gorkymoo1119 returned to the EarthMC discord, and joined the Terra Aurora server for the first time on 22 December 2023.

On Terra Aurora, gorkymoo1119 has mainly been active in helping establish Nubia there alongside Thee_Boss. He is currently the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Nubia, serving since 15 January 2024. He previously served as Minister of Internal Affairs, from 1 to 15 January 2024.

Nova History (2019–2021)

Early History

Starting off

Gorkymoo1119 first heard of the server in July of 2019, however did not get around to joining it until around late November because of the decently large queue and being very busy in real life. He spawned in western China around Tibet, and made their way down to the Brahmaputra river in EarthMC, where he set out on a journey to arrive in Africa, where he wanted to start a town. Upon arriving, he learnt that to start a town you must have 64 gold. This originally shocked gorkymoo1119, however quickly came up with plans in the meanwhile, as well as using his expertise from other towny servers he was on prior. Then, a Californian by the name of 'ThatTechDude343' invited them to join Los Angeles.

Los Angeles 

Gorkymoo1119 accepted the invite to Los Angeles soon after, and ThatTechDude343 showed them around. Gorkymoo1119 was interested in Los Angeles, however didn't buy a house in the city due to not having enough gold nor the willingness to do so. Gorkymoo1119 soon asked ThatTechDude343 to invite 'grancb' to the town, who gorkymoo1119 knew well. ThatTechDude343 invited them. Grancb and gorkymoo1119 then built their house just outside the Los Angeles claim. On a later date, after gorkymoo1119 was getting gold by mining and voting, he found their house griefed by an unknown user. This left them both in dismay, as even their 'secret' wheat farm was griefed. This led them to build a new secret underground base where they would grow wheat to make bread that was enough for the journey. At that point, neither of the users knew about '/n spawn' travel. They set out on the journey to Africa.

Journey to Africa (1)

After successfully getting past Baja California and the majority of Baja California Sur, the duo met another user under the username '_Dmo'. They were passing by La Paz in Baja California Sur when they first saw the user. After seeing _Dmo as a threat, gorkymoo1119 and grancb attempted to rush away from the user on boat. Grancb and gorkymoo1119 separated, however _Dmo was only chasing after gorkymoo1119. Attempting to go faster on boat, gorkymoo1119 went to click their 'ctrl' key, however accidentally hit the 'left-shift' key instead. This jumped him out of the boat, with _Dmo close behind and chasing gorkymoo1119. _Dmo managed to get a hit, combat tagging gorkymoo1119. Gorkymoo1119 advised grancb to disconnect before he was combat tagged, and did so successfully. Gorkymoo1119 knew he couldn't win the fight as he was in iron armour and had iron tools, whereas _Dmo had a full diamond set. Realising their fate, gorkymoo1119 stopped swimming away and accepted it. _Dmo quickly killed gorkymoo1119, with 55 gold in their inventory. Luckily, gorkymoo1119 had given grancb some gold to take care of 'just in case', however this event still slowed down the mission to get to Africa quite a lot.

Starting over again

For the next few days after the event, gorkymoo1119 would login and vote/mine for gold and resources. He would also grow wheat on their new wheat farm. During this time, gorkymoo1119 learnt about '/n spawn (country)', which made them rethink their plan to get to Africa. Soon, he had enough more than enough gold for attempt number 2 to Africa. Grancb could not login for the next few days, thus gorkymoo1119 made the journey to Africa alone to create his town.

Journey to Africa (2)

Learning from their previous mistakes, gorkymoo1119 re-embarked on their mission to Africa. This time, however, he looked for spawns around where he wanted to set up the town in Africa. Soon enough, he found a nearby nation to Africa which was public and could easily be accessed, which was India's capital 'Mumbai'. Setting off from here, he placed a boat offshore the coast of Mumbai that was made in California by themselves. Using the boat, he embarked on a much easier journey to Africa, taking less than 15 minutes. Upon arrival of the coast of Africa, he used directions from the online map to get to the spot where he wanted to set up base.

Creation of Mersa

When in spot, gorkymoo1119 performed the command '/t new' to make their town. The one chunk town was made, and the first thing gorkymoo1119 did was celebrate. He gathered wood from nearby trees to make a crafting table and a chest for their stuff. Originally, with only wood, he went mining and got some stone and iron for their armour and tools. Later on, he made their first proper house in their town, which he continued to use long after the creation of their new town.

Fall of Mersa and Gorky's Disappearance

On August 30, 2021, Gorky would abruptly stop sending messages in Nubia's discord. On October 21, 2021, Gorky logged off from EarthMC for the last time. Over the next months, people would try to ping him to log back on to save Mersa, to no avail. On December 3, 2021, Nova:Mersa collapsed and was replaced by New Mersa. Gorkymooo1119 then returned to the Nubia discord on December 5, coming back with the popcorn emoji. At midnight UTC, gorkymoo1119 sent his last message in Nubia's discord, which stated:

"I'd never die in Ireland" - gorkymoo1119 Dec 6, 2021 00:00 UTC

Absence from EarthMC and interim years (2021–2023)

From 6 December 2021 to 9 September 2023, gorkymoo1119 was absent from any involvement in EarthMC. In this period, ArcticArca built a memorial for gorkymoo1119 on July 1, 2022 in Columbus on Terra Aurora.

Terra Aurora history (2023–present)

Gorkymoo1119 returned to EarthMC with a Reddit post on 9 September 2023, with cahden getting gorkymoo1119 to return to the old Nubia discord, which was at this point archived. Gorkymoo1119 did not join the server itself again until 22 December 2023, joining the twomoo1119-led town of Toronto, before moving to Meroe on 25 December 2023, following the establishment of the town and a new Nubia by Thee_Boss. He was appointed nation chancellor and town councillor, and on 1 January 2024, was made the first Minister of Internal Affairs for Nubia.


Due to his somewhat notable status on the server as a politician and in general, gorkymoo1119 has created or helped make many documents and books.

Fucking a Llama

This book was published in-game, and was a fictional story about the writer having sexual relations with a llama and a cow. The book, which was about 5 pages long in-game, was published on the 20th of April 2020, with its first sale being the same day.

Why I have not been helping Kraftier recently

To read, click here

This was a document published as an explanation to why gorkymoo1119 had refused to help Kraftier recently, due to his job being the Nubian Minister of Municipal Development. The document, which was first given to kobiKraft, as he was Mayor of Kraftier, was created on the 30th of July 2020. It came out to all the public of Nubia and other nations on the 2nd of August 2020.

The document became commonly seen in arguments regarding Nubia helping Kraftier, even used by the Nubian Emperor himself.


Gorkymoo1119 has had many significant others/partners, being in a relationship many times. He is currently married to twomoo1119 in-game. Details of each relationship can be seen below.


Gorkymoo1119's first partner was Nopnop100, who he got engaged with in early April of 2020. They officially wed on the 18th of April 2020, in a church in Mersa. Gorkymoo1119 later divorced Nopnop100 after a series of disagreements and their relationship distancing. He, afterwards, started a relationship with 57billy.

First Contact

Gorkymoo1119 first had a growing relation with Nopnop100 after hestarted the Mersan proxy town of South Mersa. After this, much conversation happened in regards to the growth of the town started by Nopnop100.

Hosting Nopnop100-Mary The Bee Marriage

In early March 2020, Nopnop100 had himself engaged to Mary (who was a bee). This was after they had gotten to know one another as a result of Nopnop100 caring for the bee. Nopnop100 requested someone wed them, and gorkymoo1119 chose to accept. They married later that month, with the assistance of gorkymoo1119.

Death of Mary

Nopnop100's former partner, Mary the Bee's memorial in Nopnop Park, Mersa

After a few weeks of marriage to Mary, she despawned, and Nopnop100 became a widow due to her death. During this time, a memorial for her was built in Mersa, in Nopnop Park. Nopnop100 often visited the area after her death, for around a week.

After the death of Mary, Nopnop100 found himself single. With little other contacts, he was comforted during his mourning of Mary by gorkymoo1119. This bond became closer and closer, until in early April 2020 when gorkymoo1119 proposed to Nopnop100.


In early April 2020, gorkymoo1119 had proposed to Nopnop100. Nopnop100 accepted the offer, and later helped plan a wedding in Mersa with gorkymoo1119.


In around the middle of April 2020, after Nopnop100 and gorkymoo1119 were engaged to one another, a wedding had been planned in a small church south of the Temple of Isis. Gorkymoo1119 and Nopnop100 later married after arriving at the church via Ogaden Avenue and Emi Road, visiting Nopnop Park along the way to pay respects to Mary once more.


After being married, they went on a honeymoon a day later via the nether and the Atlantic Ocean. They intended to head to see Canada, more specifically Rennes, Dildo and Pee Pee Island.

Strong relationship

For around a week after the marriage, their relationship was strong and stable, often working together on stuff in Yemen and the development of Mersa. However, this time was short lasted due to the joking manner of Nopnop100.

McMMO Rating

Skill Level Rank
SalvageSkill.png Power 2283 1091
MiningSkill.png Mining 918 1201
ExcavationSkill.png Excavation 712 806
WoodcuttingSkill.png Woodcutting 146 961
HerbalismSkill.png Herbalism 276 408
FishingSkill.png Fishing 132 812
AcrobaticsSkill.png Acrobatics 0 Unranked
SwordsSkill.png Swords 26 3008
RepairSkill.png Repair 42 1802
ArcherySkill.png Archery 0 Unranked
AlchemySkill.png Alchemy 15 Unranked
AxesSkill.png Axes 7 1511
UnarmedSkill.png Unarmed 8 644
TamingSkill.png Taming 1 1343


Gorkymoo1119 has participated in the following conflicts (battles, wars, skirmishes etc):

Wars and similar
Name Side Outcome
Nubia-Ancient Egypt War Flag-0.png Nubia Peace agreed
Somalia-Yemen War 2000px-Flag of Yemen.svg.png Yemen Peace agreed
Yemen-Ancient Egypt War 2000px-Flag of Yemen.svg.png Yemen Victory declared
Crusade against Ancient Egypt 2000px-Flag of Yemen.svg.png Yemen Left War
First Ethiopian Rebellion FlagOfMersaEthio.png Ethiopia Peace agreed
Yemen-Nubia Conflict Flag-0.png Nubia Peace agreed
Second Ethiopian Rebellion Flag-0.png Nubia Loss
The Dharug-Kraftier Rebellion Flag-0.png Nubia Ongoing
Svalbard-Nordaustlandet War Flag-0.png Nubia Indecisive
The Vestspitsbergen Rebellion Flag-0.png Nubia Victory declared
Name Side Outcome
Battle of Mersa 2000px-Flag of Yemen.svg.png Yemen Indecisive
Battle of El Daein Flag-0.png Nubia Indecisive
Battle of Sanaa Flag-0.png Nubia Loss
Battle of Arabian Mersa Flag-0.png Nubia Indecisive
Battle of Gizmo Flag-0.png Nubia Victory
Battle of Town Name Here Flag-0.png Nubia Victory
Third Battle of Kraftier Flag-0.png Nubia Victory
Skirmish of Frog Moore Flag-0.png Nubia Victory declared
Siege of Paris Neutral Onlooker
Second Skirmish of Frog Moore Flag-0.png Nubia Victory declared
Occupation of Pyramiden Flag-0.png Nubia Victory declared
Siege of Dharug Flag-0.png Nubia Victory declared
Second Siege of Dharug Flag-0.png Nubia Victory
Skirmish of Sudan Flag-0.png Nubia Victory declared
Third Skirmish of Dharug Flag-0.png Nubia Indecisive

...and numerous unrecorded other battles, skirmishes and wars.


  • Los Angeles, California - First town joined on the first day of joining the server, gorkymoo1119 relied on the town for protection after being invited by ThatTechDude343.
  • Mersa, Nubia - gorkymoo1119 created the town around 2 weeks after joining.
  • Numerous others in between for a day or so, to help recruit or as a joke - but not officially ever leaving Mersa.





Further information: Electoral history of gorkymoo1119 in Yemen

Yemeni Empire roles:

  • Upper House Senates Representative
  • Minister of Internal Affairs
  • Emperor's Advisor
  • Province Leader
  • Election Administrator

Yemeni Nubia roles:

  • Nubian Regional Head of Ethiopia
  • Nubian Minister of Interior
  • Nubian Kaza
  • Nubian Prime Minister
  • Emperor's Advisor
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Minister of Defence

Yemeni Ethiopia/Mersan Ethiopia (lead by Mersa) roles:

  • Emperor
  • Ethiopian Council/Ethiopia Council

Second Nubian Empire roles:

  • Prime Minister
  • Minister of Municipal Development
  • Nubian/Ethiopian Council



  • Gorkymoo1119 first got the achievement 'Serious Dedication' on the 25th/26th of October 2020

See also

Information regarding succession and precedence of roles


None existed prior

Prime Minister of Nubia

28th April - 7th May 2020

Succeeded by


until 2nd of June 2020,
held by gorkymoo1119


None existed prior

Minister of Defence of Nubia

28th April - 7th May 2020

Succeeded by


until 2nd of June 2020,
held by Steelerplayer1


None existed prior

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Nubia

28th April - 7th May 2020

Succeeded by


until 2nd of June 2020,
held by Alas

Preceded by


Title last held by

Prime Minister of Nubia

2nd June - 16th June 2020

Succeeded by


until 2nd of June 2020,
held by Alas

Preceded by


Title last held by

Minister of Municipal Development of

2nd July 2020 - present

Succeeded by


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